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Hey ….Everybody…all you somebodies out there who read my little Nobody blog.

I just lost another pet. My pets are like my children to me. So, I’m giving myself a little break until after the New Year’s Day, when I’ll be back.

Besides, the government is ‘shut down’ and it’s a good time to count our blessings, right?

See you soon and everybody have a good holiday!


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Nobody Wishes Everybody a Merry Christmas!

Nobody Flashes

It’s still my Nobody’s Opinion that in terms of words, music, recording and sheer spiritual strength, this IS my favorite Christmas song.

I’ll be back after Christmas…

Here’s wishing love and joy to everyone this Christmas! (And cookies. Lots of cookies.)

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My Most Wonderful Christmas Treat

Nobody Flashes

Okay. I know this first sentence, according to all the “How to write.” courses given in every classroom in the world is supposed to set up the subject that you will read ahead, but guess what?


I’m not in the mood to be boring. I don’t even want to work that hard today. I drive myself crazy enough.  Okay? Okay.

Instead, I want to randomly tell you about most favorite Christmas present this year. One that I have already gotten.

Remember I told you that my beloved dog Koko died not long ago? Well….

First: I have to explain what Koko did to set this up:

Before we got Zippy, that’s our other dog, Koko’s first companion was a shih tzu named Nikki. Koko, being the pup at the time, would forever pick on poor Nikki. Every time we’d see Koko pick on poor Nikki we’d say to her:

“Someday, Karma is going to get you back Koko. Just you wait!” Basically, she bullied the sweet-natured Nikki every chanced she got.

After Nikki passed away, the biggest surprise (next to the continuous election of Nancy Pelosi), came upon us. Koko went into a deep depression.

How could this be?

There wasn’t a day that went by where Koko didn’t pick on Nikki. We thought she HATED her, like real siblings. Like I’ve hated my older brother when we were kids— every time he jumped on top of me, sat on me, pinned my arms down helplessly and lightly slapped my face all the time laughing…..

You know that sort of bullying. The harm done is mostly…annoying.

After three weeks, I couldn’t take it any longer.

“We’ve got to get another dog for her.” I told my husband.

So, out we went out one day, Koko in tow, to different animal shelters. We would pick a dog, walk them both around the outside of the kennels, to see if Koko got along with any of them. But it didn’t matter. Nope. She could have cared less.

We came home, still worried about her. She was STILL sad. Clearly, this wasn’t going to work.

“I know!” I said in one of my rare eureka moments…” We’ll get a puppy and tell her she’s the mama!”

Humans can be so stupid. Like the inventor of the “unisex bathrooms” I thought I was onto something.

Here’s where GOD, or synchronicity takes over. My husband has always wanted an American Eskimo. Don’t ask me why. It came to him while we were driving around looking for a pet store to buy Koko a puppy.

“I’ve always wanted an American Eskimo.” he said…making a right turn onto one of the many thousands of glutton streets of fast food lanes in the nation.

“Really? You’ve never told me that.” I said. A conversation that never came up in any moment of sex.

Who knew?

And guess what? The very FIRST pet store we went to in a mall, there were TWO small American Eskimo puppies. Brother and sister.

“Okay, but we are NOT spending more than $300.” I told my husband. I’m the keeper of the financial gate, and I was adamantly FIRM about this. “Okay. That’s the boundary. No more than $300.”

The two puppies were brought out, and there I was, watching my husband lie on the floor with these two adorable little white fluffs, and ONE of them wanted to play, with him. The ‘sister.” And then, she would turn around and pick on her smaller brother.

I should have seen the future in that moment. But no, all I could see was the happiness on my husband’s’ face.

You know where this is going. I stood at the register, and not only paid $500 for the pup, but food, a collar, shots, and probably a year’s subscription to puppy training at the puppy gym on Rodeo drive, and a trip to Paris for fashion puppy pictures.

The proud papa walked out of the mall, a star. Everyone wanted to pet the adorable puppy.

When we got home, I started in on KOKO.

“KOKO! You’re a mama! Oh…look how cute your baby is!” I said.

