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Poor Obama: So Horrible at Being President, Governor Perry Has to Help Him Out

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In case you missed it today, ( as I did because I was actually enjoying this global warming weather) Texas Governor Rick Perry has sent the National Guard to the border.

I know this might sound…stupid, but, why didn’t he do this sooner?

In fact, why don’t the REST of the border state governors do the same since Obama has caused this tragedy?

Nevertheless, better late than never as the old saying goes, and if this succeeds, Perry has a good chance to run again for the Presidency.

In the meantime, Obama, the gay President, was making sure transgender’s have more rights.





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Nobody Remembers the Nafta Highway…Come on In Amigos!

 Nobody Knows

____How long ago the globalists elite had big plans to make America a bi-lingural country? But…it was George W. Bush who put it in place. Obama here is very clevely trying to make us feel stupid because we don’t speak two languages. He knows what’s coming, even before he was President. Why else do you think our govenment have let so many illegals into our country?

It…was planned.Superhighway

What a better place to announce the continuing plans for amnesty than Las Vegas? Obama was so sure of Congress putting through legislation that he likes, he decided to make a trip to the city with the most promising numbers of union hotel workers. Who are mostly Hispanic..

Nobody Thinks somewhere tonight, the Bush family is finally happy. After all, it was President George W. Bush that came up with the great plan to make us one big North American Continent.

Obviously, if you have memory longer than your five year old…you will remember that our government has been promoting the North American One Continent fits all…all the time working for a big increase in a younger population to support the older one that is dying…they just denied it—all the elites at the top.

First came Nafta…Than all the other ‘afta’s ” after that. They told us it would bring American’s jobs.

It didn’t. We got the biggest Hispanic invasion in history…and that was the plan. The real plan for all the last four Presidents was how to get some cheap labor pouring into this country to kept it afloat. So they thought up the Nafta Superhighway. Starts in Mexico…(where China unloads its stuff) than goes through Texas and up through Canada.Nafta super highway

You didn’t hear Obama say a word about that did you? But today, was the final seal for every single Hispanic that can latch a ride on a truck to come up, along with the rest of his family and his gay friends too.They don’t need to pass any laws. It’s all a big put-on. When the Republicans complain that it’s because the democrats just want the votes…it’s a lie.

BOTH parties want this. It assures their very survival.

As you can imagine, Texas was pretty mad about the Nafta highway, because Spain was going to build it, and get all the money off it’s taxes. I wrote about this when Bush was President. We were told, that Rick Perry stopped the plans.

Nope…he just said he did. He lied. As they all do. Now they lie right to our faces.

Despite Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s pledge in 2009 to end the Trans-Texas Corridor project with a Spanish-owned construction company, the bureaucrats at the Texas Department of Transportation figured out a way to keep it alive.  Soon, Americans will have to pay tolls to foreign companies to drive on roads in their own country … Very quietly, Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, signed in October a comprehensive development agreement to construct a toll-road redevelopment of Interstate 35 north of downtown Fort Worth. the Trans-Texas Corridor project, a 4,000-mile network of privately built and operated toll roads to crisscross the state, with Spanish development company Cintra scheduled to earn the tolls under 50-year leases. It’s four football fields wide, through the heart of Texas, parallel to Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas, to the Texas border with Oklahoma;

So…watch that highway go up REAL fast now. It’s time…as Obama said..for the rest of the invasion.

And no matter WHAT you hear…they will get welfare, and develop their own Spanish speaking cities.Rick Perry ad hot dog

The only time they will have to speak any English is if they run for office and work in Congress.

It’s a done deal. It was the plan all along for years.

After all..their children won’t have to ever worry again.

Ours…will have to learn how to…as Obama said: Speak Spanish.

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Live Free and Master the Art of BS

Nobody’s Notes

—That I missed the first part of the last Republican Presidential debate, but what I did see of it, gave me the impression that at this point, it really doesn’t matter much who is winning. (That’s me watching the debate. I put my best hat on.)

