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Product Placement: Political Power Prevails

Nobody Cares–

–That I was bored of politics yesterday and watched this little documentary. I many never drink Coke again…and I’ll tell you in a minute about that.

The guy that made this movie, (forgive me if don’t I tell you– I REALLY don’t want to remember his name) reminds me of my next door neighbor. He always borrows my lawn tools and forgets to give them back. Only in America can a guy make a movie about getting major corporations to give him thousands of dollars to put their products IN the movie, which is about him getting $1.5 million dollars to make what is basically—just  a big advertisement for their products.

After it was done, I had to think: Now, what did I learn?

1. POM (the major sponsor) is good for men’s erections. (Yes, that was the big one.)

2. Product placement in movies can sometimes help carry the cost when the budgets are so big.

3. Advertising is almost never honest.

4.. Quentin Tarantino has a hard time getting ANY major spongers.

5. Even Ralph Nader is a sucker for free stuff, bribes, and payoffs.

6. If you just even LOOK at the logo of Coca Cola, your endorphins in your brain will shoot sky high, you will start salivating, fall on the floor, crave wild sex with Kevin Costner, and need to be taken away by the police…..

Just kidding—You might not do that , but you will want to drink one. The MRI’s prove it.

7. I also learned that they know if you get kids young enough loving McDonalds, you can program them to want McDonalds for the rest of their lives. I ought to know: whenever I’m stressed I want McDonalds. In fact, I had it for dinner tonight…a quarter pounder (no cheese) with a Coke.  My mother must have bought me McDonalds when I was sick when I was a kid, because it’s the only food that makes me feel better.

Flu? MCDONALDS! Stuffy nose? MCDONALDS! Hangover? MCDONALDS! Don’t want to cook? MCDONALDS! Okay, that last one, in my house, is considered an ailment.

Obviously this means…OMG!  I’m addicted!

So…Nobody asks: How can a “logo” put your brain in addiction mode?

This from Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About.”

Food manufacturers are knowingly putting chemicals into the food that cause the consumer to become physically addicted to it. Chemicals are being added to our food that actually make us gain weight. Since our brains are mostly fat, a large percentage of these chemicals accumulate there over the years.
So, eating fast food does actually build up…a brain full of fat, which they say…makes you dumber.  
Does this mean you are getting information from a fat brain? Can you READ this and not gain weight? Is that Big Mac that I ate when I was ten still in my cerebellum? Is THAT why we have all those ADD’s and ATT’s, and people who can’t remember who’s Vice President?

And if commercials about food, cars, cigarettes, vodka, drugs, and car insurance aren’t enough to drive us all into zombie- fat no-brain land, let’s not forget all the subliminal political messages they put in all the sitcoms and movies.

They are not only advertising products, they are advertising political parties.

Last week Michelle Obama made a guest appearance on Nickelodium to push the Obama’s big campaign suck up to the military. (see video below) Yes, they have to get some white votes somehow.  

They could be doing this for two reason: It’s an election year, and they want to convince the conservatives..whose families are in the military, that they like them, or 2. They are planning to attack Iran and need more soldiers before the year is out. The ones coming home will not want to go back out there: back to the deserts, and the camels, and the Muslim busting stress, where a McDonald’s Super-Sized Big Mac Meal, topped off with a cold delicious chocolate shake is hard to come by.

Can you blame them?

Either way, when the top family in the country can manipulative the masses with guest appearances on TV shows…Nobody Wonders: Who pays who? Does the President always get free air time, when others have to PAY to appear?

How fair is that? Is Newt Gingrich going to get free air time on MTV? Also, did Michelle Obama PAY to have the kids call her “Your excellency”? Or did she…demand it be written in the script?Nobody Knows.

I suggest what’s-his-name make that his NEXT big movie. If he does that, I might even pay to see it.

And then… I’ll surely remember his name.


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  1. Was it Morgan Spurlock’s The Greatest Movie Ever Sold per chance?

    Liked the film, and always love spotting product placement – Real Steel must have had about 1,000 tie-ins!


    Comment by Paragraph Film Reviews | January 5, 2012 | Reply

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