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State of the Republican Presidential Candidate Race

The 2012 presidential election isn’t until November 6, but the race to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate has been in full swing for some time. It’s been an interesting race to say the least. Potential candidates, such as Texas Governor Rick Perry, U.S. Representative Michelle Bachman, Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., and businessman Herman Cain, have dropped out of the running. There hasn’t been anyone who has emerged as the clear-cut winner, although most people are pointing to Mitt Romney as the most likely person to win the nomination. Some people would argue that the reason why the race has been so interesting is because it’s also been a bit of a train wreck. It seems like nearly every one of the Republican candidates has said or done something that has hurt his chances in the race, causing some pundits to declare that all they have done is ensure that President Barack Obama will keep the office for another four years. Others have pointed to the increasingly large divide between Democrats and Republicans as well as the one between liberals and the far-right conservatives in the Tea Party. No matter the reason, this election has given political science majors much to talk about.
As the Republican primaries wind down and the national convention approaches, here is a look at the Republican presidential candidates who are still in the running. We’ll take a brief look at where they are in the polls and if they have a good chance of earning the Republican nomination and running against President Obama.

  • Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney is currently the front-runner in the race and the one most experts believe will win the Republican nomination. Recent polls even show that he can beat Obama in the presidential election if he wins the nomination. His position in the race isn’t a lock, however; Rick Santorum has been making waves as a more conservative candidate after wins in Southern states such as Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Still, Romney seems to be the one most likely to win the candidacy and even the one most likely to win the election in November as long as he sticks to his guns on the economy and unemployment, areas in which he seems the most knowledgeable.
  • Rick Santorum – At first glance, Santorum seems to be in a distant second place to Romney, but he has been closing that gap thanks to caucus victories in the South. The former Pennsylvania senator has never been shy about expressing his opinions on healthcare; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights; abortion; and his own religious beliefs, something that has arguably hurt his chances in this race. His popularity has grown quite a bit since he declared that he is running, but it may not be enough to win the nomination from Romney and he seems too divisive to win the presidency from Obama.
  • Newt Gingrich – After a 13-year absence from mainstream politics, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich managed to raise $32 million in 2009 and 2010 for his campaign. This is more than all of the other Republican candidates currently in the race. He is known for thinking outside of the box and has a good grasp on most of the issues, but controversy surrounding his personal life hasn’t exactly endeared him to the general public. He is currently in third place behind Santorum and, while his chances of winning the nomination seem slim, he hasn’t given up yet.
  • Ron Paul – Ron Paul may be a long shot in this campaign, but he is clearly not without his supporters. These supporters have been spreading his Tea Party-influenced views on liberty, financial market reform and human rights with the hopes of presenting him as the candidate who shuns regular politics as usual and is more in touch with the American people.

These are the remaining presidential candidates in the race to secure the Republican nomination. Romney looks like the probably nominee at this point, but there is still some time for that to change.
If you would like to learn more about the election process or even pursue a career in politics or as a political analyst, consider enrolling in a political science degree program from an online college. It has always been an interesting field of study and, with today’s political landscape, it’s become especially fascinating.

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by guest: Leslie Branch

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  1. After much cajoling I have started to take a look and listen to the Candidates. By far the best of the last Presidential Campaign wannabees was me.

    Of this bunch I see a remarkable similarity between the, with the one exception of Dr Paul.

    Dr Paul sounds like me. Measured, insightful, a man who demands that you colonials go back to the Constitution which, frankly, was the One Good Thing to come out of the Revolutionary War. That superb aspiration seemed, back then, to have a really good chance of being a guiding force for Liberty and Freedom.

    What a lily-livered bunch his colleagues are. That Grindgrad fellow is the architypal looney war monger, seemingly bought and paid for (handsomely) by the forces of evil. He even makes Joe Biden look like a moderate. They all seem to want to keep allocating the ‘Right’ to murder Americam babies to their mothers and exclude the fathers from any useful role, except whipping boy/walking ATM. There is an obsession with appeasing the tiny but vocal minority of buggers; fellowess-labia diddlers; the four transexuals that have yet to join the 17 on the vaudaville circuit; and the religion obsessed gays of both sexes that want to wear white and walk down the aisle of every Church, Cathedral, Synagogue and Holy-hallelulya’all singing and dancin’ an’ a shakin’ that booty Old Time Reeeeeedemption, yassir, Tent – with the exception of Mosques.

    And the obsession with Iran. What is that about? Any idea?

    Everyone seems to be terrified of Iran getting a bomb. You know, the same as Pakistan has. That Pakistan that has been thwarting all the American effots to find Bin Laden all those years. I watched Dr Paul on one interview totally demolish the Iran argument by quietly pointing out that it was America that interfered with Iran near on 50 years ago, through the CIA engineering the overthrow of the Shah and have been making war by proxy on Iran ever since, even arming Saddam for that very purpose. (That was really bright, wasn’t it. Still it made a lot of folk filthy rich). It is hardly surprising that the Iranians are thoroughly pissed off. Many Americans are still today hubristically gloating over the Shah bizzo and the huge, American man-blood and Treasure-costly effort it took to get rid of the Saddam they put there in the first place.

    Pretty well all of Dr Paul’s opponents are just raring to spend spend spend and borrow borrow borrow so they can spend spend spend even more. All seem to love the idea of out-taxing and out oppressing Obama in a game of ‘Mine’s Bigger than Yours’. The last vestige of the idea that Government should stay out of the lives of free citizens is being garrotted with each ‘Primary’, with all but Paul jumping on the ‘Patriotic Molestation of Minors and the Infirm at Airports’ bandwagon, and the ‘It’s For Their Own Good’ imposition of Federally decreed lo-fat Cheesburgers.

    By the Lord Harry, I do hope the old chap keeps fit and healthy, and goes on to be the challenger. Otherwise I may just have to have another go.


    Comment by Amfortas | March 30, 2012 | Reply

    • Weover here in the States do get really discouraged because election after election the men who are closest to “the people” are smashed relentlessly on every right and left stream media. The oligarths have their picks of who will run and who will win, and the rest of us are presented the “American Presidential Idol Contest” …only to psychologically brainwash us all into thinking that it was “we the people” that choose the right man. After all…we had a contest! Ron Paul has many followers, mostly of the young and the veterans and the remaining conservative Independents, and he is doing this for future generations. His son is also in Congress. I think the reason they don’t get rid of him (by the usual methods) is because he serves as a release value for the majority of the people …to give them hope that even though they have no voice anymore or money…there is a guy there who represents them. So, Ron is useful toto keep them uson ahopeful happy (Well NEXT time we’ll win) leash. Every draconian law that is going to be passed will be for the “good of the people” …Ron Paul has a purpose, in their vast plan for globalization to continue. And yes, you are right. Why do we arm all our future enemies? How STUPID is that? Follow the money.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | March 31, 2012 | Reply

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