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The Prostitutes of Columbia and the Devil’s Breathe.

Nobody Knows

Not many people know about this very popular drug used by the prostitutes and gang members in Columbia. It’s made from a flower and it’s called “Devil’s breathe.” It can be put in drinks, or just lightly brushed on by your nose, and while your remain awake, you also will do anything the person tells you. You will take people to your ATM and give them all your money. Some people, when asked to open their house and load all their possessions into a van, will do just that. The prostitutes in Columbia use it to steal from their clients.

And when they come down from the drug, they don’t remember a thing.

It’s more dangerous than cocaine, and it can kill you.

So, with this knowledge, it would have been oh so simple for some prostitute to slip some of this Devil’s breath, into on of Obama’s Secret Service’s drink, and he would have done anything that prostitute told him to. up to and including secrets of the President, even helping with an assassination.

There are a few video’s on YouTube on this drug, so it appears to be very real. Having seen that, it hard to imagine our Secret Service men having a party with prostitutes in Columbia of all places.

We haven’t heard much more about this have we?

Here’s hoping it doesn’t make its way onto the streets of America…I can’t imagine a more dangerous drug.

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  1. This is serious, isn’t it enough that some powers to be allow the drugs to come into our country, our communities, an we fall prey to it, it is not a temporary relief or fix, its just another way to down-size the population… for all you addicted persons, an i not just speaking about addicts, all you addicted persons (other forms & things), money, power, etc. be ware!


    Comment by Concerned | June 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. Americans have to read and become aware of whats’ going on in the world more, because of this simple fact…..this new drug not only will kill u, but it can destroy the society when used by negative ppl. We all have our personal lives, even the secret service men, but it would be a tradegy if their personal lives were contaminated by this drug. There is much more in stake than some ass! Plz get your priorities in order guys!!! Hopefully this isnt true or youre not indulging, but your responsible for much more than u!!!


    Comment by Concerned | June 2, 2012 | Reply

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