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KGB Agent Warning: Is Obama Getting Ready for Crisis?

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This is probably one of the most important video’s you might want to watch this year. I came upon it by accident, due to a “nobody” (he’s not a nobody, it’s just my way of saying American patriot) who like this nobody, is blogging and putting the puzzle pieces together.

According to this x-KGB agent, there are four stages of a Marxist takeover:

1. Demoralization

2. Destabilization

3. Crisis

4. Normalization

We…are in the Crisis mode. As most of us remember, it was in the 1960’s where demoralization came into being. Like this guy said, it was American that did this to Americans. And those Marxists kids from the universities, have taken over the Democratic Party and put a full fledge Marxist in the White House.  It took them some time, but they did it.

Now…we come to Crisis. Most of us in America cannot even comprehend a military coming to our doors. BUT…my local election yesterday here in Missouri had me more than concerned.

We voted on a measure that was passed overwhelmingly called Proposition S. Flyers were sent out and massive campaigns were showered on all the local radio stations where it was told that St. Louis County desperately needed to revamp their courthouse, because the courts were so small the victims (children) had to wait in a room with their attackers. It was a tactic as old as time. We were even told there was no sprinkler system which has to be a crock because even building build in the 1930’s had to have updated sprinkler systems, yearly. As you can see the excuses are lame. Then my friend Pattie (who voted for the measure ) told me that in her little town of Charlack, they wanted to increase the holding cells to hold over 60 people at a time, even she thought that was stupid.

Charlack is .26 square miles. The population is 5,139 people per square miles. Do you really think that Charlack needs a holding cell for 60 people? My friend Pattie says there are rooms now that are usually empty.

The expansion of the county court house passed, because they want to make a mega giant holding cell for criminals with the latest technology. This will cost $100 million, but oh…there will be NO tax increases. That’s why everyone voted for it. That’s how they sell everything.  And people fall for it. Most of us that follow politics know that this money has to come from somewhere…and if it doesn’t come from local taxes it will come from the state or federal. The people will just be “taxed” in some other way. So, do we listen to the predictions of a x-KGB agent?

 Obama is trying to case riots now…on April 9th, Van Jones is building an army of protesters…Obama is doing everything this man warned us about. And he is getting us ready: We are being trained at our airports to obey. Once the “crisis” comes, he will be ready to imprison the masses.

And yet, most people do not believe this will happen. Even I will be surprised, but I do fear what the man says. How can we ignore the insanity going on around us?

If all goes as this man says: people will go willingly to the next stage: normalization. Especially the people who work, or have worked for the government. Why? They are getting paid…and will not forfeit their security for liberty.

This film was made in 1985. Thank God Ronald Reagan was around to curtail the long term plans of the communists.

But, he’s gone. It’s up to us nobodies to keep educating our liberal friends that there is nothing ‘normal’ about communism.

(Thanks to John Dilligent, THE DIRTY LOWDOWN)

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