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Nobody’s Fool: Candace Owens—The Next MLK

Nobody’s Fool

This convention of young black leaders was pretty much ignored. I think I watched it all on OAN…and the first speaker up was Candance Owens.

She was…spectacular to put it mildly. This speech was certainly as great as any MLK gave, and what a brilliant young woman she is.

I TRIED to find her speech alone, but couldn’t. What I did find out is that 9 out of 10 video’s of this event completely cut out her speech.

I’m sure that was on purpose. YouTube doing a bit of editing. So, I’m glad I found this. She is the first speaker, so if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, don’t miss her speech. Like all great leaders, she speaks with blazing truth. 

(The President is great too of course.)

Candance Owns….you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week.

Now…don’t stop speaking!


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Nobody’s Fool: Candance Owens

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a refreshing video made by a woman after my own heart.

Enjoy, the wisdom of Candance Owns.

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Candace Owens: Hero of the Day

Nobody Cares

According to Rush Limbaugh today, this video got more hits than anything else on Twitter. It’s going around the world. And it’s showing just what an absolute circus fraud these “congressional hearings” have become. They’ve become just a platform for democrats to try to insinuate all kinds of accusations on any conservative that happens to be doing something they are trying to destroy. They use this platform, NOT to get to any kind of truth, but to make brownie points for themselves and their party. To promote the “we are protecting justice!” lie.

To promote climate change, open borders, universal health care…they get it all in.

They use it primarily as a platform to make themselves look superior. Notice the look on Mr. Lieu’s smug face throughout, and notice what a great job Candace does pointing out the hypocrisy and viciousness of the dishonest way this Gestapo drilling goes on.

They make long speeches and then don’t let the witness answer a thing.

Nobody Thinks that there’s a reason so many of our politicians are “lawyers.” You have to know the law before you can break it through the loopholes.

Here’s what President Bill Clinton had to say about Congressional hearings. In the first chapters in his fictional book, The President is Missing…his character, the President– was being grilled by (conservatives of course) at a hearing.

(He would know..)

“My aides are right. It doesn’t matter if the evidence against me is strongly weak, or nonexistent. The die is already cast. There are another twelve questioners to go, all prepped with their fresh one liners and zingers and gotcha questions.”  

And this video is the perfect example of the ‘got cha’ way. Mr. Lieu  handpicked a recording to destroy her. When she tries to correct what she said, Nadler reprimands her.

The liberals might think that by showing all these ‘witch hunt’ hearings on TV, they will defeat Trump and his supporters.

But this video shows…if you pay attention, what’s really happening is that they are just showing their true colors. They look like mean and vicious, egotistical, power-hungry frauds.

It’s a great moment, in conservative history. Nobody Cares about Mr. Lieu now. But we DID notice his complete disgusting attitude.

Candace was superb. 


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Nobody’s Fool: Candace Owens

Nobody’s Fool

Check this out.

Candance Owens has to explain to a white liberal WHY she is a racist, because the idiot has no clue.

It’s perfect, don’t miss it.

This gal is on FIRE!


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