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Jordan Peterson: It Shouldn’t be Personal.

How long have the Trump years been filled with the hatred of Russia? How many times, when we DO get to hear Putin, does he sound more logical than OUR leaders?

And why, are the democrats intent on destroying Putin? AND the Rinos?

President Trump, tried very hard to establish relationships with every leader of the world. And now, they are destroying Trump…again.

The One World Government insists on destroying all countries, to be able to form their one tyranical system of world rule. Therefore, Trump and Putin were main targets. And China, played them against each other, to make the way for China to be the One World Government. The big question is: Who will rule that great dictatorship? XI, Prince Charles, or Klaus Schwab?

The other day, I met a young 18- year- old who said he really liked Jordan Peterson. Every single person I know, my age, has NO CLUE who he is.

I must say, it was an inspirational minute of my day.

And here’s another: The dire warnings of Jordan Peterson—

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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson on Population

People were shocked when Ion Musk came out and said we NEED more population. Here, Jordan agrees with him, and so do I. Jordan of course says it in his most wonderful way.

One of the reasons the elites are so bent on killing so many people is of course, they SEE that they will not have enough young people to do their “GREAT RESET.” Killing off the old is not just wishful thinking anymore. Covid killed mostly the old. Coincidence? I think not.

They have been flooding the countries where there are too many old people. And flooding them with the young. In Europe, it was Muslims and Africans. America, it was South American, Muslims, and whoever else wants in. It’s the reason they WANT open borders. Well, one of the reasons.

In the meantime, Jordan was such a big hit on Easter, I thought I’d post another rant by him.

Enjoy the mind of an educated man. They are so hard to find.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson

This man is fast becoming a household name. Here he once again, gives you the perspective that nobody is even talking about.


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Nobody Rants About Church

Nobody Flashes 

I thought this was an interesting conversation for a Sunday.

Jordan Peterson, doesn’t go to church, and neither do I. But our reasons are VERY different.

This Nobody Thinks that there is SO much evidence there is a higher force, or GOD, or whatever you want to call it, that billions of people on the planet feel the same, only worship this feeling or belief in many different forms and ways.

Someday I’ll write more about it. But there is one thing for sure, people going to church is a very GOOD thing. The children learn the ten commandments, the bedrock of all legal and moral plates for Western Law and Civilization. And the community comes together to bond in a common feeling of goodness and hope.

When the sick, the alone, need help and comfort, their friends and pastors can provide much better support than almost any psychiatrist.

The power of MANY people praying for an individual in that community is like money in the bank. There have been many studies done that show that the more people praying for an outcome the better. It works! Nobody knows why. I think George Lucas tried to capture that universal feeling with his “May the Force be With You.”

Yes, may God be with you always, is pretty much the same.

Good and Evil has been a universal theme throughout earth’s history. I don’t think that is going away anytime soon, no matter how much the elites tell us “It’s complicated” or “Everything is relative” or “It depends on what you think the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

Now, having said that…churches can be run by evil people just as well as governments. A Pope that forgives it’s pastors for sexually abusing children is not a church I would want to go to.

I recently lost a friend, because she was Catholic and I ask her how she can put up with their current Pope? I didn’t mean it as an insult, but she took it as one. To me, he is not even a religious man, he a political communist. AND the Catholic church is based on the same rules as a dictator. I mean really…Jesus did NOT make the Pope Jesus the second. John Adams was repulsed by the Catholic church and it’s pompous riches.

Of course, he would be. Many in America at the time were.

Martin Luther did a good thing, when he declared that no longer did a person have to go through their Priest to be blessed by God. We all know the history of the Catholic churches and the fact that many of the Popes were very corrupt.

I have found in my lifetime that religious people can be the BIGGEST hypocrites of all. I’ve often wondered why.

Just think of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Yeah. Kill that baby.

Many a communist have taken the “Jesus says to give to the poor.” and turned it into, the government will take your money and GIVE it to the poor and if you don’t like it, you are evil.

Not exactly the same.

I like to say, I’m a VERY spiritual person. I see God everywhere, and in many things. All you have to do is see the miracle in the universe, the preciousness of all young babies, a bird flying, a rose in the garden, the trees coming back EVERY spring, and the courage and love of people everywhere. Just wonder at the human body. How the nerves, the brain, the stomach, the ears, the eyes, the hormones…everything in thousands of little ways work together to form the miracle of life. Start studying the universe and you get the same awe.

