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Have you noticed? Everyone is talking about Romney and Gingrich. Nobody is even speaking about Ron Paul. Clearly, he is the closet to the Independents in this country, those that are tired of the corruption in both parties, and they want him to disappear.

In this video, dated June, 2011, Ron says one thing that we have seen time and again. You can vote in a whole new set of reputable conservatives and take over the Congress, but unless the party leaders are not corrupt, you won’t get the changes that you need.

David Icke has been talking about his for years: That those at the top know the real agendas, and as you go down the power pyramid, the different people beneath them have no clue as to what is happening. It’s one of the reasons the whole country cannot believe in the decisions that are being made by our Presidents and the top Democratic and Republican party leaders. During Obama’s first year..Nancy, Reid, and Obama did all the changes. They unconstitutionally FORCED that health care bill through Congress.

Now Obama is just going around congress, appointing more Czars.  I’ve said it before…those few at the top (and they are in both parties) are following some global plan that is on a need to know basis. The office of the Presidency now has almost unlimited powers. And the next President is not likley to get very upset about that. Unless it was Ron Paul.

Here’s another example:  I once read a book written by a representative of Newt’s 1994 Contract with the People Congress.  Newt was House Speaker, and all the new conservatives that had been voted in to change the country (first time in 40 years if I remember correctly) and joined Newt on The Contract, were appalled at one meeting. They were ready to fulfill the whole contract, and they were gathered together to finish the changes needed.  Newt gathered them all together in a room, and told them they would kill their own careers if they continued to go on with his contract. He told them it all had to stop. His own contract.

They were…powerless. Many of them gave up and went back to their lives outside of Washington.

How many times has House Speakcer John Boehner given into Obama? Remember…the HOUSE and its members were against raising the debt limit. But John…gave in. It’s as if the new republicans in the house had no voice at all.

What really happens is they have to do what the speaker tells them, or else risk not getting money to get re-elected.

In this respect, Ron Paul was right. Our top leaders are in bed with the FED, and most of Congress, espeically the new ones, are kept out of the loop.

What good is the Constitution, if our top leaders ignore it?

And if you think an amendment would be passed holding all members of Congress to term limits and abiding by the same laws as “we the people”— then you also think Dolly Parton would love to  get a boob reduction.

I’m just saying.

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