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Gillum: He’s basically a Communist: Shhhh….You don’t need to know….

Nobody Wins

Omar Smith…an honest progressive new ‘hippie’, lets you know just how far LEFT Andrew Gillum really is.

If you’ve got a few minutes out of your day…and if you know anybody in Florida who maybe doesn’t vote or is an Independent, you might want to send them this video.

Project Veritas has proven that it’s the Democrats that lie: time and time again.

Better yet…pass this video around. I got it off of Breitbart.

Here’s the worry: Just how many Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida after the hurricane destroyed their houses, will vote for this guy thinking they are going to get all kinds of free stuff?

Nobody Wonders (If that WAS the plan all along.) 


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Perfect Timing Takes Years of Practice

Nobody Knows

This story is right out of the Soprano’s, or the Clintons’ playbook.

From the Daily Mail via Breitbart:

Boston gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger Jr. has been killed behind bars shortly after he was transferred to a federal prison in West Virginia. He was 89.

Bulger was found dead overnight on Tuesday at USP Hazelton, a high-security prison with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp in Bruceton Mills.

It emerged in Bulger’s 2013 trial that he had served as an FBI informant as far back as 1975, though he always denied the claim.

Law enforcement sources tell that Whitey had been talking about outing people in the FBI – people in the top echelon of the informant program.

The sources said he hadn’t even been processed at the West Virginia facility when he was killed. But someone who knew he was being transferred put the word out – the killer had to know he was coming.

While nobody cares that an 89-year-old gangster who used to work with the FBI with Mueller was killed last night, the REASON he was killed seems, as always, right up the old democratic playbook.

Remember James McDougal? (And for that matter, Vince Foster.) 

James B. McDougal died of a “heart attack” while in prison, because it was said, he was about to spill the beans on the Clintons activities in the White-Water Scandal.

James B. McDougal (August 25, 1940 – March 8, 1998), a native of White County, Arkansas, and his wife, Susan McDougal (the former Susan Carol Henley), were financial partners with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in the real estate venture that led to the Whitewater political scandal of the 1990s. Starting in 1982, McDougal operated Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association.

I’ve always said that the democrats and the mob have historically merged in their various undertakings.

I still say it.

But then, Nobody Knows…and Nobody will care, that the mob sources of Mueller and Clintons killed the guy before he could talk.

The timing was perfect: Everybody is blaming President Trump for the Jewish slaughter in Pittsburgh, and the current news on the immigration issues.

This news really means nothing to the masses.

Yep: PERFECT timing.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary Clinton


Nobody’s Perfect:

The woman who TWICE lost in the Presidential race, wants to run again because Eleanor Roosevelt told her one day she WOULD be President…in the White House…in the Lincoln Bedroom…while Bill was in the Oval Office smoking cigars with Monica.

It’s only fair you know.

All kidding aside…is she serious? They cut out the part in this link where she is asked if she is going to run for President again, and she say, “NO”…She just wants to be handed the role, like a Queen.

After all, she was too lazy to do much traveling around during any of her campaigns, to convince people that she was the better candidate…no Hillary believes she should get to be President simply because…

She wants to be President. Well, I can think of about a few MILLION people who would want that job, so that isn’t good enough MS Hillary.

Oh, and to make this even more insane, she says she will do the heavy lifting.

This from a woman who can barely walk down a flight of stairs.

She KNOWS she will have to get rid of the electoral college to even do that. She’s got Barbra Streisand out calling for to abolish the electoral college. She’s pretty sure she could get enough illegal votes to push her over the popular vote, and that’s what’s keeping her going.

I suppose we should think this is sad…because this woman honestly thinks that not only will the American people come out and vote for her instead of Trump, BUT…the other democrats who WANT that seat will give it to her freely this time.

Then again: when a whole government apparatus protects you from the many felonies you have committed with such vicious loyalty, I guess it’s not surprising that she thinks they will do it again.

But…she forgets. Many of them have lost their jobs. Getting BACK into power isn’t going to be that easy.

Hillary Clinton…the gift that keeps on giving. Hillary Clinton is America’s Wicked Queen right out of a Disney fairytale.

What we wanna know is what mirror is SHE looking at? And why hasn’t it broken yet?

Let’s hope she runs.


