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You do NOT Speak Against the King

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At this very minute, as I watch Obama about to get ready to drive down Pennsylvania Avenue to his “House” , I am almost amazed at the cult like following that have lined the streets to shout adoring screams at their God. The police force today, is probably the most ever seen in D. C. in history. The cost of this “protection’ bordered on absurdity.

As an American, I find this pomp and circumstance almost unbearable. As the MSNBC reporter talks about our “traditions” and how this ceremony every four years binds and units us, in this time of history, watching this circus outside in the middle of a dying country, I find the expense on this almost criminal. And the lies about “unity” almost laughable.

Does he REALLY need all that protection? Is this overkill or what?

We are starting to look like North Korea. And this video, should alarm everyone that lives here.

While I’m not particularly fond of rap, simply because I prefer a good melody and harmony over someone talking…this man had every right, protected by our Constitution, to express his anger at Obama.

And the Brownshirts came. And yet, while Obama acts more like a dictator with every passing moment, the blind do not see.

Nobody applauds that rapper for refusing to stop his song. It’s HIS song. It’s HIS right. And shame to the men that were ordered to stop him.



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  1. Men with muscles and guile and little else to commend them, ‘heavy’ a citizen, albeit a crude and unmelodious one.

    I suppose they were from the Beatoften Society. Or maybe the Chokeoffsky Foundation. But no, its ‘all the President’s men’ again. They can beat the rap.

    But there is sweetness and light ahead at the end of the tunnel. It seems Obama is going to employ more women on his staff so I guess we can look forward to a Gaddafi-style protection squad of curvashush girls with sub-machine guns doing the ‘move along’ beat. Dark-skinned gals, of course, with legs going all the way up to their uniforms. Progressive !


    Comment by Amfortas | January 21, 2013 | Reply

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