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George Floyd: Was High on Fentanyl

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While the nation is watching BLM burn down democratic cities, the truth about George Floyd is finally coming out.

It seems, George was very high. He was pulled over, for giving a fake bill to a store. Yes, committing a crime. No matter.

Watch the video, and see how George was not co-operating, and how the police were really quite sensible with his act.

From Breitbart:

The transcript and the video are damning for all arm chair prosecutors who jumped to the unwarranted and unsupported claim that the police killed George Floyd. They did not.  Floyd’s respiratory crisis was caused by the Fentanyl he had ingested before the police showed up on the scene. That evidence also is reflected in the autopsy report. Those who have rushed to judgment in condemning the Minneapolis Police Department will have to do some major mea culpas.

This all makes sense now. And the reason I believe the drug had a lot to do with his death is because last year, I was talking to the Chief of our local fire department. He was telling me how most of the time they were called to treat people who were VERY high on Fentanyl and they did NOT want to be given what they give all drug addicts about to die. They are SO high that they will FIGHT to NOT lose that high. They do NOT want the drug that the firefighters can give them to save them.

They will beg, plead, even though the fire chief said that shot will save their lives…they don’t WANT to be saved.

The high is that good.

The Chief thought it was the most unbelievable thing he had ever seen, and he told me it happened every day. On a sad note, he said that two police chiefs sons that he knew had lost their lives to Fentanyl.

Maybe the police couldn’t tell if this guy was high. BUT, once again, the media twists and mends the REAL truth to suit their narrative.


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