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Nobody Wonders: So, Does Whoopi Getting ‘punished’ mean that the JEWS really DO run Hollywood?

I know, that may sound absurd, but Whoopi’s comment that the Holocaust was NOT about race, because of course, Whoopi’s brain hasn’t really developed to the point of..say, reading any books on history, means that she insulted not only white people, but all the Jews on the Planet.

No, she actually believes that all white people are horrible. (Unless they are liberals who kneel at the altar of hatred of their own skin color) Look at her. You could almost feel sorry for her…it’s not just the color or her skin, but in this beauty driven society, she had, like Rodney Dangerfield, had to make it on her humor. And I bet she had a LOT of very rich Jews, who own Hollywood AND most of the media, help her on the way.

So, Whoopi, thinks she is so brilliant in most everything she says, (by the way, a SURE sign of ignorance) That she actually thought white people killing other white people is just…not as bad as a white person being cruel to a black person.

We could get into this, and talk about the many BLACK plantation owners, and the fact that the BLACKS in Africa sold out their own people, (BLACK ZUCERKERFACES) AND the fact that all the murder done now are blacks killing blacks, and how she has promoted and gotten rich off the ‘racist’ narrative being pushed now by the deep state of CHINA, but so far, the Jews were almost exterminated by the Nazi, due to their race. EVERYBODY knows that. Men can’t have babies…everybody knows that too.

The blacks were treated badly, but NOT pushed into gas chambers. Not to mention, HOW many white soldiers gave their lives to end slavery? Whoopi? Was that also a white-on-white meaningless war?

That’s not to say that blacks didn’t suffer. BUT..I have personally heard many blacks AND whites say, whites should be eliminated. Like the Jews. And that’s okay. For many years now the whites have been berated and called all names in the books, just like Jews, and do you think Whoopi cared?

White people never suffer? Right.

What Whoopi did, was she was just in love with her own racist thoughts, never realizing that the Jews that run many of the banks and probably her own job, well, they had to do something. The View was, like CNN losing money, if for nothing else, for more ratings.

She sort of apologized but didn’t. Typical. You won’t teach her or Oprah OR Hillary a damn thing. Full of hate all three of them. They may be rich, but they are NOT happy.

These women are narcissistic AND not very bright. By the way, I called Whoopi an idiot on Twitter, and they send me a note that said, “do you REALLY want to post that?” So I didn’t. But I can still for now, say it here.

Whoopi is VERY rich. She gets $5 million a year for the View. And she sincerely thinks that only black people have been hurt. No whites. Ever, have suffered as much as the blacks.

Sad. Whoopi should have stuck to what she was good at: comedy. I think she’s going to be back on Star Trek…but who will watch? With thousands of movies on Smart TVs? Uh…


Anyway, Tom Cridland does a much better job at attacking her. And I put in the comments of Morning Joe and his wife, daughter of the GREAT RESET lover, Brezinski, just for fun.

They don’t want to get rid of Whoopi. They are going to need her for the midterms, BUT…Nobody Wonders, what Jewish rich guy did she really piss off? Everybody else, gets fired.

You can cancel Rogan, The Canadian Truckers, The Trump supports, President Trump, half the people in America, but not WHOOPI!

Just watching her makes us all feel…Okay. I’ll censure myself and end it here.

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Whoopi, Russia, and Another Great Day for the President

Nobody Reports

The democrats are now in hysterics never seen since Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.

They’ve all gone off the bunny farms, and they are stuffing their mattresses with billiard balls so they can roll out of bed because they are so exhausted from all their hatred.

If you watch this, you have to wonder WHO is filled with hatred: Whoopi or President Trump. (She says Trump.)

Frankly, I was glad to see this happen to somebody else besides me. I thought I was the only one liberals were yelling at. I’m not worried about the Judge, although, it was appalling that Whoopi is so unprofessional she can’t be decent.

But that’s expected. And that’s why the View is losing so many viewers.

But today was a great day:  After ALL the horrible press about President Trump’s trip to Moscow, any other republican would be shaking in their boots. He got heat from EVERYBODY except Rand Paul, and the usual American people who are working and happy to have him in office.

And then…what does Trump do? President Trump invites Putin to the White House. Ha ha ha ha ha….

I LOVE IT!  Good for you Mr. President!

Adding to the democrats misery, today, if you missed it, President Trump  signed a working executive order to get the CEO’s of big companies to sponsor apprentice programs for kid out of high school and others who don’t go to college and can’t get the training they need for a job, to GET the training and go to work.

CEO’s from all the big companies all stood up and promised five-year estimates on how many people they were going to train. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, UPS, And so many more all shook hands and made that promise, and it amounted to millions of new jobs.

