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Nobody’s Fool: Milo Yiannopoulos: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Nobody’s Fool

Wow. Berkeley is burning itself down tonight because Milo Yiannopoulos, one of my favorite intellects, dared to talk. So, I wanted to present Milo giving a speech at a university that loved his speech.

It’s clear why the left hates him: He supported Trump:he’s smarter than any liberal who dares to debate him, and he is very gay.

The ‘prejudice’ conservatives love the guy, which makes the left even more crazy. We’ve got the smartest “gay” guy on the planet on our side!

Top that!

Milo is talking tonight to Tucker on FOX, and he is explaining that these colleges tell the groups that hire Milo to speak— that they will have to pay for the extra security, sometimes at exorbitant prices. And they wait until the last-minute to tell them.

But hey, calm down. This is nothing new. They rioted at Berkeley in the 1960’s, and every other day after that.  Cleary, the communists have never left. It’s still the hotbed of liberal eggheads. Go ahead and burn it down. Do us all a favor.

We’ve seen it before. The left can’t win with facts, so they turn violent.

So, here’s to Milo! A toast, to the incombustibly brave and good-looking fighter for freedom, free speech, and the truth.

(Love the outfits, Milo.)

It seems your country believes in your right to riot and burn, but not to state your opinion if its not theirs. They did the same in Ferguson, and Baltimore, but in Berkeley, it’s will get you an honorary degree.

So, Congratulations, Milo Yiannopoulos. You are, my dear, one of the greats. Last time I remember, it took a whole WAR to get those fires going and you did it just by being your charming self.

Keep it up, and KEEP SAFE! And give…..em’ hell.


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