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Jordan Peterson: It Shouldn’t be Personal.

How long have the Trump years been filled with the hatred of Russia? How many times, when we DO get to hear Putin, does he sound more logical than OUR leaders?

And why, are the democrats intent on destroying Putin? AND the Rinos?

President Trump, tried very hard to establish relationships with every leader of the world. And now, they are destroying Trump…again.

The One World Government insists on destroying all countries, to be able to form their one tyranical system of world rule. Therefore, Trump and Putin were main targets. And China, played them against each other, to make the way for China to be the One World Government. The big question is: Who will rule that great dictatorship? XI, Prince Charles, or Klaus Schwab?

The other day, I met a young 18- year- old who said he really liked Jordan Peterson. Every single person I know, my age, has NO CLUE who he is.

I must say, it was an inspirational minute of my day.

And here’s another: The dire warnings of Jordan Peterson—

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