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Nobody’s Perfect: Jesse Jackson Jr. VS the Meth Brothers

Nobody’s Perfect:

Jesse Jackson Jr. VS the Meth Brothers.

It’s not easy being green, or being the child of one of the most talented extortionist to ever walk in the halls of Congress, and Jesse Jackson Jr. in on the hot seat for not being a slick as his old man. He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s father says the ex-congressman is under “tight medical supervision” after being charged with misusing campaign funds.Jesse Jackson Jr.

“He is struggling with the highs and lows of his bipolar disorder,” Jackson Sr., the civil rights leader, told the Chicago Tribune in a statement.

The younger Jackson was formally charged Friday with misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. Federal documents show Jackson bought memorabilia that once belonged to Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. He is also charged with using the funds to buy children’s furniture and a gold-plated men’s Rolex watch.

It’s got to be depressing to know you just don’t have the same talent at stealing and hiding money as your old man. I’d be depressed too, if someone had found out that what I thought was Michael Jackson’s glove had really belonged to Al Jolson.

Jesse is facing jail time, but right now, I’m sure his father is advising him to shut up, and swear to be sick. “This is a storm; within time, storms pass over,” he said.

Leave it to Dad to come to the rescue. JJ & Bill

And then we have two brothers, who won the lottery and had a blast spending the money…

Two brothers who were celebrating a $75,000 winning lottery ticket by purchasing marijuana and meth accidentally blew up their house on Friday, said Sgt. Bruce Watts of the Wichita Police Department.meth lab two

The explosion sent one of the brothers – a 27-year-old – to the hospital, where he remains in serious but stable condition with second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest.

The other brother was sent to jail, Watts said.

I’m not sure who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award this week, Jesse, or the two morons who blew up their house…but I’m sentimental. I think the two meth addicts had a disadvantage. They probably a fatherless childhood, unlike Jesse who HAD a dad, and all he had to do was watch the guy…and learn.

In the words of Bob Dylan, he was just “One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.”dumb and dumber

Jesse can only hope that he meets the two meth brothers someday in the same prison. Who knows WHAT they would do for a Rolex?

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Government Theft: Comes in Many Forms

Nobody Wins

One thing that is amazing: EVERY person I saw interviewed on TV this past week,  was absolutely SURE they had the winning Powerball ticket. That’s a funny thing, isn’t it? As if just believing you have it, makes it happen.

Well…I think there’s more than wishful thinking on this one. I remember the ONLY time I won off a lottery ticket was at an Arby’s restaurant. Yes, you could order a roast beef sandwich and get your lottery ticket. I was standing in line, and I was thinking to myself—-

“Mm…I DESERVE to win on thousand dollars. Hey dad. (my dad had just passed away, you have to start SOMEWHERE…not being really sure if God had the time at the moment.) You know, I could use the money. Brett could use some toys for Christmas. ”

As I kept talking to myself I thought…Hey, why not just go for it! I’m going to just put my psychic ability into it.

I walked up to the counter where a young, black, 16-year-old boy asked me what I wanted.

“I’ll take a roast beef, coke, and a the winning lottery ticket.” I said.

He picked out two…and he said, “Which one do you want?”

“That one” I said as I pointed to his right hand. “And THAT is going to be a thousand dollar ticket…you are a witness.”

He gave me the ticket, I scraped it off right in front of him, and you should have seen his eyes, when I showed it to him. Sure enough. It was a $1,000 scratch off. I had won.

Now, this was long ago…long before the big Megamillions and Powerballs of today. I often wondered if I DID influence the outcome…or if it was just sheer luck. They put my picture up on the wall at Arby’s for a month. “Lotto winning ticket sold here!”  But, I only saw about $600 of that thousand. I ended up buying a cheap hot tub, with money I had already saved. My son already had enough toys.

Now…in a fair world, the government shouldn’t take more than HALF of that $500 million…but by the time all the politicians have taken millions out of your piggy bank, you end up with less than half. You can’t say anymore that you won $500 million, because it would be a lie. Somehow they end up richer than you. And where does that money go?

Nobody Knows. And Nobody Wins when Nobody Cares that a government can literally  steal your winnings from you….and not just once, but for the rest of your life.

How long are we all going to put up with it? They KEEP us poor, and then, when the poor play the lottery as the only way to get out of their poverty, they take it away.

That’s why…they are charging $2 now for a ticket. Expect it…the price will go up.

In the meantime…good luck everyone! You’re going to need it becasue…I have the winning ticket!

Hey…it worked once before!





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