Rick Santorum won in Iowa, after the fact, even though it was reported that Mitt Romney won..but by that time, nobody even cared. All they cared about was that Rick got a $2 million dollar boost.Rick Santorum was right in the last debate about the family being decimated, and therefore effecting our whole country. Absolutely right, which was pointed out to be a ‘scary’ thing to say. Go figure. He also stated that Iran was a Theocracy that wants to destroy the West. As a naked fact: that’s true. How he deals with that fact is another matter.

Mitt Romney did not make any sense when he was answering the attack by Newt Gingrich that his barrage of negative ads against Newt were filled with lies. Mitt said, “I didn’t see them.” then went on to address all the issues in the ads. So, if he didn’t see them, how did he know what they said? Then he blamed the people that MADE the ads. Not many people believe that Mitt Romney did not see those ads first, and if you do, then it’s not going to matter…unless you vote. You might want to do something else that day…I suggest, you go fishing.  

Newt’s problem is his little cherub face. It’s a hard face to trust. Thomas Sowell has come out with his support, and that’s saying something. Also, Michael Reagan likes him the best— two people Nobody admires.

Quick thinking is Newt’s strong point, and he is the best reason to watch the debates. That, and Ron Paul’s funny faces. I watched Newt at a town hall meeting where he actually answered or (NOT) the questions from the people. He is much better at ad-libbing and LOOKING like he is answering the question, even when he is not.

I don’t know what politicians call this little stunt, but they all do it: Let’s see how nebulous we can answer that without seeming snobby. They usually start off at the point, and lead it to another subject that they want to talk about and the question doesn’t get answered. It’s the old two-step, side-slip,then smile really big that every politican must master in order to succeed.

Mitt is not good at this, so like Obama, he is already not even allowing question and answer periods.

Obama handpicks his questions now. He looks down at his little piece of paper and says..”Uh…so and so.” And that reporter stands up and asks his question.

Very controlled. I simply don’t know why any of them show up. He could read their questions off a laptop. Mitt as President will do exactly the same.

Jon Huntsman’s strategy is to just say, “The American  people want: Fill in the blank…HIM. Short. Sweet. Look in the camera. The audience loved it, which frankly, was pretty scary in itself.

What exactly is in their drinking water? And speaking of drinking…how about those NBC commentators? A bit too..passionate there, don’t cha think?

Ron Paul should have been the winner, because he said the word ‘liberty’ about 2,000 times, and if you are in the state whose motto is “Live free or die.” which by the way, Jon Huntsman obviously did not know, you are bound to get some brownie points.
And I wrote this whole blog before I realized I left out Rick Perry. I had to come back and fill this in. Rick is the invisible candidate that Steve Forbes is betting all his money on. Hopefully, his money holds out.

Nobody Thinks New Hampshire is Stephen King’s country. It is filled with scary liberals who know how to change a tire, and yet are highly educated at all the right schools—schools who have forgotten to teach them that in order to live free, you must pick the right leaders, who are NOT liberals. If you don’t, you are very likely to die sooner.

The “live free or die” motto would be better changed to: “Live well, or blame God, or George Bush.”  

And on that note: How about a word from our sponcer: THE ONION. Here’s a great summary from the elections of 2008, that fits into 2012.

It’s timeless.  Enjoy!

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Trillions…and Trillions…and Trillions….

Nobody Knows:

Well, here we are at the end of the year, and Nobody is going to sum up her opinion on the race for the White House…so far, just about everyone is up for grabs, but, who can win? Let’s take a less than perfect look, shall we?

Mitt Romney: He has nice hair and has the most “You can put me on that dollar bill” look that we all like to see in a President. He keeps replaying fixing the Olympics card, but really, you can’t compare that to dealing with China. His good grace comes off as almost wimpy, and it’s certain Mitt would get some disenfranchised Obama votes. Because he is the most liberal of the group, the leaders of the party figure he could win. He says he is an outsider to Washington, but he is obviously the favorite of Wall Street, which runs Washington, and  is why he keeps getting the center position on stage in every single debate. All the networks are owned by just a handful of companies, and THOSE big companies would like to see Mr. Mitt as President. He is the son of a Senator, and will continue to represent the rich…just the same as Obama does now. The rich, will continue to get richer under Mitt, but he would probably let us nobodies keep a few more freedom than Obama…like picking our own fast food.

