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THIS is why: The 2nd amendment is Important

Sorry, I got tired of listening to ALL the conservatives on the radio saying that there was NO WAY that Eric Greitens would win the election here in Missouri, and every one of them called it already for Eric Schmitt.

Frankly, this kind of leading propaganda, at least on election day itself, should NOT be allowed. Too many people on hearing that one person or another has no chance, will just not vote. I remember hearing that same BS when Trump was running for President: Obama, Pelosi, everybody was saying that no WAY Trump would win.

And he did.

So, the next step? I enjoyed this. We must NOT lose our guns. Period. End of story.

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Nobody Wonders

It’s primary election day here in Missouri, and ALREADY it’s confusing. Yesterday, I wrote my support for Eric Greitens, whose personal attacks by the RINOS have been relentless. Then, late that night Eric said that he had talked to Trump and Trump had given him his support. All of Trump’s family, and all his associates ALSO gave their support, as has Steve Bannon on his network.

BUT…this morning I woke to find a message sent to my phone by Eric Schmitt saying that Trump had supported HIM!

Well, that’s a first.

Then Eric Greitens released a video this morning saying that the WARRIOR comment in Trump’s treats meant HIM.

BECAUSE Trump is playing it both ways, and not using the last name of either man, means that Trump isn’t sure who’s going to win, and whomever wins he must work with them. Hoping I’m sure, that the smart people will know he really supports Greitens because his family, and all his associates do.

Nevertheless, we ALL know there are more RINOS in the Congress than MAGA people, so…therefore, what will happen? Trump knows that he must get along with even the RINOS.

Trump IS above all…pragmatic. That’s why he went to North Korea.

To make matters worse, Glenn Beck STILL hates Trump, and he had Eric Schmitt on his program this morning, telling everyone Schmitt was leading, and basically Glenn called Greitens a scumbag. Personal attack. The old Glenn, when pushing for his friend Ted Cruz for President back in 2016, was just as nasty.

I still say, Glenn has a very deep personal reason for not liking Trump…and it has nothing to do with helping our country or his policies.

Because he won’t tell us what that is, means to me, it’s personal.

I have one thing to say to Glenn Beck: SNAP OUT OF IT!

Dear Glenn Beck, you know nothing about Missouri, or it’s history. And just because YOU Have Windmills and solar panels doesn’t mean we want them.

NOW…. because we still have electric voting machines, and the RINOS have always managed to put their men in power here in Missouri, we’re not sure what will happen.

 I remember Roy Blunt ALWAYS talked a good game. But in the end, he voted against Missouri. I still think Eric Schmitt will be another Roy Blunt despite all his fine talk. Roy Blunt was excellent at hiding his RINO tendencies and I think Eric Schmitt will be the same way.

On another note, my husband and I were reading a Proposition being voted on, and here…YOU read this because I think it’s nebulous and can be used any way any politician wants to if it passes:


Saint Louis Country Proposition A

Simple Majority Required

Shall the Charter of St. Louis County be amended to permit employees to discuss the internal operation of St. Louis County which an employee reasonably believes amount to mismanagement with the media other parties or individuals, and prohibit disciplinary action from being taken against certain St. Louis County employees as a result of said employee making any such disclosures about County operations, including by not limited to the reporting instance of mismanagement, conflicts of interest, unlawful discrimination, specific danger so public health and safety and violations of any law, rule, policy or regulations , as set forth in Exhibit A of Ordinance No 28,452 on file with the St. Lous County administrative Director and the St. Luis County board of election commissioner?


When I first read this, I thought, oh, that protects whistleblowers…right? Vote yes. But my husband said, “Wait a minute. It says any employee.”

Here in North Country, the man who runs it is Sam Page. Sam Page (D) pretty much destroyed ALL the businesses and schools here by mandating complete Covid lockdowns for two years, when all around us, everybody was opening. Nobody in his administration could say much.

NEVERTHELESS…if you read further the “unlawful discrimination” would be used against our police force, which is already disappearing, after Ferguson. Our crime rate is ridiculous, and that’s because of Page and Cori Bush destroying the police force. It also means that even Sam Page can’t be prosecuted for his many crimes.

IF you read this like any other legal document, the word “employee” should mean the same throughout the document. BUT…here it can have a double meaning…not to mention that public health and safety violations of any law could also GIVE Page or whomever the protection to keep locking us all down when another pandemic hits.

My husband was right. At least I have changed my mind about voting yes, to no.

As usual, the democratic lawyers are good at writing a broad enough legal BS that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. The democrats do this ALL the time with our own Constitution. The second amendment doesn’t mean what it means…etc.

Am I right? Or…is it really a good thing for whistleblowers?

What will happen?

Nobody Wonders.

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