So much order. So much beauty. So much we will NEVER know. But God touches you, when you least expect it, does he not?

For example:

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart. I was helping a black woman try to find the right aspirin.

“Would you help me?” she asked. I don’t know which one to get.

I spent about 10 minutes explaining to her all the difference of all the aspirin (Trust me, I’ve taken them all) and then out of nowhere she said, “You know, I think Jesus MEANT me to talk to you today.”

To make a long story short, she just HAD to tell the joy about how she was born again, and I listened, with love, because I’m not “born again.” I was born once. I was trying to tell her how happy I was for her, but she was …fluttered, and so I grabbed her two hands, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Come on! Squeeze MY HANDS!” Her limby hands went into a big squeeze.

And then I said. “Now THATS love! That’s Jesus talking from me to YOU!”

By the way, neither God NOR Wal-Mart stuck us down with a thunderbolt for the sin of holding hands.  (I HATE Wal-Mart, but then, you know that.)

I left her pretty happy.  It was a loving touch for both of us. Now, that that ‘state’ has told us we can’t ‘touch’ do you SEE the human misery that evil rule alone is causing?

Later on that night, while at Home Depot, I started talking to a black man with an American Flag mask on. The older blacks KNOW the danger of the kids going crazy. They know. And they are reaching out as much as they can to the whites. I wear a hat that says 1776 on it, and every day, some black person comes up and gives me a big smile and hello.


I don’t know if it’s happening where you live, but I guess it took the real evil we are seeing with the BLM to wake them up.

But, I got off the subject.

Jordan is much more esoteric than I am. I prefer to go to a church…alone. It’s me and God. That’s it.

But, there IS one thing that is a fact: Prayer helps everyone. And when man builds beautiful churches for all to gather, than more should be built. Now, they are attacking Christians all over the planet.

If for that reason alone, the elites must be STOPPED. People NEED Jesus, religion, and religion gives them hope. To take that away is just..


Me? I pray, while I just sit in my garden and listen to the birds. I even rejoiced at the sight of a chicken snake in the garden yesterday.

My mice problem might just get solved.

Thank you Jesus. Now, go and take care of Sarah…and help her find the right aspirin before China cuts them off.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson…Again

Nobody’s Fool

In this interview, more common sense from Jordan Peterson.

Everyone should know, that true strength and innovations ALWAYS comes from the individual. Not the collective.

When you only have BIG corporations, and the inventors cannot profit off what they invent, because, if they work for that corporation, their idea and inventions are OWNED by the company, you will see no motivation to invent.

Why do you think China has to STEAL every American idea and all our knowledge? The state owns everything. Bringing China to the world means death and destruction and we are seeing that now.

It’s in the Chinese teachings of the ART OF WAR.

It’s because of the communist Marxist idea: Your ideas belong to the state.

Jordan also makes a good point about men and women. The ‘sexual’ revolution of the sixties and the “feminist” revolution has lead us to this point.

Kamala Harris wants to make it unlawful to declare that the virus is from Wuhan.

Lots of liberal under 40 being brainwashed into wanting everyone to be the same. Hate speech is being incorporated into the internet.

And THAT is against science. AND freedom of everyone.

But, hey, don’t tell them that.


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Nobody Flashes Jordan Peterson

Nobody Flashes

I was watching Scott Adams on C-Span the other day, and he mentioned how much he enjoyed Jordan Peterson, and watched all his video’s.

So, I looked him up, and now I too find myself searching for his video’s.

Here, he describes our President, without really thinking about him. And just plain common sense truths that we need so much these days.

If you don’t know about him, give him a watch. I promise, you will NOT be bored.

And then…enjoy!

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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson

Nobody’s Fool

I just discovered this man only a few weeks ago. He has some really interesting views on just about every subject if you search YouTube.

He’s obviously a genius. So, if you like clear thinking— as I do: this is your man.

Jordan Peterson wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for sounding the most needed alarm about what they are doing to our boys in school. He’s the first man I’ve heard even talk about it.

I suggest you watch it all. It gets better when Tucker interviews him.

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