In a debate with Obama, Romney would look very weak.

Newt Gingrich: Even though he took the lead for a while, Newt is like a sore toe. You can bandage it up, but when you put on your shoes and walk in it, you go back to being in a lot of pain. The ONLY reason we would want him over Romney is because we all want to see him dish out his quirky and witty professor knowledge on a man who can’t even decide if America is good or bad.  In office, Newt would be a lot like the Bush family, a sort of second cousin.

In a debate with Obama, Newt would far better than Romney, but they could dig up some pretty sad dirt on the man. Probably in the form of another sex scandal. Toe suckers just can’t help themselves.

Ron Paul: This is the man Obama is most feared of. He represents the last of our Constitution’s survival. He wants to end the Fed, which to Washington and Wall street, would be more painful than telling their wives that they can only go on one trip to Hawaii every ten years. Ron Paul sees it all. What he doesn’t see, is that one honest guy cannot fight the humongous Kleptocracty that is trying to rule everything. Without Congress behind him, he would really be a one-term President. The corporate boys are all in the bag.

In a debate with Obama, he would sound smart, but Obama would get him all flustered and he’d blow it.  All the stations, both FOX and CNN would attack him unmercifully until he would end up like another Perot. The people would vote for him, and then he would fade into the sunset. Both parties want a globalist into that most powerful seat, and GE, Monsanto, the corporations that the Supreme Court made into persons, can BUY the Presidency, and  will. (see tomorrow’s blog.)

Rick Perry: Who? Never mind his recent wonderful ideas, the man can’t talk. Until he comes to the rescue of Sheriff Arpaio who has endorsed him, I don’t believe a word he says. He manadated that vaccine. Really stupid. What would he mandate as President?

In a debate with Obama__do you really want to go there?

Michelle Bachman: Michelle, is better at looking presidential than Ron Paul. She would do us proud. But, they will not even let her near the gate. Even Ron Paul has said some nasty things about her, which should put HIM right off the list. He should be attacking Obama. Not Michelle.

In a debate with Obama, Michelle would look the weaker, unless of course the moderators give her a fighting chance.  I said that same thing about Sarah. They were both born with the high voices. Sadly, it’s true that even Einstein would listen to Michelle and not hear what she says. It’s the way we are all built. Example: Margaret Thatcher, had a deep sonorous voice…that commanded attention. Obama has that voice, and it got him elected over McCain.

The brain just works that way. It’s why these people hire consultants to work their images.

Rick Santorum. Poor guy, like Michelle he is put at the end of the stage. You may not think this is important, but imagine Rick Santorum at the center of the stage in every event. He be a front runner right now. The position that Mitt has now, has given him unfair advantage over everybody. The rich people, of course want their guy to win, so that’s what you get…advantages.

Rick would do fine aganst Obama. Better than Romney. He does have a good point…Democrats do vote for him. But, he is always at the end of the line. He is closer to the people. Therefore, he will always be on the sidelines exactly where they want you to put him in your mind.

Having said all that…consider the video at the top, which shows that no matter WHO gets in as President, it’s our crushing economic debt that will be our doom. China owns us.

The only person who actually has the guts and the knowledge to save us from disaster is Donald Trump.  I’m still hoping he gets in the race, because he can defeat Obama in a debate.

Donald is the only candidate who can broker with both parties, and the Chinese, who have planned our destruction, and are doing it one big grand step at a time.

That’s the elephant in the room that Nobody is taking about.

When the country crashes, it won’t matter what the color of you skin is.

Nobody would like for just once in my life, not have to “hold my nose” when I vote. —-Just once, before  I die.

Run Donald. This Nobody implores you.

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