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Michelle Obama Can’t Smile: Nobody Cares.

Nobody Cares

So, Michelle Obama cried for a half hour after President Trump’s inauguration.

Do we care?

The job was so hard she said? Are you saying that eating at the finest restaurants and having the best chefs in the world cook for you for eight whole years was hard? Did they make you wash the dishes?

Being adored the world over for just being the first black lady was…hard?

Not having to drive your kids to school, and having mom watch them while you had all those midnight parties with Stevie Wonder at the White House…was just so HARD? Oh…poor child…how did you manage it?

Moving into all white rich neighborhoods was…oh that had to be hard. I guess having to hang out with Oprah and Spielberg…that got rough. Having your own screening room and one of your 27 personal servants to bring you popcorn…how did you manage?

Well, I guess remembering all their names, that must have been hard.

Tell me, did you even have to unwrap your soap?

Having to watch Black Lives Matter burn down cities all over the United States while you stayed nice and cozy in the White House Mansion? I can only imagine your pain.

The only other woman to have it worse in the White House was Abigail Adams.

The vacations all over the world with your girls? That was tough.

And I bet you really miss Air Force One. Why, that was YOUR Plane and to think…some white man and woman is now sleeping in YOUR bed.

No wonder you couldn’t smile at Trump’s inauguration.

The truth is, you never wanted to leave. But, don’t worry…

As we Americans walk through our local drug stores all we see, is pictures of you and Obama, as if….you are still in the White House.

Take comfort Michelle for you are NOT alone. There is one thing you share with a lot of Americans.

When we see your face still being plastered on all the talk shows and magazines—

We can’t smile either.

At LEAST you have millions of dollars to comfort you and you and your children will never have to worry ever again in your lifetime. We have to worry about all our medical expenses since Obamacare raise our deductibles clear to Mars.

Thanks to you and your husband, MILLIONS of people were thrown into part-time work with NO insurance because of Obamacare.

You and your husband destroyed what was once the envy of the world…thousands of doctors retired. Thousands lost their insurance.

Right now, most people only go to the doctor if they are facing certain death. Too many illegals need our help, so we work in pain.

And you’ve even taken away our PAIN medication by flooding the country with drug cartels. 

If only, you could trade places with just one of us, you’d see,…okay.

You wouldn’t.

So, do we care if you were depressed after you left the White House?


Not one bit.

In the words of your husband I only have one thing to say.:

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Yep. Your husband said that about a woman….and you said…nothing. How come?

I bet you were smiling too hard, right? Anyway…

Nobody Cares what Michelle Obama says anymore, except Oprah Winfrey.

And Nobody Cares about her either.


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Michio Kaku’s Opinions on Aliens

Nobody Flashes

Thoughts for a Saturday: or a very famous somebody gives his opinions on Aliens.


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Nobody Flashes a Message to Her Readers

Nobody Flashes a Message To Her Readers

Yesterday, I received a heartfelt email from one of my readers, and I want to thank him for telling me “the truth.” It’s not the first time I have heard this from readers, in fact, I have heard the same criticism from a few others whom I deem to be good friends, for many years.

The ‘truth’ is: too many times in my blog, I make BIG mistakes. Most of them are small, like spelling, grammar, or even when I don’t go to Snopes to check out facts, but up to this point, I kept telling myself, “Why, you are just a blogger! You’re no writer, and don’t claim to be. You have no background in journalism, if you make mistakes, so what? You’re not perfect.”a-big-hug-resizecrop

That was my rationalization for not writing better. I told myself what mistakes I made, I more than made up for it by presenting a viewpoint that no other bloggers were presenting…which was a fresher take on the news that everybody else just seemed ‘repeat’ ad nausea from other news sites.

I TRIED to be…original. But…that’s not enough. I feel I have let you down, and to that I apologize. Due to the fact that my passion seems to come pouring out of me, and I just have to get it out, and it’s so late at night, I do a spell check, read over it, and most of the time…do NOT catch the errors.

I don’t know why I don’t catch the errors. I just don’t. Probably for the same reason I could never hit a home run in a Major League Ball Park.

Most of the time, I’m anxious to get to bed at 2 a.m., because, frankly, I don’t sleep well, and the next day’s chores never end. I do more physical work now, than I did when I was working six nights a week as a drummer. And like most people in the ‘autumn’ of their life, my body just craves sleep. And so there I am, late at night, trying to pour out whatever I have gathered in my brain during the day, and sometimes, I just don’t do it justice.

