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FOX Did Everything They Could To Help Joe

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Well, tomorrow we are going to hear how Joe Biden won the debate. Suddenly, the bumbling idiot came out and acted like every politician has ever acted in our lifetime…full of BS. A surprise, but was this the plan? Have him ACT senile and then come out and surprise everyone?


What did we learn at this first debate? That Chris Wallace lied, Joe Biden Lied, and the camera’s were set to make Joe look more Presidential. Trump just looked angry.

And who could blame him?

FIRST: Joe’s head was BIGGER than Trump’s. That was camera work on purpose. He had a million dollar suit on, while Trump wore the common man’s business suit.

SECOND: CLEARLY, and without a doubt, Biden was giving the questions before the debate, never mind what Chris said, HE LIED. He had a perfect answer for every question. Jerome Corzi reported that fact, and I believe him. Joe had his notes right there to get all his “Number one: Number two: Number three:…yes he knew all the question, just like Hillary did.

THIRD: Joe KNEW where the camera was and he looked into that camera just to talk directly to the American people. Trump either didn’t know he could do that, and even if he did, he was such a cheap typical political trick that he didn’t use it. I think, he should make fun of Joe doing it. Because it was such typical cheap shot.

FOURTH: Joe blamed Trump for everything that the democrats have caused. People who have been paying attention know that THEY are to blame, but Trump should have brought up that very obvious fact…

FIFTH: It was very unfair of Chris to let Joe go first on every single question, and he reprimanded Trump way too much after lies were being told.

And last but not least, while Chris asked a few tough question to Joe, Joe was prepared to NOT answer any of them.

He called Trump a ‘clown.’ That was…unforgivable.

Every time Trump tried to point out that 80 million unsolicited ballots should not be counted, He was drowned out, by both Chris and Joe.

Biden just regurgitated the last 50 years of progressive talking points, and flat out lied about his son.

And even though, they made Trump look…tired and angry, trust me, it’s not going to effect the people out in the country whose lives have been destroyed most of their lives by the democrats and Rinos.

We KNOW Trump is right.

It’s sad, when you are the only man fighting for the country, and we no longer have a fair process of election.

But then again, Nobody Thinks our elections have been rigged for quite some time, haven’t they?

In 2016, it was the FIRST time in a long time, when it slipped away from them.


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