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Michelle Obama Can’t Smile: Nobody Cares.

Nobody Cares

So, Michelle Obama cried for a half hour after President Trump’s inauguration.

Do we care?

The job was so hard she said? Are you saying that eating at the finest restaurants and having the best chefs in the world cook for you for eight whole years was hard? Did they make you wash the dishes?

Being adored the world over for just being the first black lady was…hard?

Not having to drive your kids to school, and having mom watch them while you had all those midnight parties with Stevie Wonder at the White House…was just so HARD? Oh…poor child…how did you manage it?

Moving into all white rich neighborhoods was…oh that had to be hard. I guess having to hang out with Oprah and Spielberg…that got rough. Having your own screening room and one of your 27 personal servants to bring you popcorn…how did you manage?

Well, I guess remembering all their names, that must have been hard.

Tell me, did you even have to unwrap your soap?

Having to watch Black Lives Matter burn down cities all over the United States while you stayed nice and cozy in the White House Mansion? I can only imagine your pain.

The only other woman to have it worse in the White House was Abigail Adams.

The vacations all over the world with your girls? That was tough.

And I bet you really miss Air Force One. Why, that was YOUR Plane and to think…some white man and woman is now sleeping in YOUR bed.

No wonder you couldn’t smile at Trump’s inauguration.

The truth is, you never wanted to leave. But, don’t worry…

As we Americans walk through our local drug stores all we see, is pictures of you and Obama, as if….you are still in the White House.

Take comfort Michelle for you are NOT alone. There is one thing you share with a lot of Americans.

When we see your face still being plastered on all the talk shows and magazines—

We can’t smile either.

At LEAST you have millions of dollars to comfort you and you and your children will never have to worry ever again in your lifetime. We have to worry about all our medical expenses since Obamacare raise our deductibles clear to Mars.

Thanks to you and your husband, MILLIONS of people were thrown into part-time work with NO insurance because of Obamacare.

You and your husband destroyed what was once the envy of the world…thousands of doctors retired. Thousands lost their insurance.

Right now, most people only go to the doctor if they are facing certain death. Too many illegals need our help, so we work in pain.

And you’ve even taken away our PAIN medication by flooding the country with drug cartels. 

If only, you could trade places with just one of us, you’d see,…okay.

You wouldn’t.

So, do we care if you were depressed after you left the White House?


Not one bit.

In the words of your husband I only have one thing to say.:

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Yep. Your husband said that about a woman….and you said…nothing. How come?

I bet you were smiling too hard, right? Anyway…

Nobody Cares what Michelle Obama says anymore, except Oprah Winfrey.

And Nobody Cares about her either.


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