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Nobody Remembers John McCain

Nobody Remembers

Back in 2001, McCain was the darling of the media. After he lost the Presidency, he made a habit of “crossing the aisle” to join hands with leading progressive democrats. And he hated Trump. He ran a terrible Presidential campaign…on purpose. For that he was rewarded a funeral reserved only for Presidents. He help give us Obamacare, and ISIS, among other things.

Which brings to today. Remember the McCain-Feingold bill? McCain said “Americans are beginning to understand that the special interest and the big money rule in Washington. “

It’s much like Pelosi declaring she is doing the “people’s work” whenever she sees a microphone.

It’s usually the opposite.

McCain said he was not trying to eliminate special interest groups ‘because all of us are special interests’…right.

(NOBODY NOTES: I just tried uploading 10 pics of John McCain off the internet, and I received a message saying that I could not upload them for ‘security’ reasons. Mmmmm…I might have to get my own website if I can’t figure this out. You all know I love my memes. )


“McCain-Feingold tilted influence in our political system toward the ideological extremes. For centuries, political parties played a moderating role: Because they comprise a broad coalition of interests, parties had to mediate among competing constituencies, looking for ­middle-ground positions that would draw maximum support. Traditionally, they used their preponderance of resources to impose discipline on extremists who threatened party comity.

But McCain-Feingold pushed soft money away from parties and toward interest groups, many of which prefer to focus on highly contentious issues (abortion, gun control, environmentalism). These are not necessarily the issues of greatest concern to most Americans, especially during difficult economic times. With the parties in retreat, is it any surprise that our national political debate has taken on a more extreme tone or that fewer moderates are elected?”

Anyone who’s witnessed the billions of dollars spent on presidential campaigns in modern political history knows money’s corrupting influence is alive and well. It’s also time to end the public financing of presidential campaigns in light of the court decisions.


Basically, we have John McCain to thank for George Soros, and just about any ‘special interest’ group that wants to buy a Presidency. And that includes China, who cleverly used this bill to buy their own politicians to do their bidding.

In the end, John McCain was not only brain damaged, he did a LOT of damage to the county. Just as we are seeing now, and if you watch this video, you will see, WHY nobody ever gets arresting for plundering you and me.

They are just doing their ‘job.’ And that job is LEGAL. Thanks to good ol boys like John McCain.

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