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NOBODY Wins With Obamacare

Nobody Wins

The 114th Congress starts to work this week, and the nation is waiting for them to repeal Obamacare.

It’s mostly why the people voted them in. But— they have that look of deer’s staring at the headlights. WHAT? There are all sorts of nebulous and plangent explanations for why it’s going to be difficult.ryan-obamacare

Any America would say: No it’s not. Trash it. Let the people buy their own insurance, and across state lines.

Pretty simple. Competition.

Tell me, what would be more expensive to a health insurance company: covering contraceptive and abortions for 400 million Americans, or supplying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions?

Or is the REAL dirty secret is that, Congress is supplying free health care to illegals to bring in more babies?

Has anybody even taken an account of this? Which costs more? My Nobody Opinion is that it’s all about not paying for the upkeep of the baby boomers, who they REALLY don’t want draining the systems for too long.

That why Obama said that his mother should just “accept” her fate and not try to prolong it.

If you can’t afford that medication, then, as Scrooge so famously said, “You should die and reduce the population.”

Donald Trump has promised to repeal, and ‘replace’ Obamacare, because frankly, it a rape of the American people. The people who are paying the bills, now have to forgo their coverage to cover the ‘poor’ and illegals that can’t afford it. On top of that, we are now being forced to basically ‘kill’ babies.obamare-dr

Some of us consider that to be a tyrannical act on the part of the government.

They’ve already made abortions legal. It’s quite another horror to FORCE everybody to pay for them.

We are now going to watch the democrats AND the RINO republicans in Congress, hem and haw because the dirty secret is: The big companies wanted universal health care, and the one global corrupt corporate party that dwells in the ‘swamp’ of Congress will be sure to try to give it to them.

It’s not just Obama and the democrats who are going to fight this.

Tell me, how many republicans in Congress, do you think are going to help Donald Trump? The last two years they have collected more taxes than ever in history.

Do you think they REALLY want that to stop?

The ruling plutocracy wanted the healthcare system of all the European countries, except, Obamacare is NOT like those systems. It’s more like Hitler’s holocaust, only it’s was pushed with a PR blaze of compassion for the poor, and big, fat lies.

From the Washington Post:

Democratic opposition and complex Senate rules mean that core pieces of the 2010 health-care overhaul are likely to remain, including the legal framework for the individual mandate and pieces of the state exchanges the law created. Furthermore, President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to preserve other key aspects, such as a ban on insurers denying coverage because of preexisting conditions and a requirement that insurers cover children under 26 on their parents’ plans.

Here’s the deal. Why can’t they just pass some law that says in America, if you are an insurance company, you can’t refuse people with preexisting conditions? And with competition, the insurance company that officer to cover children under 26, will get more sign-ups.obama-and-obamacare

NOBODY should be forced to pay a fine. After all, they already take out of the working people’s paycheck money for Medicare.

But Joyanna…. what about all the poor people who can’t afford it?

Here’s what Michael Savage has to say about it in his book, Stop the Coming Civil War…

By eliminating the individual health insurance market, the administration is using Obama are to bring into being a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the poor. Deprived of health care they can’t afford; the middle class will become totally dependent on the federal government for their medical care.

In Venezuela, two thirds of the three hundred state run hospitals have been reduced to walk in clinics run by Cuban doctors. These clinics do not treat serious illnesses. In the US the same thing is already going to happen. Four Georgia hospitals have been forced by Obamcare to shut down in the past two years, because Obamcare cuts payments of emergency services so drastically that they were open the verge of bankruptcy.

Is it too farfetched to believe that the real purpose of the Un Affordable Care Act is to remove undesirables like the sick and the elderly from the rolls of the insured?

And if you don’t think that Obama loves socialism…

For the Obamacare rollout, Obama worked with the same public relations specialists who also did the publicity for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Really? And you TRUST this guy to say that the Russians hacked our elections? Just how many times has he lied to you?

It’s clear to most that they purposely made Obamacare fail, so as to replace it with universal health care…. which is what is going to happen, you wait and see.

I repeat myself: The big corporations wanted this.

Can Trump stop this?

Yes, if Trump can get the Congress to do something, then he truly is a miracle worker.asinine

Remember, Congress doesn’t have to abide by Obamacare. They go to the BEST doctors and hospitals that you or I could not afford.

Nancy Pelosi said today that it was too “complicated” and “sophisticated” to reform.

What it really is, is a slow death of millions of hard working Americans.

They should put a fork in it, and let Obama’s take that sorry ass Obamacare- Hugo Chavez legacy to his grave.

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