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WAR HORSE: Perfection

Nobody’s Perfect:

Not too long ago, Obama reversed a law saying that you could not sell horses for food here in the United States. I was so angry…that I wrote about it here. Horses are noble creatures. They have carried men through battle, plowed his fields, gave him pleasure….forever it seems.

And so, when I saw this film, I was more than relieved…that Steven Spielberg has come out with a true story about the nobleness of the horse. Not only is this film filled with beautiful cinematography, it’s a masterpiece of storytelling.

The movie is about a Scottish farmer who buys a horse that is useless to him, but his son and the horse bond for life. When the first World War comes, the father sells the horse to keep his farm. The boy, later joins up and goes to France, to look for the horse, and you know that in the end…they find each other in No Man’s Land, by some great synchronicity in life, which often really happens.

Towards the end of the movie, the horse finally gets free of his German Masters (How he got into the German Hands I won’t say, you’ll have to find out.) and runs through the barbed wire of No Man’s Land where he gets stuck, and a German AND an Englishman go out and both work together to free Joey. The scene is Speilburg’s way of telling us all: men can be good—war is bad.

To Spielberg’s credit, it’s not a political film. It makes no judgement, but shows the true goodness of horse and men. It also shows the immense cruelty and horror of war, without showing any blood.

This movie will make you cry….and it will make you understand the horse…by seeing the world through the eyes of Joey.

Spielberg has made the most amazing film: Jaws, Encounters of the Third Kind, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s’ List, Amistad, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, ET…and now this. Unlike James Cameron, who used his movie Avatar to climb into the liberal global warming bandwagon…Speilburg doesn’t do that in movies. He never takes political sides.

And yet, he, and all his Hollywood friends fill the campaign coffers of Obama: A man who sides against the Jews. A man who just put horse meat on the menu: A man who put human beings into the grave if they are over 70, and go to the hospital. In Obamacare, they will be called ‘Units” and denied lifesaving care.

It’s true. They will not only shoot horses, but in Obamacare..anyone over 70. Just not with a bullet. (Unless of course, you are in Congress.)

As a filmmaker..Speilburg will remain a master of masters. But Nobody Wonders…how can he be so moral, tell such patriotic stories, put his considerable time and talent into making films about the honest, the noble, the good, and the evil of mankind, and then give millions to the very people who will promote exactly the opposite of every story of nobleness he has every told?

Any man who can say horses are food, and old people are no longer given a right to live, is evil.

How? And why?

Does our government actually OWN the great directors? Do the rich of Hollywood give money to protect their right to make what they want? Is that why?

Steven may not be perfect…because he gives such vast amounts of his money to Obama, who is the antitheses to all he shows us in his movies: but War Horse is a movie that can be watched forever more. It’s a perfect film. And I hope everyone in the world see it, and fights to save the noble horse from becoming simply meat for China. We need more horses on the planet, not less.

Go see it…and take your children. Better have some tissue.

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