But, really, that’s just an excuse. Logically, for the internet, I write…too much. I realize that now.aalnsno

So, what to do? After feeling terrible about it all night, I think I have come up with a solution—-

I will only write ONE major post a week…on Mondays. It will be my same “Nobody’s Opinion” that I always post on Mondays, and I will do my utmost to make it clear of mistakes that drive you crazy, I promise.

The rest of the week though, I decided to go in a different direction. Something new.

I plan to post very short posts on passages I read from books, or things I read online, and I will try my very hardest to keep my opinions VERY short. In other words, to muzzle myself. To become more, like the other blogs.

I will try to post things that I find interesting, and mostly: EDUCATIONAL. Maybe more music. We’ll see.

Nobody’s Fool will still be there, because I love that. There are so many good rants on video’s that I want to share them, and I usually don’t over rant on that.

In the meantime, I plan to read some books on how to write. Hopefully, even get a newer look to the blog. When I have the time, I will try to go back in time (since 2000) and correct errors on old posts, and rewrite some stuff.

I have put some thought into this. Life is for learning, and so, I’m hoping this is a place you can still find some things to make you think..

Thank you sincerely, especially my dear friends who have tried to tell me in hopes to help me, (You know who you are) for your help. As for everyone else…. I hope you all stick around.

Besides: TRUMP is in the White House! It’s a new…day. 🙂 And who knows what is coming?


Joyanna Adams

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2017: The First Day, And There Was Light!

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, here we are, its 2017, Trump will be President soon, and what was on the TV today? Not the usual “year in review” no, we had to go back to the 1990’s. Good God. Back to the Rodney King riots in L.A., and reruns of Hillary Clinton protecting her Bill: Claiming she wasn’t no Tammy Wynette standing by her man.

Rodney King L.A. Riots

Rodney King L.A. Riots

Which is EXACTLY what she was. Hillary back then had her best Southern Arkansas twang on, which she lost over the years, probably from saying the words “deplorable” so much.

“Deplorable” is not in any Southern Bell vocabulary.

She should have stuck with that twang, which shows you just how stupid she is, and come on, did we miss a bullet or what?

Can you imagine what we would have had to go through for the next eight years looking at Bill Clinton “standing by his woman” every other day? Gag me. Cable would have bitten the dustbin of history, and word is, it might still.

Now we have the lovely Melania. Thank god. A woman who wants nothing more to be a wife and mother ….and support her husband. The children of America can rejoice: School lunches will come back, and they might actually get some decent food for a change.

Sorry feminists—I hate to tell you, but raising a child is just as important as any other job.melania

Martin Sheen was hosting this “Let’s go back to the 1990s” program, and I had to wonder…WHY take us back to the 1990’s? Rosanne Barr. Bill Clinton. What? Was it to show us that blacks rioting in the streets will never stop? What’s the point?

Hey Obama…is this the “tribal” thing you keep talking about? The black tribes just have to burn up their village when they get mad?

The white tribe thinks it’s beyond stupid. And it’s getting old.

I turned on the TV today, and it was so boring: Trump should stop tweeting (No he shouldn’t). Russia has hacked us. (Yes for always…and we hack everybody too.) And of course, ISIS gunned down and killed about 37 poor souls, in Istanbul, and wounded about 70. And he was dressed as Santa Claus, to which Angela Merkel told her countrymen they should march on and they will survive: Translation—expect more attacks, but I want them to come in, so you will just have to suffer.

Easy for her to say.

But this year, as I watched the New York Times party on TV, and the U.N. guy basically BEGGING Trump to keep funding it, I thought to myself that the crowd looked happier last year.

Why? Is it because of what they were saying on cable?

They said there are no bathrooms.  So, where do they go? I don’t buy it for a minute. They must go into the local restaurants, who probably charge you just to get in the door. In fact, you probably have to order a meal to even get in the door. times-square

If ANYONE that reads this, has actually been to Times Square, I’d love to know how 2 million people can keep from going to the bathroom on New Year’s Eve for over 7 hours.

Anybody? How can they say there are no toilets? The streets must be pretty gross after midnight then. It that why they drop the confetti to help soak…okay. I won’t go there. Tell me to stop.

I would never make it through Times Square. Humans NEED water. You would have to not drink or eat for a whole day, to last that long, and…okay, somebody tell me this is FAKE news.

Besides, if I were to pick a place to go on New Year’s Eve, I think I’d go to Brazil. (See below)

This looks pretty good, and most of these people look pretty happy.

It beats New York.

Unless of course, you happen to live there.

So, it’s the first of the year…and what happens now?

Well, so far this year, Obama, John McCain, and John Kerry are still President.

Anything can happen.


