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Nobody Flashes a Message to Her Readers

Nobody Flashes a Message To Her Readers

Yesterday, I received a heartfelt email from one of my readers, and I want to thank him for telling me “the truth.” It’s not the first time I have heard this from readers, in fact, I have heard the same criticism from a few others whom I deem to be good friends, for many years.

The ‘truth’ is: too many times in my blog, I make BIG mistakes. Most of them are small, like spelling, grammar, or even when I don’t go to Snopes to check out facts, but up to this point, I kept telling myself, “Why, you are just a blogger! You’re no writer, and don’t claim to be. You have no background in journalism, if you make mistakes, so what? You’re not perfect.”a-big-hug-resizecrop

That was my rationalization for not writing better. I told myself what mistakes I made, I more than made up for it by presenting a viewpoint that no other bloggers were presenting…which was a fresher take on the news that everybody else just seemed ‘repeat’ ad nausea from other news sites.

I TRIED to be…original. But…that’s not enough. I feel I have let you down, and to that I apologize. Due to the fact that my passion seems to come pouring out of me, and I just have to get it out, and it’s so late at night, I do a spell check, read over it, and most of the time…do NOT catch the errors.

I don’t know why I don’t catch the errors. I just don’t. Probably for the same reason I could never hit a home run in a Major League Ball Park.

Most of the time, I’m anxious to get to bed at 2 a.m., because, frankly, I don’t sleep well, and the next day’s chores never end. I do more physical work now, than I did when I was working six nights a week as a drummer. And like most people in the ‘autumn’ of their life, my body just craves sleep. And so there I am, late at night, trying to pour out whatever I have gathered in my brain during the day, and sometimes, I just don’t do it justice.

But, really, that’s just an excuse. Logically, for the internet, I write…too much. I realize that now.aalnsno

So, what to do? After feeling terrible about it all night, I think I have come up with a solution—-

I will only write ONE major post a week…on Mondays. It will be my same “Nobody’s Opinion” that I always post on Mondays, and I will do my utmost to make it clear of mistakes that drive you crazy, I promise.

The rest of the week though, I decided to go in a different direction. Something new.

I plan to post very short posts on passages I read from books, or things I read online, and I will try my very hardest to keep my opinions VERY short. In other words, to muzzle myself. To become more, like the other blogs.

I will try to post things that I find interesting, and mostly: EDUCATIONAL. Maybe more music. We’ll see.

Nobody’s Fool will still be there, because I love that. There are so many good rants on video’s that I want to share them, and I usually don’t over rant on that.

In the meantime, I plan to read some books on how to write. Hopefully, even get a newer look to the blog. When I have the time, I will try to go back in time (since 2000) and correct errors on old posts, and rewrite some stuff.

I have put some thought into this. Life is for learning, and so, I’m hoping this is a place you can still find some things to make you think..

Thank you sincerely, especially my dear friends who have tried to tell me in hopes to help me, (You know who you are) for your help. As for everyone else…. I hope you all stick around.

Besides: TRUMP is in the White House! It’s a new…day. 🙂 And who knows what is coming?


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