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Nobody’s Perfect: 5-Year-Old Bubble Terrorist VS Texas Bank Manager

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have a little  girl who threatened the security of the United States by saying she was going to shoot a fellow classmate…with bubbles. There is talk of Gitmo.Little Kitty gun

A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who told another girl she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles has been suspended from kindergarten. The next day, the girls involved were ‘interrogated’ by school officials. By the time the girl was done speaking to administrators about the incident, she was crying. A teacher called out the girl in front of her class and told her police may get involved.

Her family has hired an attorney to fight the punishment, which initially was 10 days for issuing a ‘terroristic threat.’ But her punishment was reduced to two days after her mother met with school officials and had the incident dropped to ‘threatening to harm another student,’ which apparently carries a lesser punishment.

Bubbles are now…a terroist threat? Who knew? Can I still take a bubble bath without the FBI knocking down my door?

Good thing they caught that girl in time. Nobody can even imagine what might have happened if she had actually SHOT that other girl…with a deadly bubble. Looking dirty is in style now. The soap on her skin would have been too much for anyone to witness.

On the other hand, a bank in Texas keeps getting robbed by “Yankees” and the bank manager has put a sign on his door saying, that he allows everyone who is legally carrying a gun, to COME ON IN and help out catching those Yankees that are robbing his bank.  Not since Jesse James has a bank manager taken such force.Texas Bank

The South has not died.

The ‘President’ is not too happy about this as you can imagine.

So…who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Why…The University of Tennessee Marching Band, OF COURSE!Tennnesee Band

They were the last band to march before the President at his inauguration  today, and somehow, after hours of waiting in the cold, they manage to insult the President by playing his least favorite song:

Oh Shenandoah…we long to see you…away…you rolling rivier…

Nobody is sure that they will be attacked, with drones shooting bubbles, as soon as the President can give that order.

You cannot insult the President.

Nobody Suggests we all stock up on those deadly Bubble Guns right away, before Obama bans them. I might even take a trip down to Texas and help that bank manager out with those “Yankees.” In fact…the Bubble gang is already on the way…Little Kitty gang

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