Koko had never seen a ‘puppy’ before. (That’s what I told myself) but clearly, she remembered HER mama, because she really did start acting like a mama. She would use her nose to make a wonderful bed for her ‘pup’. She would constantly bark at that little pup. And play with her, and then…she did the one thing that most mammas will do: She started hiding away her food.

At first, I thought it was to be able to be a good mama. You know, starve herself so that she made sure she had forever a stack of food for her child.

But, Zippy never lacked for food. In fact, she would eat EVERYTHING in sight. Put it in front of her, and she ate it up like a small vacuum with feet. 

Once we left her at a kennel while we went on a trip to Vegas and when we got back, they said she ate all the other’s dog’s food too, and wanted more money for their loss.

Another thing: The reason I thought this was why KoKo was hoarding food like a squirrel was because I remembered my mother, when we were young, would cook a chicken and eat the gizzards.

“Mom! There’s no chicken left for you!” I would say when I was a kid.

“I LIKE the gizzards” she would say.

Yes—mom sacrificed for us. She made sure her family ate first. Dad, and my brother and I ate the chicken dinner, my mother ate the gizzards. It’s a wonder she didn’t die of gizzard cancer.

No, she didn’t ‘hide’ the chicken, but just the same. She was being a good mother. Was Koko storing food for her and her baby’s future?I’ve often thought about this when I see the STARVING babies in Africa and the mothers look plump, but that’s another blog.

When Zippy came into our lives, that’s when Koko started stashing food. I’d give Zippy a dog treat, and she’d devour it, right then and there. Koko, would gently take it in her mouth, and off she would trot.

Looking for a place to hide it. It was as if she was on the most important mission in the world. A mission…to find the most hidden hiding place she could.

And boy did she hide food. Under the couch, IN the couch, in back of lamps, in corners, under rugs…

For the rest of her life, Koko did this. I never saw her eat a treat, only food from the table. I would be cleaning the house and I would find, sometimes over 50 treats all gathered behind some lamp. If Koko was a human stashing money, she’s have been as rich as Bill Gates.

Most of the time, I would throw away half of those treats, so as not to attract bugs…but I could not find it in myself to deprive her of her bounty.

People would come over and I would have to say, “Just ignore that. That’s Koko’s stash.” We won’t go into sanitary conditions right now…I happened to love my dog. Enough.

Anyway, I never, ever, ever saw Zippy hide a treat. Ever. What we did see is that Instant Karma is real.

Zippy grew up and took over Koko. As Koko aged, I figured she now hid the food for herself, being as Zippy was, the ultimate diva.

Nevertheless, She was the Warren Buffet of food supply. If a disaster hit, and the house fell upon us all, we could reach out with our arms and find a milk bone, within arm’s reach, thanks to Koko.

Then Koko passed away. I started cleaning all the rooms, Finding the treats and putting them in the trash. I had them all cleaned up, …as far as I knew I had gotten every single treat ever hidden. We are talking hundreds.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting:

About a week after KoKo passed on, I bought some brand new tennis shoes. They were lying right near the place where I get dressed every morning, and low an behold, one morning, right in plain sight, placed inside in one of the shoes…
Was one of Koko’s dog treats.

I KNOW Zippy didn’t put it there. I also know I didn’t put it there.

I thought…” Is this a present from my darling Koko?

Come, on….She’s dead. How COULD she do this, I said to myself. 

I forgot about it, tossed out the treat and went on my way.

Then two days later, my husband, who keeps HIS tennis shoes downstairs in the basement, came upstairs and said—

“Guess what? The strangest thing…I found one of Koko’s dog treats in my shoe this morning.”

I had NOT told him about what I had found a week earlier. So, he didn’t know.

One treat, you could say maybe Zippy did it. But Zippy never hid a treat in her ten-year-old life.

And Koko, NEVER put a treat in any of our shoes before.

You tell me.

Was that a present from my sweet departed Koko? Telling us how much she loved us? That she was still around.

Call me a fool, but THIS is the way God shows his face.

There are forces out there, that make us think that souls, even dog souls, maybe do exist pass the body, and I’m here to tell you that for whatever reason, I believe that was my Koko’s way of telling us she loved us.

KoKo was the best mama Zippy could have ever had, and most precious companion to me.

She helped me through many a night while I was caring for my bed ridden mother.

She was one of a kind, and I never saw another dog even look like her.