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It’s Nobody’s Opinion That Nobody Can Read Too Much

Nobody’s Opinion

A bit more than opinion today…just because:

True confession: I am an addict. A book addict. Some women love to cook, some women love to shop, some women just like to…I have no idea what they do with their spare time. Another true confession: I don’t have too many girl friends. Never have had any. Most of the women I know, love to cook and shop. I can only do that for so long…because I’d rather be reading a book.Book reader

Growing up, I felt like the odd man out. Nobody in my family liked to read. My mother didn’t read to me when I was a child, and I had trouble in the first grade due to what I know now to be a mild form of dyslexia….but back in those days, when the NEA was not in control, the teachers would take the time to help one child, and my first grade teacher did just that. It only took about one week, of one hour after school—she worked with me. Once I understood it, why I couldn’t read…and figured out how to correct it… I couldn’t stop.

I never saw my mother read a book, although she must have in high school because she finished high school early (at the very top of her class) so she could go to New York and be a ballet dancer. She just skipped a grade…the 12th. (Back when school was a LOT harder.) She got her high school diploma and the summer before she was to go to New York, she busted her kneecap on a kitchen cabinet door.

There went that dream.

I saw my father read…only golf books. That’s all he read. He was…addicted to golf.

I don’t think my brother ever read a book in his life. He got through high school on charm and good looks. There wasn’t a woman in the world he could not charm, and teachers were no exception.

It was my grandfather, who unknowingly fueled my burning desire to read. The National Geographic subscription was really meant to get my brother to start reading. My brother, very late in life, learned he too suffered from dyslexia , but didn’t find out until he was in his late 50’s.National GEographic

Grandpa was nice enough to keep the subscription up. I still have those issues— from 1952-2000. My brother would have pitched them. (You can see them in the picture below.)

Now, I’m not insinuating they were all uneducated and stupid…far from it. As anybody can tell you, you don’t have to be book educated to succeed in life. And with the college professors of today, running the world, you can see where that’s gotten us.

So there I was, considered hopeless by my family—never in the real world, always in books. They really had no hopes for me at all—their biggest dream for me was that I would marry a golf pro. After endless attempts of dragging me to the local country club for dinner, they finally gave up, because I would always take a book along to dinner.

Mostly because I felt so …stupid…I was always searching for knowledge. I have always hopelessly addicted to knowledge, that every single man I really fell for, was an ‘intellectual.’ (Before my husband.)

It was never about looks. I was always hoping to LEARN something from them.

Of course it never worked out that way. The intelligent men were more interested in sex. Shocking, I know. (LOL!) I think Marilyn Monroe married a man that was an ‘intellectual’ (Arthur Miller), and she was probably hoping to get “knowledge” from him, but I don’t think Arthur Miller was ever into Marilyn or having intelligent conversations with her.Marilyn and Arther

( I never HAVE liked that guy.)

So, I stopped looking to men for knowledge, and I went back to the books. Sex, while fun, doesn’t make you any smarter. (If you notice— the Marilyn Monroe part was just another bit I’ve read, and the correlation to my subject of life experiences with intelligent men, just seem to fit. ….I do this a lot.)

Then one day, I was reading some quotes from John Adams, from his dairy, and he was scolding himself for being addicted to books. Something I do all the time.

I can’t TELL you what a relief that was.

OMG. So THAT’s why I’m so fucked up, I thought to myself. To forgive myself, I told myself I could BLAME my addiction on my DNA. Somehow that pesky gene missed my mother. She was into math. She loved math. The reason she ran a business was because she just loved dealing with figures and spread sheets— all of it. She was never happier than when she was in her office pounding on her large adding machine. (There were no computers back then.)

J.A. Library

J.A. Library

Addictions to anything are not always a good thing…so why am I addicted to books?

It’s the mysteries that gives me the thrill. And they, are—– endless.

Today, I thought I’d share a few things from some of the books I’m reading, and hopefully, if one of you, my dear readers, know the answer to any of these questions, or have thoughts on these subjects, you will comment and I can READ some more.

And that would just make my day…as I’m always looking for the answers to the mysteries…so, here we go:

Obama—Newsweek, Feb., 2008

Here’s some proof that you need more than DNA to think straight:Susan Eisenhower

Guess what Republican supported Barack Obama for President? Susan Eisenhower…Ike’s granddaughter, who ran a international consulting firm, said in 2008.

In Eisenhower’s view, Obama is the only candidate who can build a national consensus on the issues more important to her—energy, global warming, an aging population, and America’s standing in the world.

“He doesn’t attack Republicans, he doesn’t attack whites and he never sees to draw these dividing lines that Bill Clinton does.”

(We’ll blame Mamie’s side of the family for Susan’s lack of…smarts, shall we? .)

