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2017: The First Day, And There Was Light!

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, here we are, its 2017, Trump will be President soon, and what was on the TV today? Not the usual “year in review” no, we had to go back to the 1990’s. Good God. Back to the Rodney King riots in L.A., and reruns of Hillary Clinton protecting her Bill: Claiming she wasn’t no Tammy Wynette standing by her man.

Rodney King L.A. Riots

Rodney King L.A. Riots

Which is EXACTLY what she was. Hillary back then had her best Southern Arkansas twang on, which she lost over the years, probably from saying the words “deplorable” so much.

“Deplorable” is not in any Southern Bell vocabulary.

She should have stuck with that twang, which shows you just how stupid she is, and come on, did we miss a bullet or what?

Can you imagine what we would have had to go through for the next eight years looking at Bill Clinton “standing by his woman” every other day? Gag me. Cable would have bitten the dustbin of history, and word is, it might still.

Now we have the lovely Melania. Thank god. A woman who wants nothing more to be a wife and mother ….and support her husband. The children of America can rejoice: School lunches will come back, and they might actually get some decent food for a change.

Sorry feminists—I hate to tell you, but raising a child is just as important as any other job.melania

Martin Sheen was hosting this “Let’s go back to the 1990s” program, and I had to wonder…WHY take us back to the 1990’s? Rosanne Barr. Bill Clinton. What? Was it to show us that blacks rioting in the streets will never stop? What’s the point?

Hey Obama…is this the “tribal” thing you keep talking about? The black tribes just have to burn up their village when they get mad?

The white tribe thinks it’s beyond stupid. And it’s getting old.

I turned on the TV today, and it was so boring: Trump should stop tweeting (No he shouldn’t). Russia has hacked us. (Yes for always…and we hack everybody too.) And of course, ISIS gunned down and killed about 37 poor souls, in Istanbul, and wounded about 70. And he was dressed as Santa Claus, to which Angela Merkel told her countrymen they should march on and they will survive: Translation—expect more attacks, but I want them to come in, so you will just have to suffer.

Easy for her to say.

But this year, as I watched the New York Times party on TV, and the U.N. guy basically BEGGING Trump to keep funding it, I thought to myself that the crowd looked happier last year.

Why? Is it because of what they were saying on cable?

They said there are no bathrooms.  So, where do they go? I don’t buy it for a minute. They must go into the local restaurants, who probably charge you just to get in the door. In fact, you probably have to order a meal to even get in the door. times-square

If ANYONE that reads this, has actually been to Times Square, I’d love to know how 2 million people can keep from going to the bathroom on New Year’s Eve for over 7 hours.

Anybody? How can they say there are no toilets? The streets must be pretty gross after midnight then. It that why they drop the confetti to help soak…okay. I won’t go there. Tell me to stop.

I would never make it through Times Square. Humans NEED water. You would have to not drink or eat for a whole day, to last that long, and…okay, somebody tell me this is FAKE news.

Besides, if I were to pick a place to go on New Year’s Eve, I think I’d go to Brazil. (See below)

This looks pretty good, and most of these people look pretty happy.

It beats New York.

Unless of course, you happen to live there.

So, it’s the first of the year…and what happens now?

Well, so far this year, Obama, John McCain, and John Kerry are still President.

Anything can happen.


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