Yes, Koko left us both a love treat.
A treat forever etched in my heart.

I’m going to start hiding my chocolate…no wait. Just kidding.

What I really want to say is: Only a dog or a pet can stay with you for years, and be the one in your life that will teach you how to love…endlessly.

I’ve never trusted anyone who doesn’t like dogs. They are simply God’s gift to man. (And women, and kids, and let’s even put transsexuals in this too.)

There is no ending to this. Only….this Christmas I’m putting back some of her treats in her favorite hiding places.

I want HER to know, we too, are still here…to love. And we will miss her until we die.

And Koko, if you are reading this….Zippy misses you too. Trust me. The food bowl is just not the same.



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Nobody Flashes

Sooner or later, they ALL do a Christmas album.

And yes, I’m just as busy as everyone else, but LAST night, for the first time in my neighborhood, there was a crowd of about 100 young men and women walking around the block singing Christmas carols.

In THIS neighborhood, it was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Everyone put up lights this year, and THAT has never happened either.

President Trump…made the difference. Nuff said.

Anyway…Wow. Enjoy.

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Nobody FLashes: Enemy No. One: Isis, China, or Our Own Congress?

Nobody Flashes.

The democrats are famous for finding the right phrase, and making sure everybody repeats it a thousand times over. Like…”They are against a ‘woman’s right to choose.” And “Donald Trump is a liar”, or “President Trump is separating children from their parents!”

But, if there is ONE phrase that the republicans have at the very TOP of their list its, “We must fight them over there, so that we don’t have to fight them over here.”

And then they let millions of them COME over here, which makes their mantra really stupid.

You can plan an attack just as easily from a Mosque in New York as a Mosque in Iraq, and 9/11 proved they did just that.

President Bush, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio…and all the other “hawks” that are upset about the President withdrawing our troops from the wars in the Middle East are besides themselves, when clearly, next to the treasonous politicians within our government, it’s China who is the biggest threat.

Trump is right. It’s time the other countries of the world start fighting their own wars.

In the meantime, Dick forgot to mention that in America, WE TOO, are being judged and watched by Big Tech, and the deep state, who are working together.

To think that they are not watching us all, and putting us all into little boxes to watch, is laughable.

In this video, Dick explains the dangers of Huawei.


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The Greedy Bastards of the Federal Reserve

Nobody Wins

It has been demonstrated again and again, from Imperial Rome to Weimar Germany, the epidemic greed is a symptom not of reveling in present triumphs but of a fear the that the game is winding down.

– Laurence Shames, New Your Times, 15 June 1989

So— the greedy bastards did it again: The Fed raised the interest rates AGAIN, to destroy Trump’s booming economy. This will affect the very rich banksters very little, they’ve got loads to spare.
This was all political…to hurt the President. The Fed has been controlling our booms and busts since they were formed. In fact, they did this right before 2008. The year that the financial crisis and bailout was the biggest theft and cover-up in American History.

Ordinary citizens who worked and broke their BACKS to put all their money in their 401’ks, for their retirement, had it literally STOLEN from them, and then were forced to PAY and save the very same people who robbed them, and they all not only survived, but most of the rich have tripled their money since then.

As if…it was all planned. This “We must slow it down to prevent a recession.” What? What kind of idiotic statement is that?

Nothing short of a direct hit of a comet would stop the entrenched devaluation of the dollar.

Now, nothing is sure but death, taxes, and the devaluation of the dollar.

From the Economic Collapse.

Over the past several decades, the U.S. economy has always slowed down whenever interest rates have been raised significantly, and on Wednesday the Federal Open Market Committee unanimously voted to raise rates by a quarter point. Stocks immediately started falling, and by the end of the session it was their worst day since October 11th.

The funny thing is that the Federal Reserve could have been raising rates all throughout 2016, but they held off because they didn’t want to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election.

And during Barack Obama’s eight years, there has only been one rate increase the entire time up until this point.

As rates rise, ordinary Americans are going to find that mortgage payments are going to go up, car payments are going to go up and credit card bills are going to become much more painful.

Adding insult to that wound, Congress GAVE South America 4.5 BILLION dollars

That could have gone to the wall. What a BIG Slap in the face.

