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Newt, China, Private Jets, Internet, Nation Building, and Lawrence of Arabia

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Lots of different thoughts today:

NEWT GINGRICH: First up: Rick Perry got out of the Republican race, and very graciously too. But the real topic is going to be on Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s ex-wife, whom the left has given a huge platform to damage Gingrich from getting the nomination. As usual, their timing for sexual scandals is impeccable.

Nancy Pelosi, a few days ago tried to throw us all into Mitt’s ring by saying that Mitt would lose if he got the nomination so the Democrats wanted Mitt to win the nomination: She said that so the many conservatives that didn’t like Mitt, would go…”Oh yeah? Just for that Ms Tufu Buguta, I’m voting for him!” They want Mitt to win.

SO…It’s  been leaked that Newt requested an ‘open marriage’ according to Marianne. His first wife is out for revenge. Seems she didn’t like the limelight, so what’s a better way to stay away from it than to marry a politician?

Nobody Thinks any of us should judge the scorn of an ex-spouse. For instance, I just went out to lunch with an old friend who was outraged at the actions of his longtime girlfriend.

“My God, “I said. “What in the world did she do to you to get you so angry?”

“She wouldn’t go to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday with me. ”

Really? I know. To my friend, who goes to Disneyland at least three times a year, falling in love with a person who’d rather go to Las Vegas means she doesn’t love him enough. He went anyway, and showed me a darling picture of himself with Minnie.

You had to be there—I told him I simply HAD to have a copy.

Maybe Newt wanted a wife who would stand by his side in the photo- ops. Marianne didn’t want to do it.  So, none of us especially those of us who have thought of sending our ex’s to far off planets (that include this Nobody…I’d send my ex to the nearest black hole) should judge Newt on this:but we will!

I keep saying…find some sexual stuff on Obama. Nobody is listening to me.

CHINA: Why is Obama pushing solar energy when China owns 97% of the minerals on the planet that you need to MAKE solar panels? Don’t they get enough of our business? Not only that, they are going to mine the moon and then, where will we go? We won’t have the money to mine our own minerals, and even if some state here had the minerals (and they do) the Democrats would find some kind of rattlesnake feeding ground and claim the land to be preserved. The Democrats would rather make us all suffer with our houses set to 50 degrees in winter, and 80 degrees in summer.

China will now get Canada’s oil, thanks to Obama, which means we will have to now also buy our oil from China too. They are trying to put us back into the stone age…and speaking of the stone age…

PRIVATE JETS Did you know that if you are flying on a private jet, you are not “inspected” at all? The pilot gives the guy a few digits and you’re waved through…with a hand. They don’t even have to see if a passenger is on the No-fly list. 

Think of that next time some TSA agent is feeling up your groin.

So if you’re a rich Saudi, you can charter a 777 or 757 for private use, and there you go! Fly it right into the Capitol, and destroy our government.. and set up the secret government which WILL put us back into the stone age…which maybe is what they are hoping for: BIG Change. And speaking of change….

INTERNET: So many people participated in the internet blackout the draconian law is losing steam, so Obama has said that he is dropping the matter. They are reporting that the Hollywood moguls are hopping mad because they want to SUE China, and all those little nobody bloggers that keep posting Youtube video’s and pictures that they should be getting paid for.

Like that’s really going to happen.

No, what will happen is Obama will let it go for awhile and just pass the government control over to Homeland Security or the Commerce Department, right before the election, and the moguls will be back with their money. 

When Bill Clinton and Boeing wanted to sell our missile secrets to China, they took it out of Congress and the Defense Department, and went through the Commerce Department. Done deal. Good for Boeing, good for Clinton—not so good for the American people who can now be wiped off the planet by a nuclear missile from China. It’s the new godfather way. And speaking of Godfathers:

NATION BUILDING: I read an interesting take on nation building this morning. According to John C. Hulsman, we should take a lesson from Sir T.E Lawrence of Arabia. If you want to nation build, you get the WARLORDS to join you. Our American model of “reform or die” isn’t as affective as accepting the culture you want to conquer, and putting the big godfather warlords already in charge, under our direction.

“A hundred years ago, just 3,000 British officers controlled the whole of the Indian subcontinent, but most of them commanded local tribes in their own language. “

“The Israeli army can relegate skilled Arabic translators among it s reservist to routine guar duty because Arabic is compulsory for Israeli secondary school students. American lack the cultural depth to manage the welter of ethnicities and sects of the Middle East.” –Sparnleger “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chaos.”

In other word, we would be better to learn to speak Arabic, give all these warlords one of these:

Gold Lamboghini

And tell them if they do what we want, we’ll get one to every Warlord’s son. We’d save billions.  

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