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The elites of the world, are in full frontal corruption/tyrannical exposure, and nothing is not only NOT happening to them, they are being ignored by most of our Congressmen. ALL of them, pretty much silent.

Bill Gates means to now SPRAY the populations with some kind of chemical that will make everyone infertile…a sort of expansion of his mosquito experiment.

Biden is bankrupting the country, and destroying just about everything American, including his latest destruction of making everyone pay for college tuitions. And if you work for the government, then YOU will get a free ride, how clever of him.

Glenn Beck tonight reported that every single department of the U.S. government is being armed with ammunition and guns. Even the department of nutrition.

So, what are they expecting?

Clearly, a depression: caused by some kind of false flag which none of them will be blamed for. Starvations and riots? They are HOPING. And if that happens….

THIS is how they plan to deal with it…Macron says we will all have to sacrifice, and I’m sure he’s not just talking about France.

They will put the bloody Nazi foot down on us all, and declare it to be for “defending freedom.”

Orwell warned us about this kind of speech.

What they really will be defending will be their freedom to kill, or destroy all our lives. And they are building enough government workers to defend them from the rest of us. We all could be shot by an IRS agent, or just the local Social Security agent.

Nobody Wonders, where this is going, don’t you?

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