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The Planned Depopulation of the Deplorables.

Nobody’s Opinion

(Sorry, this one’s a bit long.)

We’ve now had two nutcases take up our news program this last week, and get us off the upcoming illegal immigration horde coming to our borders.

The idiot “non-bomber” and the despicable man who killed Jews in Pittsburgh.

More people are killed on a weekend in Chicago than at this Jewish synagogue, but…Those people don’t count to the liberal media because they’re black.

The Jewish vote is important to the democrats. And this guy was a NAZI and they all call Trump a NAZI…thinking that you are so stupid that will associate the man with the President.

While we are always supposed to just assume that nothing in politics is connected, how can we not suspect the worst, after we’ve SEEN the worst from our politicians. Could the liberals, whose main men ran the CIA and the FBI send out false flags before the most important election in their history?

Tell me, how long was the story about Hillary selling uranium to Russia on the news? Giving them our long-range missile technology?

Have you heard anyone besides Lou Dobbs make more than a few seconds of comments about this?

No, me neither. Even if Russia nuked us, Hillary would NEVER be blamed.

But we should be blaming the people running the world for the mess they’ve gotten us into.
While the news media is filled with “The democrats hate the Trumpsters and the Trumpsters hate the progressives.” what is really happening is the elite hate us. America. Hillary and Obama admitted it. She called us ‘deplorables’ and she meant it.

What are the elites doing? And how LONG has this been going on?

A nobody like me asks this question every day. With the destruction of the West by the FORCED immigration we see assaulting Europe and America daily….and the daily mantra that poverty is caused by global warming, can we finally connect the two together and figure out what the heck these morons that fly their jets to Bilderberg conventions are doing to us all?

First: I think they consider themselves SO smart and SO elite and so endowed with a narcissistic habit of wanting to control everything, somewhere along the line, they decided that the world was going to die from overpopulation.

It would be better if there WERE less of our deplorable selves. And they decided, long ago to try and fix that horrible problem— benevolent moralistic souls that they are.

Forget the bluntness of President Trump, here’s a quote from Queen Elizabeth’s own husband: • Prince Phillip, a man who had four sisters who were married to NAZI’s, had this to say about the population and people who have too many children:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation,” Philip told Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988.

Never mind he has four children himself. And eight grandchildren.

Bill Gates keeps hoping to stop the overpopulation growth with his vaccines in Africa. But, so far, it hasn’t been working.

When did this ‘concern’ about too many humans on the planet begin? Nobody Knows…but it’s been around quite a while.

Thomas R. Malthus already acquired this point of view by the end of the 18th century. In his famous “Essay on the Principle of Population” (first edition in 1789), Malthus argues justly that in time the growth of the population will inevitably slow down, either by an increase of the death rate or by a decrease of the birth rate. On a local scale, migration also plays an important role.

It is no coincidence that Malthus’ essay appeared in England at the end of the 18th century. After all, the population there had started to grow at a historically unseen rate. More specifically the proletariat had grown immensely and that worried the intellectuals and the elite. Year after year, new demographic growth records were recorded.

The elites did a bang-up of erasing their own kind didn’t they? (Not their families of course, just the masses that they ruled.)

Getting rid of the old and replacing it with the NEW had a lot of help in universal health care, where you GET no care.

With that, the government could deny people drugs and procedures to get them off the planet. Even

Obama wanted his mother to “just accept her fate.” He admitted that it really costs the state too much to keep us old people alive.

Wars help. But then again…there is always a chance with nuclear weapons, somebody is going to hit THEM. The elites that is.

No, they can’t kill us all until they can get those robots up and running.

The problem they all lament is there is just not enough young men to fill the jobs to keep the multinational, and more importantly the BIG Brother government going. Bringing all those ‘colored’ people into the West, and then getting them educated will bring down the population growth.

So is the hope of the ‘deep state.’

But, feeding the masses that are already here…that’s a problem. SO…

Global warming chicken little fear story was invented as a way to TAX the West in order to supply the money to other nations to get this done.

How many times have we heard politicians say that if we just send OUR tax money to every other poor country on the planet THEY WON’T HAVE TO COME HERE? When global warming scare doesn’t work, they use that.

While the West killed off millions of their own babies, countries like China, India and Africa went on a baby making spree.