Yet tonight, I could not find one picture ANYWHERE on those CEO’s shaking President Trump’s hand and promising jobs on the internet anywhere.  All I could find was this picture and President Trump’s speech on YouTube.

This was SUCH great news, and will bring so many jobs to so MANY hopeless people.

It’s about time. Sadly, the internet is being censored by Google and if you missed all those CEO’s shaking the President Hand with promises  on TV…good luck finding it. I’m sure Whoopi took the attention away from this great deal. Maybe that’s was the plan, you never know, they do that stunt so often.

President Trump is putting all the last four Presidents to shame:

Still, for Whoopi to show such disrespect to such a great woman as Jeanine, shows you…how miserable she is.

She probably thinks this fight will up her ratings.

She also probably thinks she’s going to get ice water in hell.

Let’s not tell her.






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Whoopi Baits the Racial Hook: One More Time…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, well, well. The richest woman in the United States is Opray Windfrey.

We have a ‘black’ President.

We have scores of black actors who have won Oscars and live in multi-million dollar mansions.Will smithe and Jada

We have black athletics that make millions of dollars. And not just a few. They dominate football, the NBA, and boxing.

They have jobs as newscasters. They are in our living rooms, in Congress, and they are also killing each other and burning down their own CEO's

They are at least a third of the people we see in our movies and on our TV’s, and in Fortune 500 positions of great power.

America is 72 percent white, 10 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian, and 13 percent African-American.  In proportion to their population, there are more rich blacks than whites. There are also more middle class blacks than whites. But…they keep that a guarded secret.

They are MORE than represented in the fact, they are overrepresented.Obama race card

They have, through affirmative action, been given MORE rights, welfare, college grants, special favors, and positions that some of them are not even qualified for. It’s been an unfair playing field to make up for “slavery” …a crime committed so long ago, everyone who committed those crimes are dead. People who have committed no crimes are being held to extortions.

The race card is an easy card to play, and Whoopi keeps playing it.

Whoopi Goldberg is trying to stick up for Will Smith, who let’s get real here, is just upset that he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year. Whoopi said that ….”We are not treated like Americans.”

Excuse me?


Tell me Whoopi, how is an American treated? I’d say you’ve been treated better than 99 percent of the American population, black AND white.

If Whoopi Goldberg actually thinks that she is not treated like an American, then she should go live in Paris. And she has said she will leave if Donald Trump becomes President.

Hey Whoopi! Last time I looked, it was Cher who sent bottled water to Flint, Michigan..uh…that white woman. Where were you?

I this video, Whoopi, who likes to think of herself as a great intellectual, was putting down another black woman for saying her “opinion” about all the separations of the races: It’s not a good thing. And it’s not. She’s right. Listen to the lame excuse Whoopi gives:


Whoopi thinks no one is being taught about black history… fact, that’s ALL we’ve been hearing about for decades now…and now, it’s used mostly for extortion.

I don’t know, but I bet Whoopi supports Hillary. Because Hillary is suggesting she will get black reparations’ to the blacks. By the way, Obama floated that too to get the black vote.

Whoopi already got hers, will you get yours?

Pinka Jada Smith, started this big racial firestorm, by complaining about the all-white Oscar nomination process. It smacks of the same old Jesse Jackson race- card smack down.

Clint Eastwood put common sense to it:

“I don’t know anything about it.” He added, however, “All I know is there’s thousands of people in the Academy, and the majority of them haven’t won Oscars. A lot of people are crying, I guess.”

Nobody Thinks…This is Obama black friends making sure they keep their riches.

We white people don’t HAVE to pay to see Will Smith in his Oscar (no winning) role, do we now?  They act like spoiled brats.After Earth

By the way, Whoopi may have won her Oscar on her own performance in Ghost, but if Patrick Swayne’s, that hick of a white guy, had told the studio he wouldn’t do it without her, she would still be in comedy clubs doing her raunchy routine.

I take that back. She would probably be back on welfare, due to the fact that the economy has been so destroyed by the “black” President, most of the comedy clubs have gone out of business.

The real point is: Until black people start thinking and acting like Americans, they will never be…all they will do is fall flat with the whites when America is taken over by the Muslims and the Hispanics…who could care LESS about their black history.  If they were smart, they’d get smart and start complaining about the real problems that are facing the whole nation. Stacey Dash sees it, but Whoopi…nope.

Whoopi is setting the stage for her own people to remain stupid.

But then what can you expect?

She is part of Bernie Sanders rich elites.

Funny that Will Smith should be complaining when he got to have his own movie made with his own son….don’t you think?

Would YOU be complaining?


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