Steroids, Roger Clemens—Newsweek, Feb 2008

At the time, Roger Clemens was being investigated for Steroid Use:

McNamme has told federal investigators And formal senator George Mitchells Major League Baseball inquiry that he injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone. Clemens insists that he has never taken steroid and the McNamme gave him painkiller and vitamin shots.Roger Clemens

Clemens was found not guilty, but if you ask me, he could have easily taken steroids. When politicians lie to protect their reputation and big salaries, why should we be surprised when athletes do?

Here’s the problem. Our government now sticks its nose into sports teams and their players. They have committees, Congressional hearings…where they get paid royally to sit around and pontificate about the criminals in sports.

They condemned the sports player almost as a criminals…on dubious crimes: Steroids, whether they are being treated right as “gays”, whether they are beating their wives, whether they should be named after Indian tribes.

It is none of their damn business.

Congress should stay out of the moral issues of sports. That’s NOT their job. Why don’t they go after the criminals among themselves? Clean their own house first. There is nothing in the Constitution that says, putting sports teams on trial are part of the government’s job.

Why do they do it? To keep the focus OFF themselves, and get paid for it. It’s really clever, and criminal in itself.

The steroids issue could be solved easily. Start over Baseball record history at the point of steroid use: It would take a SIMPLE plague in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

As for criminals in sports? That’s up to the local cops to take care of.

EMP’s—UFO’s myths, conspiracies, and realities.

Many UFO officialdom’s claim that UFO’s use EMP’s to shut down electronics.UFO EMP

EMP as a weapon will fry electronics and do permanent damage, However the UFO reports claim that electronic are shut down and later restored. That is not consistent with EMP.

They also claim that the aliens want us for food.Harry reid

How could ETs advanced so far without creation of a renewable food supply?

I agree with both of those comments. Although, I for one, would volunteer Harry Reid for desert. They might need a whole lot of ketchup, but I’m sure he would make a good meal.

(ET’s? Are you listening?)

Tesla talked to ET—UFO Hunters

My son just told me (from something he saw on the History Channel) that most of the technology we have today, came from ‘reverse’ engineering gotten from crashed UFO’s.Telsa

So…Did Telsa really say he talked to ET’s? Anybody? (engineers out there?)

It has been suggested by some Tesla researchers that Tesla reverse engineered some of the ET technology for particle beam weaponry, and wireless energy and antigravity from those extraterrestrials, with whom, he claimed he had been in contact with.

So did Telsa talk to aliens? What do YOU think?

Frankly, I wish they reverse engineer the toasters of the 1960’s. These new toasters are crap.

UFO Weapon Bean—Need To Know

Francis P. Wll, Private First Class, was serving in the 25the division, 27th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, “Easy” Company, in the “Iron Triangle” near Chorwon, South Korea, when he witnessed an unusual orange glowing object, it came close and turned a blue-green brilliant light:

The company attacked the UFO with bullets…Lots of bullets. This obviously angered the UFO, and then they were all hit…by some kind of invisible wave.

You could feel a burning, tingling sensation all over your body, as thought something were penetrating you. So the company commander hauled us into our bunkers. It was as though that was the end of it. But three days later the entire company of men had to be evacuated by ambulance. They were too weak to walk. And they had dysentery, and an extremely high white blood cell county.

Following the incident, Wall suffered from severe headaches, dysentery and nausea, and loss of appetite.

Nobody reported it, because they didn’t want to appear crazy. Wall went from 180 pounds to 138 pounds and to this day has short memory loss and a hard time keeping up his weight.

(A problem many movie actresses would die for.)

Any thoughts on this one?

Thyroid—First Family.

And back to Adams—-Yes, I’m in this middle of this book, and found this:

Some of my books...

Some of my books…

“It is possible that John suffered from a thyroid imbalance, which provides a physical explanation of his severs mood swings. “

I take thyroid pills, my mother had thyroid problems, and every generation of women on my mother’s side back six generations had thyroid troubles. A few even had huge goiters. My son has thyroid problems.

So, not only did I inherited it seems a book addiction, I inherited the crummy thyroid, and thank goodness I finally got help.

“Mood Swings” is a very nice way to describe it. I would explain it more as “Demons from hell.”

And there you go….I have been writing now since 2000 and I can count the number of commenter’s to my blogs on one hand.

I’m not sure if it’s because I write too much, or nobody has anything to say…or I’m just too thyroid frigging crazy.

At this point, I just tell myself to treat comments like sex: it’s great when it happens., but if it doesn’t, I can always go read a book.

And by the way, if you made it THIS far—thanks for reading!

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