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Milo has been crucified, and I have to say, I feel sorry for him. Evidently, the right AND the left had to take him out…he was the shining star on Breitbart, and of course, you know that’s Steve Bannon’s beat. And if you can’t take Steve Bannon out, take out his star.

Rino’s AND liberals are celebrating this week, damn them all.milo-two

So, what did this gay guy do that was so bad? It seems Milo admitted he liked having sex with some priest when he was 14. Good god. For that, they’ve taken away his book deal, and he had to resign as a writer from Breitbart, and now he is publicly being stoned.

Like I said. Poor Milo. Let’s not forget…the YEARS of sexual abuse caused by all priests in the Catholic church which as an institution, is still standing. Nobody talks about it. How many of the priest are still doing it? Nobody Knows.

And how about the pedophilia which is being shown to be a favorite pastime of the, global elite in Europe?  John Podesta emails certainly came into questions as to his attraction to very ‘young.’ And Hillary has been called into that ring of Pizzagate also. The people who were researching it, I read, suffered an ‘accident’— Which means, they are dead.

You won’t be hearing anymore about that little tidbit of scandal.

Muslim brides can wed at nine. The whole country of Islam is very much for “young” brides.

The hypocrisy of crucifying Milo is astounding, and they are crucifying him because he is proven to become a vital force for conservatism and President Trump. His banter was a breath of fresh air, compared to the daily boring diatribe of political pundits on our cable networks. Conservatives, especially the young, were enjoying him.

So, here we find that Milo actually was a victim of abuse, and therefore, to deal with that, he became what he is today.

Anybody who knows a child who was abused, especially by a beloved figure in their lives, knows that child is TAUGHT, that the sex they are having with that person, is love. How else would a child deal with that? The abuser would have to tell him or her that it was love, otherwise the child would tell somebody.

As Milo said, he didn’t realize until recently that the man who sexually abused him was an….abuser.

As an example of how victims look at their abusers, consider serial killers. (I’m not comparing Milo to a serial killer, just so you know.) Serial killers very often are abused by one of their parents. And they will never, ever, ever, talk bad about the parent that abused them. Never. Especially if it’s their mother.

So, what happened to our society? For 8 years our media has glorified gay sex, and when a gay becomes a conservative they turn against him, because he’s not a stupid liberal.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. milo

If Milo was trashing President Trump, they would all be having pity parties for him, and he would probably be hosting the Oscars, and be on his way to dine with the Royals. You KNOW that’s the truth.

So, give me a break.

Sex, or sometimes even talking about sex with anyone under the age of puberty is not good. It’s a fact that when girls are abused at a young age, they become promiscuous.  It seems to be the same with boys.

This used to be common knowledge.

Not long ago, sex was a conversation to be discussed by the parent at the right time.

No more. Now, sex is EVERYWHERE.

We are teaching ‘sex’ in kindergarten. KINDERGARDEN!

Instead of letting our children discover sex at puberty, or at their own rate, their very innocence is being stolen from them. It’s hard enough for adults to understand, and yet we are forcing our tiny tots to know all about their genitals.

It’s borders on insanity.

Yiannopoulos has claimed that the videos were “selectively edited” to make it appear as if he was defending child abuse, and that their release was part of a “coordinated effort to discredit me.”

Specifically, he says: “Some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, the sort of coming-of-age relationships, the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their parents.”

And so, this is sad.

Milo Yannopoulus, is really suffering now. He is, like many geniuses, a ‘sensitive’ soul. You can see it, if you look past the façade of humor.

And for that fact, I hope that Milo sticks around–because truth is hard to find, and if there is one thing that Milo is full of, it’s the truth. You are the Oscar Wilde of your generation, Milo, and you have a long career ahead of you.

And, I can’t say it more plainly:

We need you.




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Nobody’s Fool: Milo Yiannopoulos: Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Nobody’s Fool

Wow. Berkeley is burning itself down tonight because Milo Yiannopoulos, one of my favorite intellects, dared to talk. So, I wanted to present Milo giving a speech at a university that loved his speech.

It’s clear why the left hates him: He supported Trump:he’s smarter than any liberal who dares to debate him, and he is very gay.

The ‘prejudice’ conservatives love the guy, which makes the left even more crazy. We’ve got the smartest “gay” guy on the planet on our side!

Top that!

Milo is talking tonight to Tucker on FOX, and he is explaining that these colleges tell the groups that hire Milo to speak— that they will have to pay for the extra security, sometimes at exorbitant prices. And they wait until the last-minute to tell them.

But hey, calm down. This is nothing new. They rioted at Berkeley in the 1960’s, and every other day after that.  Cleary, the communists have never left. It’s still the hotbed of liberal eggheads. Go ahead and burn it down. Do us all a favor.

We’ve seen it before. The left can’t win with facts, so they turn violent.

So, here’s to Milo! A toast, to the incombustibly brave and good-looking fighter for freedom, free speech, and the truth.

(Love the outfits, Milo.)

It seems your country believes in your right to riot and burn, but not to state your opinion if its not theirs. They did the same in Ferguson, and Baltimore, but in Berkeley, it’s will get you an honorary degree.

So, Congratulations, Milo Yiannopoulos. You are, my dear, one of the greats. Last time I remember, it took a whole WAR to get those fires going and you did it just by being your charming self.

Keep it up, and KEEP SAFE! And give…..em’ hell.


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Milo Yiannopoulos Shows the True Meaning of “tolerance.”

Nobody Flashes a man of great tolerance on a Sunday.

We’ve heard again and again about the need for tolerance in society, by Obama, and Hillary. In fact, they barely ever shut up about it.

The truth is: Americans have been more tolerant than any civil society in history.

Okay. We all know they use the damning to control speech, and behavior, in order to make a docile society, but Milo, knows all of this.

And he points it out here by visiting these people who were damaged greatly by the Obama “gay” warriors.

How can you NOT be a fan?


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Nobody’s Fool: Milo Yiannopoulos

Nobody’s Fool

Milo couldn’t have come along at a better time in history…he’s gay, he’s conservative, and he sees right through the BS that the left uses to manipulate the masses in order to “control” us all into their slaveocracy.

In this interview he talks about “hate speech” and “hate crimes” and how it curtails free speech. We need MORE people talking about this, because really, that’s ALL they attack Trump on…is his speech.

He’s not allowed to give ANY opinions…and since his opinions match most of ours, it’s getting to be too much.

And it’s amazing isn’t it? The oligarchs stomping on our free speech? Like Zuckerface: Michael Savage just got kicked off Facebook for reposting an article about a Muslim man in Europe slashing a pregnant women into little pieces. THATS hate speech to Facebook…and yet…let a Muslim say “Death to America” and post killings…and well, that’s not.

So Congratulations Milo….there aren’t too many nowadays standing up for freedom, and you’re certainly showing them all how its done.

There’s also not too many who could have taken these ridiculous baiting questions from the SNOBS at the BBC, and not get angry.

THAT in itself, was amazing…and for that…

You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week….which puts you in the running for the Nobel Nobody’s Fool Liberty Prize at the end of the year.


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Nobody’s Fool: Milo Yiannopoulos

Nobody’s Fool

If you have 30 minutes this weekend, and you want to hear some brilliant and refreshing intellectual pontifications…

Then this is 30 minutes will not waste your time.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a wonder of the human mind and what it’s capable of expressing…, and I liked this video so much, I’m going to watch all his other ones.

He’s gay, AND a Trump supporter.

I’m already a big fan.

Trump would be wise to use him on the road, or just post this video on his Facebook page.



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