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Mitt or Newt? Paper VS Rock

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Let’s see..We’ve made it through a zillion debates and the State of the Union according to the Magic Obama Master, and the opposition group is down to four, with two frontrunners.

We have to pick:  Who’s the worst of the two Evil Republicans who are leading the pack that Obama should debate? That was the big question of the day.

 So far, Glenn Beck is NOT for Gingrich.  Marco Rubio…is not exactly for Gingrich. Mitt (VP here?) Ann Coulter, Mitt.  The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie…Mitt.
Rush Limbaugh is for anybody who is not Obama. Judge Napolitano: Ron Paul— throw Oliver Stone in that and you have to wonder what happened to Mr. Stone? Has he quit drugs?

On the Gingrich side: We have Michael Reagan, who’s father Ronald Reagan, didn’t even mention in his diary according to Mitt. Fred Thompson is for Newt. And a man who makes more sense most of the time than all of the above put together: Thomas Sowell picks Newt.

He says between the two, both are not so good, but…he’s for Newt. And today, he was proven to be on the right track because if Nancy Pelosi can come out attacking Newt, then who does that make you want to vote for?

Nancy likes Mitt? Nancy…the woman who is responsible for Obama’s LIVE TO DIE Obamacare, prefers Mitt Romney.

I’d say that puts Newt in a good light. So…is this a trick?

Nancy Pelosi says that she knows for certain that Newt will not be President because she knows something so terrible that she threatens to tell the world, if they elect him as the candidate, and she WILL tell the world what it is, and he will lose. Hopefully, it’s not that he had a sexual affair with Michelle, because I think that’s about the only thing that would shock us.

So, what could Nancy know? Just the fact that she has come out and threatened the man is enough to rally a few more million to vote for him, just because it was such a lowlife thing to do.

They must really want Mitt. Do we want to give them Mitt?

How are we going to decide between the two?

Nobody Suggests the Sam and Dean method:

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  1. Brad Pitt and Angelina are talking about getting legally married… I guess that doesn’t answer the Newt/Mitt question, but it does seem more important to me at the moment.

    Nancy P. was on the congressional committee that brought about Newt’s downfall in the 90s. She saved x thousand pages of testimony and says that that’s the source of her dirt on him. But I’m still hoping that she’ll disclose that he hit on her, possibly with some groping involved. Something that Brad would never have dreamed of doing with Angelina.


    Comment by joem18b | January 25, 2012 | Reply

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