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I turned on FOX news this morning, and it was filled with one face mostly: Donna Braille. Donna was the woman who gave Hillary Clinton the questions before her Presidential debate, and I don’t remember her ever being ‘fined’ or prosecuted for that, do you? Maybe so, she was fired from CNN. But now, she is a BIG star on FOX. Donna was later on, seen on the FIVE, and her main message was how awful it was for Trump to gather up the illegal parents of all the children whose parents were going to be deported.

There was a raid today in Mississippi:

MORTON, Miss. – U.S. immigration officials raided numerous Mississippi food processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in what marked the largest workplace sting in at least a decade.
Koch Foods, based in Park Ridge, Illinois, is one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S. and employs about 13,000 people, with operations in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee.

Koch Foods, is according to one source, not related to the famous GOP donors. (right.) I find that hard to believe that the real Koch Brothers would not sue just for trademark reasons alone. A three billion-dollar business using their name? Any business worth it’s salt would sue. Brand names are guarded like the gold that they are, and I find it funny that the real Koch brother would not care…but that’s another blog.

Donna went into her, “Oh, those poor, poor children?”

I’m sorry. This nobody asks the simple question as to WHY they can’t go get the kids, put them with their parents, and take them back to wherever they came from? That would stop the poor children’s suffering.

Those children are citizens they say. Okay, but they are STILL minors, and if mom and dad are here illegally, then they should go home and take their kids with them. That’s should BE a law.  It’s not the citizens of the United States problem to feed and educate those kids just because they were BORN here. If the parents are not citizens, then there is no reason those kids should get any welfare from the U.S.

The simple fact is, many of our biggest companies want these illegals to do the work that “Americans won’t do.” And it would be nice if they bring the kids to take their places in the future.

Never mind that the Americans aren’t even given a chance to do them.

It’s amazing, how nobody mentions the fact that bringing in millions to supply our major corporations with cheap labor is not much different than when the democratic cotton plantation owners wanted cheap labor to pick their cotton. The main difference is that the latter black slaves were brought over here in chains. These people, are giving free credit cards, bus and train rides, food and nice clothing, along with cell phones.

In that respect, the plantation owners have more of a heart.

They wouldn’t be coming here if they weren’t promised jobs and free everything. So, while it’s a small start, let’s hope some Obama judge doesn’t just release them back into Mississippi, on the sheer insane notion that if the children were born here, their parents have American rights.

Where does it say that if you are born in America, your illegal parent gets the same rights as you?

Or even more…that illegal has MORE rights than you.

Somebody tell me.

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Donna Brazile: Who Is She Working For Now?

Nobody Wonders

Last week, Donna Brazile, a woman who took over running the DNC right before the election…the woman who gave Hillary the questions she would be asked during the debates, let the world know that yes, Hillary had rigged her own nomination.

We all knew it of course, but for a top democrat to turn on the Queen, well that’s something.

Nobody Wonders why Donna Brazile did not throw Hillary Clinton under the bus BEFORE the election?

Probably because, she saw what happened to Seth Rich. And she dedicated her newly released book to Seth. She said she felt like she had lost a child when he was killed.

In case anyone doesn’t know, Seth Rich was claimed to be the man who gave WikiLeaks all the Podesta emails.

And then there’s the fact that Donna was scared for her own life by the Clintons, which may be why she is coming out full force now.

There comes a time when the obvious is so obvious that I don’t care how rich and powerful you are: You can be taken out.

Like JFK. Like Princess Diana. Like Seth Rich. According to the long list of people who USED to work for the Clintons…over 60, and that’s only the ones we know about.

According to Donna, she knew Hillary was very sick, and not very popular with Americans. Gee, ya think?

Donna felt like a slave, and to add more to the fire, Hillary’s men was very sexist:

Former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile said she experienced sexism from Hillary Clinton’s top male aides and that it prompted her to tell them to put their “dicks out on the table and see who’s got the bigger one, because “I know mine is bigger than all of yours,’” during a conference call, according to her upcoming book Hacks.

And there’s the famous greedy Clintons taking over the DNC before she was nominated and grabbing all of the money for themselves, not giving anything to the DNC.

From InfoWars:

Unravelling how Donna Brazile’s narrative provides confirmation the DNC was aware Bernie Sanders was right in exposing how the Clintons had created a money-laundering scam to violate Hillary Victory Fund rules began when the Clinton campaign realized Barack Obama left the DNC broke, some $15 million in debt after the 2012 election.

Brazile’s first problem occurred when she realized that Hillary’s campaign had begun controlling the disbursement of the Hillary Victory Fund before Hillary became the nominee. On page 35, Brazile continues the narrative, writing:

“Key to keep in mind is that under FEC laws, all that the Hillary for America primary campaign could accept from an individual donor was a maximum of $2,700 for the primary election and an additional $2,700 for the general election.”

But by setting up the Hillary Victory Fund as a joint committee between the Hillary campaign and the 32 state party committees, the super-wealthy could contribute as much as $712,220, with $356,100 for the primary phase of the campaign, and a second $356,100 for the general campaign after the primaries were over.

The victory fund in September and the end of last month, the fund had brought in $142 million, the lion’s share of which — 44 percent — has wound up in the coffers of the DNC ($24.4 million) and Hillary for America ($37.6 million), according to a POLITICO analysis of FEC reports filed this month. By comparison, the analysis found that the state parties have kept less than $800,000 of all the cash brought in by the committee — or only 0.56 percent.”

So, once again, Nobody Wonders why Donna Brazile is doing this?

Is it because they know Hillary wants to run again, and the DNC doesn’t want her to?

Is it because Joe Biden wants to take a stab at running for President with Cory Booker at his side, making Obama and the globalists very happy? Is this to get rid of the Clintons once and for all, and give the full reigns of DNC power to Obama?

Is it because she is trying to keep herself out of jail?

Or is it simply because, Donna Brazile is scared for her life?

Nobody Wonders, and Nobody Knows…but one thing we DO know, is that Hillary will never see a day in jail for her crimes…at least until AFTER the re-election of President Trump.

And Nobody Thinks that next time we have a Presidential election, the globalists will do a Hillary: and just rig the system.

Now watch as old Clinton buddy, George Stephanopoulos, clearly corrects Donna’s own words in her book, to say that no…Hillary did NOT rig her election.

We might not know who Donna Brazile works for, but it’s clear that George still works for the Clintons.



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