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As I watch the President speak tonight, I find it comforting to see all the black supporters who came out to praise his leadership, because I listened to Kamala’s speech today and half of it was all about how racist America is. They are SCARED of the great black exodus off the democratic plantation. Then she pretty much accused President Trump of every suffering on the planet. In fact, the deaths of the virus is his fault. The riots are his fault, and she approved of them all, and suggested even more should happen.

Clearly, they had to pick a NASTY woman to try to destroy him.

But this testimony will forever be melted into my memory. I was in tears at the end of Ann Dorn’s video.  A white woman, married to a black police officer, killed by a young black man.

You see, here in St. Louis, the white and the blacks have lived together for so long, there are many bi-racial marriages here. Only when Obama came along did the race relations between us start to appear. He FANNED the flames of white hatred. Police hatred.

But you know what? The blacks who lived in Ferguson, moved out. And that will be happening in all the cities across the nation. Many of them have lost their homes, and their jobs, their businesses. If they can, they will move…south.

The democrats think that’s the way to win. The old communist revolution way. But it’s getting old. They are doing it during the virus.

Not very smart.

Who cannot shed a tear for a man so clearly loved by his ‘white’ wife. America is TRYING to move on.

But the democrats do NOT want it to happen.

So, I think, it will be the blacks who decide this election. This nobody thinks, the democrats have overplayed their hands.  And even though there are enough white young, rich liberal kids who were fooled by the propaganda, Most of them will stay home and play video games.

President Trump’ speech is a great American speech.

And as so many have said: God has a tendency to give us the right man at the right time.

No other President has as much love for America and it’s people as THIS President.

We will not see the likes of him ever again.

So…he’s still talking! Yes, everyone is going to fall asleep pretty soon, but not Trump.

And so he goes on….

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