I was reading an article in the 1995, February Issue of Scientific American, yesterday, when I found what the real scientists claimed they had found the ANSWER to stopping the population growth…

“When a child becomes perceived as expensive, we may finally have a hope of dislodging the rapacious hold of high fertility rates.

Got that Mr. and Mrs. America? This nobody happens to think that’s one of the ways that our media and our leaders got us to have so many abortions: They control the markets, they control the jobs, and while once upon a time just one man working in America could support a family of three easily, that is no longer the case.

After all, we have huge cell phone and cable bills now. Higher food prices, higher education prices, higher everything. The Fed has been working hard. They ‘nudge’ us into becoming their cattle and accepting their prices.

Even fast food is expensive now. And they keep telling us we HAVE no inflation.

Talk about a lie: That’s a BIG one. So of course, having a child is very expensive now. America has stopped having babies.

The #MeTOO movement is just another way to KEEP women from getting married and having a lot of kids. And many single women just cannot afford to have lots of babies, now, to live the life you want, you need TWO salaries, or …..welfare.

Here’s another population ‘fact’ that I wonder about: Black women get more abortions than whites.

I live in a mostly black neighborhood. You sure could have fooled me. All my adult life I have noticed that while the democrats destroyed the family, the more kids they had, the more welfare they got, and it was a common sight to see mothers with at least four or five little black babies walking behind them.
Tell me, when was the last time you saw a white mother walking around Wal-Mart with six kids?

The other day I was in Wal-Mart, and now it’s the Hispanics walking around Wal-Mart with the train of kids. (Or the Muslims) I heard a black mother standing in the diaper aisle say while looking at the price of diapers: “Now I KNOW why I stopped having kids.”

In other words, she has a job now and must pay for these things.

But not the migrant. Not the illegal.

Nobody Wonders: Is this the plan? Was this mass ‘single’ parenthood just something that randomly happened?

Don’t be stupid. We’ve been brainwashed with “It’s a woman’s right!”

In the meantime, American has transferred literally TRILLIONS of dollars to African and all nations all over the planet to help with birth control, education, medicine, while our middle class was wiped out.
That money went to the dictators, and the people STILL kept having a lot of mouths to feed.

I don’t remember getting a voice in that….do you?

But here in America, raising a child in America, is so expensive, people can barely afford one.

Some of the millennial are putting off having kids. Some don’t have any at all. Weddings now are few and far between. Those big Italian weddings are long gone now.

So yes, our white elitist Western leaders have basically wiped out their own race. They don’t want us nobodies to figure out what they are doing to us, so they now call all white people racist or white supremacist.

It’s an old progressive Clinton trick: attack FIRST to hide your crime.

It’s hard to imagine us being able to catch up with the billions of Muslim and African births in the world, and after all: The elites all live in gated communities with walls.

BUT…having said that…while it looks bleak, it doesn’t mean we can’t fight for our own country, our culture, and our constitution…because America is an ideal. An ideal NOT based on the color of one’s skin.

We OWE it to future children to expose the elites for what they HAVE done so far. It’s going to take generations to undue this mess.

As for the elites worrying about the billions of people on the planet…I don’t buy it.
I think we should tell them: Hey, you can always move to Mars. And be sure and take Hillary with you.

She would make a SWELL President there.


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President Trump Stands Once Again for Common Sense


Nobody Reports

The world has really flipped:

Trump Supporter sends bombs to democrats, but didn’t want to really kill anyone.

Trump Hater, actually kills a lot of Jews in a bloody rampage.

Instead of our last President, (Obumer) who kept preaching for ‘gun control,’ our wise President, suggest more guns to protect ourselves from the dangerous world.

Wants the death penalty back.

That was the ONLY good thing to come out of this past week: President Trump’s continues to stand strong and uses good common sense. 

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Back to Reality

Nobody Flashes

Now that they ‘caught’ the guy who had a van unlike any van ever seen on the planet to make SURE you knew he was a Trump supporter— “HERE I AM!!”, we can get back to reality. A van, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, had posters put on that looked brand new, and nobody even touched, not to mention, a perfect artistic endeavor….

Let’s get back to reality.

The reality of the USA invasion of mostly young men, among which are…men which will be SURE to kill, unlike the guy they just caught.