Congress are greedy bastards too.

Nobody Wins when a few men at the top of the global banking cartel can make or break every President, and every citizen underneath their feet, with just a few minutes of their time.

And yet, we have NO idea who these greedy bastards are.

It’s time we should know. And it’s time for President Trump to get RID of the Fed and hand power back into our own Treasury.

If I was Donald Trump, I would be looking to shut down the Federal Reserve as quickly as I could. The essential functions that the Fed performs could be performed by the Treasury Department, and we would be much better off if the free market determined interest rates instead of some bureaucrats.

Will he have the guts to do it?

Mr. President: What have you got to lose?

Make America Great Again.

Tell those greedy bastards to get out. 


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What Came First? The Elite or the Egg?

Nobody Knows—

How much the gap growing between the ‘wealthy’ in this country and the sinking middle class has effected our very lives. Since the middle class has been slowly destroyed with NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other AFTA’s, the people who HAVE money, just don’t think the other people who are still struggling…get it.

For instance, I had an appointment today with a place that helps fix injuries in the latest technology: stem cells used to fix—WHATEVER.  We were discussing my knee when the man trying to sell me the whole course of work at this fabulous place somehow got on the subject of eating right. He told me that for TWO YEARS…I was not to exercise at all, or the program would not work.

“But I’ll get really fat! And then who knows? I could get diabetes, or heart failure, or put even more weight on my knees than they could handle.” I said.

It sounded stupid. Don’t move for two years…and their program will work. He was trying to tell me that I would not gain weight if I ate right.

He bragged about how he buys his own grass-eating cow, and eats nothing but hormone free chicken, everything, you know, we all know about what they are doing to us with the food, and then I said–

“Yeah, but eating healthy can be REALLY expensive.” In other words, maybe YOU can afford to buy the whole cow….

Wrong thing to say. He starting ranting about how much cheaper he can feed his family on all his health food, and I wanted to ask him if he did the grocery shopping, but he basically said, you should pay whatever it costs to eat healthy, and I was a fool not to.

And he told me eggs were bad for me. Right. Insult the person whom you are trying to get to sign a $7,000 contract for 8 weeks of knee messages and ONE shot of stem cells, and insult the poor egg.

My point being, it’s not the whole food conversation that is wrong, it’s the fact that the guy thought that he was SO superior about his diet, and everybody was making the same amount of money as him. And surly he thought I should spend what money I had on buying that cow.

Did I mention that this guy look like “The Rock” on steroids?

He was…an elite. And he saw me as a moron.

Now, notice in this video the same point is made: The elites believe themselves to be superior in every way to the lowly plebeians below them.

Hillary can’t even drive a car. She never had to. And so, because they are so superior, they can do whatever the heck they like. Even commit felonies. THEY know, it’s all okay.

Anyway, as you can guess, I just saved myself $7,000, to which my husband was very happy, and he went out and bought himself a new XBOX.

Nobody Knows how that logic works, but it’s okay, because my husband would never tell me in a million years NOT to eat eggs.

Good thing, he wasn’t with me.


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Nobody’s Perfect: The Treasonous James Comey


Nobody’s Perfect:

Comey’s RULES—are his alone, what a DISPICABLE shell of a man.

He believes he IS the “rule of law”, trouble is: His law is really very different from the laws on the books.

I was making Comey my subject for tonight because he can’t remember ANYTHING at all during his testimonies to Congress, but he sure can act like he is God, and write books, and talk to the press.

Comey’s RULE of Law: Is, protect the deep state, and become a billionaire while doing it. Smile smugly for the camera’s and the mere mortals who walk below your feet:

He, being God of law, exonerated a women who held the nations highest secrets and hide them in her basement server, which was hacked by China AND Russia, (Which in turn got secret agents KILLED in China), let her get by with not only destroying all the emails on that server, but smashing all others with hammers, and bleach. Then the RULE OF LAW god went on TV, admitted her crimes, but said they were really nothing. AND THEN, he lead the false attacks against a President.

