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At what point in time, exactly, did gay marriage become such an important issue? While Hollywood and major corporations have stepped up relentless propaganda to brainwash the general public that the “gay” life is as natural as the “straight’ life, most people really don’t buy it. And it’s not just because the “Bible” calls it a sin, it’s because it’s not the norm. It’s not the norm in nature, if it was, then all species would die out.

That’s a scientific fact.

And most people know this, it’s a no-brainer. It’s not that gays can’t fall in love, or be in love, or even get’s the fact that our politicians are trying to force the “gay” life as being wonderful AND normal down everyone’s throat. And frankly, I’m tired of trying to believe that Ellen Degeneres needs makeup to catch a woman.

As we saw once again yesterday, Americans are not buying it:

As expected, North Carolinians voted in large numbers on Tuesday for an amendment that would ban same-sex marriages, partnerships and civil unions, becoming the 30th state in the country and the last in the South to include a prohibition on gay marriage in the state constitution.

Now, I’m not Catholic, but I happen to think the Ten Commandments, are the best rules every devised by a man or a God. So, I thought this video, made by the Catholics was a good one to post. The communist blueprint for a takeover of a capitalistic society is to go first to socialism, then to communism. And that means the destruction of all religions. Obama took that first step when he mandated Catholics support abortions.

The government is suppose to ‘represent’ the people. IF the people say they want to ban gay marriage, then the government should abide by the people’s wishes. The American people should DEMAND our politicians abide by the law. If not, we should vote them out.

The object seems to be, and many of the elite have said exactly this: reduce the population. More gay people, more abortions— means less people to pollute the earth.

Ted Turner would be happy.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)


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Nobody Has a New Buddy!

Nobody Has  A Late Night Flash!

Sometimes God puts a creature on the earth that just defies all records: That’s my new buddy Gabriel. He was found wandering in the streets…and taken in by the humane society, where a good guy named PAT decided to grab him and bring him home to his neighbor Pattie, (my best friend Pattie) Now, Pattie, weighs less than Gabriel, and so, Gabriel has been a handful. He has eaten her curtains, the wood off her door, and thought that last full moon was so wonderful, he howled at it all night. (And barked.)

In other words, he is himself in all his God-given glory, a wonderful dog. But…there is something just so wonderful about Gabriel that I can’t explain…he’s so sweet. Those big brown eyes look in your face and just talk.

I believe God sends us challenges in our life.  We might not know at the time why God sends us the problems in life, but later on, when we look back, problems shape our souls. I don’t know how Gabriel came to happen upon Pattie’s door, but there he was. Big and lovable, and a handful.

I’m hoping my friend Pattie keeps Gabriel…because he just wants what we all want in the end: To be loved for ourselves…faults and all. All new relationships take time. And I can’t imagine anyone abandoning such a dog, unless they just couldn’t afford to feed him.

Having said that…I have never met a more loving and cuddly to my own two mutts of course!  

Here’s some pictures of my first meeting of Gabriel….and that’s Pat…the man who found Gabriel (in the red hat) and his wife Charlene. (Can you tell by looking at that picture that Charlene has a wonderful laugh? )

They make, of all things SALSA FOR DOGS! Really. How cool is that?

Pattie took the pictures, and it was Kentucky Derby Day at Pattie’s house…dogs and all. My horse came in second…I bet the Pyramids of Egypt and lost. So I guess the Pyramids get to stay in Egypt.

Pattie… just like last year, picked the winner. And she has a winner in Gabriel. All she needs now is a moving van.

(Thanks to Pattie for the pictures!)  

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