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Nobody’s Email: “G” Man’s View on Immigration

Nobody Reports

Some of my emails are just too good to not want to share, like this one.

I ask ‘g’ man if I could share this rant….and he said, “Yes”, soooooooooooooooooooooo

Here are some great “nobody” thoughts on immigration and our President.

Proving that it’s my Nobody’s Opinion that most of us nobodies out in America, DO see what’s going on, and the liberals think we are all stupid.


So….more proof…

ENJOY! I’m taking the night off.

(And thanks ‘g’ man.)


Trump the Divider?


I think, that the number one reason that Trump got elected, is because enough conservatives and Republicans and Reagan Democrats united, and they are determined to resist the decades of failures caused by THE REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY (“RINO’s”).

The RINO’s constantly claim, that we conservatives must always be compromising, WHILE THE LEFTISTS DO NOT COMPROMISE.

But, there have been too many decades of REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY plus leftists, demanding that EVERYBODY ELSE spend money on the left’s domestic policies.

While the RINO’s -and- leftists’ plans have been the result of COMPROMISE after COMPROMISE after . . . wait a minute . . . make that, the result has been, the REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY giving away or selling what is not theirs to divest.

That technique, is considered by those liberal factotums, to be a deal, and therefore an accomplishment.

Forget that Americans much prefer a good deal, and a good agreement (as Trump pointed out again, today).

The RINO’s and the left are not satisfied until they are self-satisfied with agreements and deals and health care bills to keep up appearances of not being “mean,” but which lousy dealings, amount to being worthless securities.

Therein such derivatives, is the terrible wordsmith misery of the left. Never mind the prospectus which Nancy Pelosi wants you to read after the sale, when we find, that the deal making has involved MORE BEING TAKEN AWAY from other people than taxation, namely: our rights!

So, in 2016, the deplorables voted to put a STOP to the takings by REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY, of whom, Bush II, Romney, McCain (the daughter), Flake, et al . . . and JEB BUSH . . . are still promoting more COMPROMISE, because, after all, there is so much of America for these deal makers to give away, or take away, or sell out from under all of us who believe in good American workmanship.

And then, there is also Horrendous Revolver, aka Jerry Rivers aka Hair Al Do, on Fox TV (Hannity, Monday evening, 10/22/2018), demanding that we give more.


I am demanding that we do what we can, and that, by now, means, WE NEED A BREAK. Fix the law – make it simple. Then resume immigration THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR ONLY !

And, fix the law, includes: NO LYING. Such as in, NO MORE ENTRE for “refugees” fleeing to America, but demonstrating their violent tendencies and hatred of America, all the way to the southern U.S. border . . . by their burning U.S. flags and waving their “Honduras” flag in order to prove that they are HONDURAN NATIONALISTS.

To Hate America First, that means Honduran Nationalist, good . . . but Trump being loyal to our nation, bad.

IOW, if you are protesting where you are from, and you are protesting where you are going, THEN YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL VICTIM, and should not enter the U.S.A. unless Barbara Streisand supports you within her Malibu property, from which you can never leave, except that you can travel directly to and from the like properties of Cher, Pelosi, Feinstein, some singer named Swift, and Bette Midler.

Which is your only chance to discover HOW WRONG YOU ARE, and from where you WILL FLEE, BEING FINALLY, A REAL REFUGEE and tell everybody about your being a recovering lefty like David Horowitz, and write books about your emancipation.

Which books, you will sell a lot of, and thereupon buy a nice place and discover that YOU LIKE THE PEACE AND SECURITY, and you OBJECT TO FAKE-FUGEES.

While turning out to be a decent person who helps other people, just like all the Americans who normally help people, BUT YOU WERE TOO UN-INFORMED AND FULL OF YOUR VANITIES TO BOTHER TO STUDY . . . while burning Old Glory.

Which, we could have told you would happen — the long process wherein you were all about YOU, YOU, YOU, and then you found sanctuaries in California, wherein you discovered that the leftist politics of those public entertainers mentioned, are ALL ABOUT THEM, THEM, THEM but not YOU.

So, now you have a nice house, and you are stalked by WHO YOU WERE WHEN YOU DEMANDED WHAT YOU CAME TO THE USA TO TAKE . . . in the form of even more protestors from other countries, now stationed outside your local Home Depot.