Here’s a short list I found online:

Comey is the King of Lawlessness in America. Here is a short list of unprosecuted crimes that Comey ignores or outright supports.
• Hillary Clinton Benghazi gun running
• Ambassador Steven’s death
• Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun running
• Hillary’s private server espionage and treason
• Bush and Clinton bank bailouts
• Bombing seven sovereign nations without congressional approval
• Obama’s IBM Eclipse Foundation’s social networking patent theft
• James Clapper’s illegal NSA/CIA/FBI surveillance and his perjury before Congress
• Obama’s energy company subsidies
• Obama’s misuse of banker fines to support liberal activist groups
• Obama’s theft of Fannie May and Freddie Mac
• Obama’s IRS targeting of conservatives
• Obama and Clinton’s confiscations from the Bureau of Land Management
• Planned Parenthood eugenics and baby parts trafficking
• Gold, silver, and LIBOR rate rigging
• Ignoring “missing person” reports and supporting human trafficking
• Clinton Foundation theft of $2 billion under the guise of a Presidential Library fund
• Hillary taking money from foreign nations while Secretary of State
• Maintaining open borders and sanctuary cities
• Refugee trafficking and fraud
• Allowing overstayed visas of more than one million people
• Non-enforcement of existing immigration laws

On the other hand, he hates President Trump. Simply hates him.

I went to look for research on his crimes…and OMG…I found one website that had it all, and goes into great detail about Comey’s life.

Here are a few statements from this blog: American Intelligence Media.

There were things on this blog that I could hardly stomach:

For instance:

Comey has been the FBI director since 2013 when he replaced 12-year director Robert S. Mueller who was chief counsel for London-based bank HSBC which was exposed in 2015 for sheltering $100 billion in client funds in murky offshore tax havens populated by drug dealers, money launderers, and arms traffickers.


Even while U.S. Attorney in San Francisco, Mueller worked to cover-up the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, and Ruby Ridge evidence by changing the rules of evidence so that the FBI and prosecution did not have to share as much evidence with defense attorneys in the cases as would have been required in the past.

Comey is one of the most vile and immoral people in DC, and yet he is the head law enforcement officer in America who needs to be behind bars with the criminals he has protected for years.

If you care about what is happening, then don’t deny yourself this information on this SNAKE of man who claims to be a patriot. His crimes are so deep and SO vast, and so long, I just listed what he DIDN’T look into. This blog tells you what HE has done.

Like I said: It will floor you. 

Please, if you do nothing else this week, give it a read.

In the end, I agree completely with their ending statement:


James Comey, You don’t even deserve a Nobody’s Perfect Award.

You deserve to be in prison the rest of your life.

George Washington would have hung you from the highest tree.

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What If They Started A War, and We Actually Showed Up?

Nobody’s Opinion

Hey, good news…this Monday’s edition will be rather short, due to the usual technical difficulties: Lost my twitter, my touch screen, both my meniscus, and soon enough, if I hear one more grunt say that President Trump needs to be impeached I might pick up throwing darts at famous faces.

Here’s my beef: On ALL the talk shows we are hearing again and again and again different ‘experts’ about how we should all abide by the “rule of law.” And so should President Trump, and he hasn’t. He is the biggest criminal ever to hold the office. 

Then they go into the various “crimes” of President Trump. All done of course, before he became President and then they end with how all those ‘crimes” should certainly validate impeachment proceedings.

They put on their most serious faces and talk in deep monotones of alarm and talk about how he used funds to “pay” a porn star off. And how the GOP got money from Saudi group and that’s against campaign rules. Then there’s the now ongoing investigation into every aspect of his financial life, including how he, OMG,  ‘RAISE THE RENT!’ on some of his tenants in New York and his kids got a lot of that money. Mueller will never end his ‘hunt’ for crimes by Trump, because it’s all about the headlines, and destroying the President and his family right up until 2020.

They figure if they can destroy a famous general like Flynn, President Trump will be easy.

He could have winked at a waitress in New York when he was 32, and that would be grounds for impeachment, that’s how insane they are.

In the meantime, not ONE WORD, by anyone on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, or anybody mentions that the “rule of law” should also be applied to Hillary and all who broke the law with her: Comey, Brennan, Obama, Holder, Mueller, the whole Clinton-mafia bunch.

Their crimes are endless, and certainly 100 times more egregious than anything that Trump has EVER done in his lifetime. That’s why they keep bringing up Nixon.

