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Okay. I admit it. I’m NOT a big computer person. Even though I’ve had computers since the first 3.1 version of Windows, I always learned just enough to let me type. Because, that’s mainly want I wanted. To type. Read and type. Read and Type. Read and type.

I did take a few computer classes at the local community college, but came home ….you guessed it. Just typed.

I’m a simple nobody. When Discs replaced the old 45’s and LP’s I didn’t really get very excited. After all, I was used to sound coming out of JBL 4560’s with giant horns on top. Music was music, whatever form you heard it in.

But computers update every other month it seems. And WordPress updated about three months ago, and I, once again, did not have the time to learn all the new bells and whistles. When my computer was hacked, I suppose it ‘hacked’ many of the basics inside. So, like a normal nobody I Google how to fix it, and WHAAAAAAA? Do WHAT? Say What? And then…what? You’re KIDDING ME.

Anyway, until I figure it out, or find the time to sit down and figure it out, you will probably just get words, and video’s. I love the pictures. Remember, Tom Edison said he invented the motion picture because he thought using the motion picture in schools would be much more effective than memorizing boring stuff. Without old Tom figuring out how to put visons upon a screen, we wouldn’t have YOUTUBE!

Of course I rationalize…I remember when Tom Edison wanted to find out something, he told his kids Dot and Dash, to go look it up in the books, lay they all out on the floor, and he would then read them. They did his research for him.

I don’t have a computer expert in my house. And I would NEVER name my kids Dot and Dash.

My husband is even worse….so, bear with me. As this wise guy once said…take the next small step…

That’s what I’m going to.

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