And, you wonder why, things cost so much, and whether or not you can hold onto your home, while two neighborhoods over, WHO YOU WERE WHEN YOU DEMANDED WHAT YOU CAME TO THE USA TO TAKE . . . are protesting and burning Old Glory.

Then some California judge orders you to buy a company and employ illegal aliens.

Your favorite TV show is Last Man Standing on Fox TV, and you occasionally watch Tucker Carlson and realize that Tucker makes a lot of sense about, how so many illegal aliens DO NOT MAKE A LOT OF SENSE, “thinking” that they are going to convert the U.S.A. into the country from which they fled !

You then attend a Donald J. Trump Rally, and wear a MAGA hat.

Where, you are interviewed by Jim Acosta (NBC / CNN / “whatever”), who interrupts himself a the start of his questioning you:

“Hey, you’re the guy who was burning the U.S. flag down in Mexico, four years ago!”

And you reply:

“Yeah, I was wrong.”

AND NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE AN AMERICAN, because Acosta then calls you a racist member of white privilege.

Which leaves you wondering, and you get a DNA test and discover that you have the exact same percentage (it’s 1/1024) of “whiteness” in you, that (former, we hope) Senator Elizabeth Warren has in her, of Cherokee.

Acosta tells friends of his at the D. of State, and they discover that you failed to declare your “gender” (on a list of 171, which started out as 2, then 57, then 71, and momentarily was 77, but jumped to 171 just before the 2018 mid-term elections) . . . when you first entered the country.

Those left-wing officials shop around for a judge, who orders that you be deported.

Now, Democrats being Democrats, they have been demanding THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what they were demanding in 2018!

Yes, that’s right: They demanded 3 years later, that “there are not enough ICE agents!”

E’ viola. You are found, bound, and tossed aboard a rickety ol’ puddle jumper that dumps you back in “Honduras” from where you began your invasion.

Your local watering hole, has Jim Acosta on the TV.

You try to help a young lady who slips a little, walking by the door of the watering hole, just as you exit.

She SCREAMS and ACCUSES you of assaulting her!

The event is caught on tape, by a roaming NBC/CNN/whatever “news” (maker) crew.

Next evening, at the bar, there you are on the TV, and all those left-coast tormentors in whose homes you once sought refuge, are swearing that they believe her, not you.

You stay late at the bar, and see an old episode of Seinfeld (in Spanish), and the line: “No soup for you!”

And, you swear, that if you ever get back to the U.S.A., you will vote for Trump’s Third Term.

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Hillary Gets a New Start With Bomb Scare…How Lucky Can You Get?

Nobody Cares

Gee Hillary must have forgotten that book WRITTEN by her personal Secret Service members who hated her guts. They said she was a big elite snob, who was always cussing at them, and forbid them to look her in the eye.

Just sayin…

So, imagine if these bombs had been sent to all republican politicians?

ALL of Hollywood would have been tweeting as fast as they could:  “Too bad none of them exploded!”

You know they would have. So far, nobody on the right has even suggested that.

Jim Carey, whose paint brush is suspiciously faster than his mouth, already had a picture of a bomb put in President Trump’s mouth.

And whoever sent these bombs, obviously did NOT want any of them to actually REACH their targets. If you can build a bomb, and you really mean harm, you would have sent the bomb to Miami for Hillary, and found out where all these people (who by the way, are almost never home) were going to be. And you wouldn’t have forgotten to put detonators on some of them.

So, we can assume with a lot of logic that this was a political stunt MEANT for something:

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Get that hoard filled with 85 percent young men coming to invade us from Mexico OFF our television sets.
  2. Make all the politicians that HATE Trump, and have been calling for ‘incivility’ look like victims.
  3. Give Hillary another chance to come out and start on her campaign for 2020.
  4. Beef up the idea that Trump IS Hitler.
  5. Remind the citizens that right-wingers are nuts and will kill us all.
  6. Take away all guns.
  7. Give the camera BACK to the democratic politicians so that they can blame the hatred and division in the country on our electoral college and…
  8. Trump…because Holder says that only a minority of the country voted for him.