So, yeah. It’s a one-way street, and everyone is trying desperately to destroy Trump, as fast as possibly because the crimes THEY have committed are so much worse, they simply MUST protect themselves.

Sooner or later, the President must present the evidence of their crimes. At this point, what has he got to lose?

The relentless pounding, he is taking in the media will soon take its toll. They are already putting full force in making sure he does NOT get reelected, and that’s something we must all fight for.

Michelle is out there talking about how she had it so hard because of the color of her skin and complaining about how it wasn’t fair that the Obama’s had to pay for their own FOOD at the White House. Flying food in from China wasn’t cheap you know.

She actually said that.

Trump is being made out to be the biggest crook in the world. Next to the Clintons, he’s practically a saint.

Once again, the democrats always accuse their enemies of what THEY are doing.

We thought it would get bad, but it’s worse than that now.

Maybe we should start yelling about THEIR crimes.

Sooner or later we might have to bring back the ‘tea party’, brush it off, go back out into the streets , stand up, and say,’

“We’ve had enough, and we’re not taking it anymore.”

Okay, I’ll bring the dart, you bring the dartboard.

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Who’s Cold? Lady Gaga, or Hillary Clinton?

Nobody Flashes

What? Lady Gaga sang this song on the Muppet’s show? Who knew? Is somebody going to tell the View that this clear and present danger to children was on the Muppet’s Christmas show?

Who also knew that Donald and Hillary were also singing this song, and here we thought they were debating.

What else can they do with technology? Who knew Trump and Hillary actually could sing?



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Dan Bongino: Explains EXACTLY, How It All Went Down

Nobody Flashes

Confused by all the crap you are hearing?

Then do yourself a favor and listen to Mr. Bongino, a fearless warrior for truth and justice.

A patriot above and beyond the call of duty.

He knows ALL the players of this Mueller corruption, and has figured out exactly what went down, and explains it clearly. And he should know—he’s worked in the highest levels of the country/

They should all go to jail.

I had to listen to this twice…that’s how good it is.

Really. After this week of relentless depressing attacks on the President, Dan gives us all.

Hope to get BACK in the fight.

God bless him.

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Nobody Reports: How Long Can Blacks Be “Conned?”

Nobody Reports

I’ve written about the ‘black’ race situation before this year: the good news was that MANY of the blacks in my area, not far from the infamous Ferguson, MO, were waking up to the ‘con job’ that the democrats had practiced on them for over 50 years.

All because of President Trump, and the actions of Obama.

As Dinesh D’Souza so succinctly pointed out in his books and movies, the Democrats were ALWAYS the ones keeping the blacks segregated, poor, and slaves.

From Con Job by Crystal Wright:

Returning to the days of Reconstruction, when blacks had gained many civil rights, was a terrifying prospect to LBJ or to any racist Democrat at the time. From 1865 to 1875, the Republicans had controlled Congress, passing two dozen civil rights bills, including the Thirteenth Amendment, ending slavery: The Fourteenth Amendment, counting blacks as citizens: and the Fifteenth Amendment, granting black men the right to vote. State legislatures at the time were also dominated by Republicans, and the first seven blacks elected to Congress were Republicans elected during Reconstruction: Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi, Representative Benjamin Turner of Alabama, Representative Robert De Large of South Carolina, Representative Josiah Walls of Florida, Representative Jefferson Long of Georgia, and Representatives Joseph Hayne Rainer ad Robert Brown Elliott of South Carolina. Altogether twenty-three black Republican were elected to Congress during Reconstruction. As Dave Barton, in Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White, noted of the five years after the Republican dominated U.S. Congress passed the Thirteenth Amendment, “Blacks went from being slaves to becoming members of Congress.”

Then came the Great Society, and the strategy to KEEP the black’s poor, and voting. Now, the democrats want to bring in another ‘slave’ labor system: the Hispanics. LBJ did it for their votes.

And the democrats are fighting hard for open borders also for the votes.

This Nobody Wonders if the last Presidential election will be the last honest one held. (But that’s another blog.)

What’s even scarier is that they have been able to KEEP blacks down and separated as a ‘tribe’ whose hated masters should be every republican and the blacks have bought that lie hook, line, and sinker for over 50 years.

THINK about that. How powerful that is. How the lies and propaganda have kept a whole race who won freedom from one party, devoted to the ones who really keep them poor and enslaved.

And we see the propaganda daily, trying to destroy the one man who could finally HELP the blacks out of their ongoing misery.

Is it any wonder they attack him so viciously? How great is their power?

Will the blacks keep taking the ‘red’ pill? Or will they come out in force in 2020 and vote for their own rights and their own children’s rights, to be finally free?

Nobody Knows.

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Lady Nancy ‘Tinker Penguin Poop’ Pelosi!

Nobody Cares

On the Drudge Report tonight, the news was that it has been discovered that over 1.5 MILLION penguins were found in Antarctica. Nobody knew they were there, and they’ve been there since even before Nancy Pelosi was born, some 3,000 years ago, more or less.

How did they stay hidden for so long and how did they find them?

The satellite picked up…pink penguin poop. 

When I read this I instantly thought of Tinker House Speaker, Nancy ‘Tinker’ Pelosi, who from now on will be known in my mind as Lady Nancy Tinker Penguin Poop Pelosi.

Or just Poop for short.

Really. If anybody reminds me of a big wad of penguin poop, it’s Nancy Pelosi.

Nobody Cares if I just make some fun of her…do they?

Good! The penguins say, “Hey, that’s not MY poop!”

…”Let’s Get Out of here…Too much Pelosi poop!” 

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It’s that Darn Email Privacy…Sundar!

Nobody Wonders

I was watching some of the Congressional Testimony of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google today, and it was pretty clear that he was trying his best to cover up the obvious fact that, Google is NOT unbias when it comes to searches.

And he had the help of the democrats on this…

Remember, I just wrote about this bias this week, which means, lots of conservatives are tired of seeing nothing but damaging articles on conservatives and attacking headlines on MSN news sites AND Yahoo, so look what Dem Steve Cohen did today: HE told Sundar that he always just got Breitbart on HIS search engines…

Ha ha ha ha..what a great stunt!

And Queen Elizabeth likes to vacation in the South Side of Chicago.

Clearly,  the Dems know that Google is working with them to get rid of all conservative content. They help each other.

Congressman Steve Cohen set this up perfectly.

Sundar tried to say that there IS no bias in the search engine, and therefore if there is negative news, than everybody naturally hates conservatives. But, if you listen closely, he admits that what they do is make the algorithms ‘search’ for certain words. Like the NSA, they are watching for certain speech. Which means, does it not, that the algorithms can ‘search’ for conservative themes.

For instance, one democratic woman said when she punches in the word “Idiot” President Trump’s picture comes up…and then says that the REASON that happens is that means that most people on the internet think Trump is an ‘idiot’.

Right. I just googled “Nancy Pelosi”. She’s obviously a saint who is saving the world.

Can I get a vowel here?

The democrats always get together and plan their attacks…something the republican NEVER do. Today, they lied and tried to help out Sundar, who more than once couldn’t answer the bias questions.

There is a video that everyone has seen lately, which shows how upset Sundar and his whole staff was at the election of President Trump.  Most of them were in tears. And yet, he wants us to believe that even though ALL the people at Google are liberals and hate Trump and tried their best to turn the election for Hillary, Google the search engine has no bias.

And democrats NEVER lie. No. Not ever. Never happened.

It was clear that most of the democrats were really upset that people can get to their emails. Hillary, Podesta, Peter Strozk, and even Google’s emails were used against them. The world has seen all too well just how MUCH they lie and cheat, just by reading their emails.

Sundar is NOT protecting their privacy!

Sheila Jackson said that she wanted him to address “Privacy.” And he said, he is working on that just for THEM, the Congress, and he will be getting them more protection soon.

The rest of us, will just have to wait.

Once again, only Congressmen Jim Gordon seemed to really be on the strong side. He really should be the speaker.

AAAANNNNNNDDDD……Congress will do…nothing. When do they ever do anything? It’s all just a big show.

What did we learn? Sundar is an immigrant, and he likes Television, and he loves to visit to the South Side of Chicago.

Just kidding. You can bet Sundar just LOVES the Obama’s summer home.

I’d look for him there.

Really…just Google it!




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