It was the Clintons that illegally funded a false narrative and used our top institutions to try to destroy a legally elected President. Hillary colluded with the Russians, (by making a lot of money selling them our uranium), and destroyed evidence of her corruption and felonies, and will stop at nothing to hide her crimes. And she had a LOT of help from our must trusted institutions.

If a RED wave comes, (As it most certainly will) most of these criminals will be in trouble.

They will probably find some “white supremacist’ to blame…like the guy in Las Vegas….who just happened to be able to take dozens of guns up into a room and nobody noticed….because the hotel was owned by Muslim friends of Hillary…and to this day, nobody knows why he did it…not even his girlfriend who thought he just liked guns….and was very happy to get out of the country at the right time…

Wait for it.

In the meantime: Hold the fort.


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Nobody Gives Advice to Panda Express: HIRE THE CHINESE MIGRANT INSTEAD


Nobody Wonders

Yesterday, I stopped by a Panda Express restaurant for lunch. It was about 2 in the afternoon, and there wasn’t anybody in the place.

BUT…sitting at a table were three very skinny looking Hispanics. They were talking to the help, who were…maybe not Mexicans but they were from some South American country, all speaking Spanish. Clearly they were all from the same family.

On the menu, I ordered the “bowl” of teriyaki chicken. The price was $7.99 and it came with a side of my choice.

I looked at the few egg rolls and decided to get one. In fact, I’d had eaten at this Panda Express before and had the same thing.

The young Hispanic woman who took my order didn’t look very happy.

She put the chicken on some rice and handed it to me.

“I’ll have the egg roll with it.” I said.

“You don’t get an egg roll.” she said.

“But, the menu says it comes with a ‘side’…..”

“The side is the rice” she said, in a snotty voice.

The soda machine had no ice in it either she said, but she could get me a cold pop from the back, so I picked out a soda pop from the display.

Ten bucks. “What a rip off.” I said to myself. Not coming to Panda Express anymore. Where’s a good China girl when you need one?

I KNEW that the young Hispanic had ripped me off, just because, she could. Who knows why? She was pretty fat, so maybe she wanted that for herself.

As I was leaving, after quickly finishing my small bowl of food, so was she. She walked with an air of arrogance to her car. As I was leaving right behind her, I thought to say something to her, but why? She would have just flipped me off.

She had a job. And because there WAS no one in that restaurant, I now understood why.

THIS is our new ‘work force.’?

Shepard Smith was on FOX today saying that President Trump was WRONG about the 10,000 people coming to the border. They were just poor people looking for jobs. Trump is so cruel. Shepard Smith KNOWS.

I kept thinking…well Smith, you have millions, why don’t YOU give them money?

It’s the American people who have to pay to feed this mob. But as Rush Limbaugh points out, this has been going on for years.
They let in low wage workers, and those workers send their money BACK to their home country

The mass illegal and legal importation of mostly low-skilled foreign workers is a boon to big business and Wall Street, but results in decades of poor job growth, stagnant wages, and increased public costs for working and middle-class Americans.

Notice this woman. She has SIX kids and she’s single. Poor woman. Can’t feed all her kids. She left the two babies at home.
Which means she brought in her teenagers so that they could get in school. When the babies are old enough for school, she’ll get them in.
I DON”T FEEL SORRY FOR HER. She will get free EVERYTHING: Free housing, free medical care, free food stamps, and whatever she earns she sends BACK to South America.

There IS such a thing as birth control AND obstaining from sex. Clearly, she didn’t want to do either. Why should she? When she can come to America and like the many black single mothers before her, gets lots of free stuff with every kid she can pop out.

Something tells me she already has connections here.

And ONE MORE THING: If these people were really suffering in the heat, their clothes would all be dirty.
I have not seen ONE migrant who doesn’t look like their newly bought clothes were just bought fresh and clean at the local Target, there is no one in any of these pictures that have dirty clothes on.

But they sure can give you a sob story.

Nobody Wonders how many people believe this con.

Especially when they put out video’s like this:

Nobody Wonders: Just how STUPID is Shepard Smith? And how stupid was I NOT to walk out of…Panda Express?

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Nobody’s Fool: Tom Homan

Nobody’s Fool

Great insight, from a man who knows.

Tom Homan….is NOBODY’s FOOL. 

He warns us all….and we are…listening.

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Judge Napolitano: Absent from Sheer Brain Duty

Nobody’s Opinion

When a liberation/conservative/constitutionalist starts talking like he is bought and sold by big government, while he CLAIMS to be against big government, It’s enough to spoil my whole day.

I’m talking about Judge Napolitano.

Judge Napolitano was just on C-Span this morning as I was stepping out of my shower. He was making a few very outrageous points and I couldn’t NOT believe my ears.

Forget drying off. I had to listen.

He sets up his arguments about how the government has gotten too big. States should have more rights.

Okay. Okay. I’ll go along with that.

And then, someone said to him that they couldn’t stand the uncivil fighting going on TV every moment of the hour. I knew what they meant. They meant by the democrats.

Well, Guess who our old buddy the Judge BLAMED for this uncivil discourse?

You guess it. The Judge blamed President Trump.

He went on to PRAISE the omniscient Obama who, was just the most eloquent man, and never said an unkind word about anybody his whole Presidency. As if he was Jesus himself.

— unlike President Trump, who based his whole campaign on being nasty to everyone.

According to the Judge.

I could NOT believe he said this.

Where in the Sam Hill was the Judge while the election was going on?

First: Trump ALWAYS attacked back, he was never the first to hurl the insult. And where was the judge during the debates?

Where was he when the famous FOX News babe, Megyn Kelly asks on her very first question to Trump this: insinuating that Donald Trump: he was a misogynist, a women hater…


A question so nasty, spoken with so much venom, most everyone was shocked that this question was even allowed.

And let’s not forget the insulting and nasty remarks made by President Obama during the White House Press Dinner— where he ridiculed President Trump in front of the whole world?

Come on Judge. Nobody has EVER had to put up with such attacks. Not George W. Bush. Not Bill Clinton. Not Hillary.

What PLANET are you on?

Trump fought back. And we loved it. We STILL love it.

And I would like to add, that now President Trump fought back with, may I so boldly add, the presence of mind of a revolutionary founder.

Have you READ the Declaration of Independence lately, Judge?

Would you call the wording of that famous document that you claim to love a very “civil” discourse?

Well, I’m sure King George, like dear President Obama, was VERY well spoken.

We are tired of being “Well spoken to.” And then ripped off.

Donald Trump said what was on many people’s mind. He labeled his opponents AFTER they had attacked him viciously.

Yes, he called Ted Cruz, “Lyin Cruz.”

But Cruz HAD lied. He said he was not aware of the pictures of Melania posted everywhere by his campaign right before the Iowa convention, because he wanted to win.

“Pocahantas?” How is that a cut? It was funny.

And “Crooked Hillary?” Haven’t I heard YOU even call her that? What’s going on with you Judge?

So, be rest assured that Judge Napolitano is a ‘Bush Baby”.

He is a globalist.

He professes to know the constitution, but he knows NOT the heart of the America people,

Judge Napolitano only knows the heart of the people who employ him….and THEY are the ones acting like Kings.

King Bush.

King Fox.

King George

Yeah, I’m still mad.

Pass me a dry towel.

Or better yet….somebody see what the good Judge is smoking and hide it.

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A Need to….Forget About It All For Just One Moment

Nobody Flashes—

Sorry, it’s just that I’m into music this weekend. Sometimes you just have to get away from the political madness.

I really love this original rendition of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy…

Brian Pezzeni says he was just improvising.

Enjoy…I can’t stop listening to it.

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Nobody Flashes One of the Great Live Recordings.

Nobody Flashes

One of the best “I am in pain” love songs ever written.

And this live version, with such excellent musicians, is 100 times better than the original recording.

What a great singer. What a great songwriter.

What a great musician.


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If you build it: They won’t come

Nobody Reports

Since the RINOS and Democrats in Congress do NOT want a wall, that doesn’t mean that the people of the United States don’t want one. Since Paul Ryan decided to stay in Congress for the rest of the year, we all HOPE our President will send the military down to the border to stop the ‘planned’ invasion.

If a wall is good enough for rich politicians and movie stars to put around their homes, it’s good enough for us.

Here’s a few walls being built that you might not of heard of.

Remember the movie Field of Dreams? The voice kept saying…’If you build it, they will come.”

Well…I hear a voice and it says, “If you build it, they won’t come.”

I’m SURE it was Babe Ruth whispering in my ear.


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