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Nobody Remembers: White Man’s Soul

I wrote this piece on March 9, 2010. I could have written it last night. So for those of you who like me, can’t remember what you did two days ago, I’m posting it again. Just for myself.

Nobody changes at all…I’m still set in a White Soul and refused to be ashamed set of mind. No person on the planet should be ashamed of their skin color, and that means everybody. OR be prosecuted for it, as we are seeing this new “white” is bad attacks.

By the way, when you read this remember they just elected a black woman to the Supreme Court, simply because she was black. And now, in 2022, there are more black millionaries in accordance with their populations than whites. So, it’s all about extortion and money, and control.

Things never change do they?


        Reparations for the White Man’s Soul

Nobody’s Opinion:  “I feel sorry for people that don’t drink, because when they get up in the morning, they’re not going to feel any better all day.” —Frank Sinatra

Let that be a warning to anyone who reads any further: you might not like what I’m going to say in the next few paragraphs, so either get off this site and go read the syndicated people who wouldn’t touch this subject with a twenty- foot pole… or go get a good stiff drink…as I am going to do and come back.  (Be right back.)

 Okay, I found some Seagram’s Seven that was probably brewed sometime back in 1956. I just poured a shot into a 8oz kitchen glass, and poured Dr. Pepper over the top. Diet, that’s all that’s in the house.  I’d prefer a glass of Amaretto but, right now, anything would do.

Hopefully, you have the good stuff…

So, here’s goes—Take a drink;

 FACT—-MOST white people are NOT pigs, racists, gay-haters, greedy, stupid, rednecks, selfish, rich, and uncompassionate morons. In fact, if not for the white race…much of what has happened in this short-lived world of ours would NOT be here.  Really think about that.

There is a huge rewriting of history going on right now, that is a purposeful attack on the majority of Americans (who by the way…are still white) –an attack meant to bully all whites to give up all their powers to the Marxist black Muslims of Chicago’s Black Mafia, and their elite white overlords.

 The old white tea-party baby boomers, yes…all those suckers out there who have slaved to put millions of black kids into college, lost many a job on demand to “minorities”, and now have to watch their own sons and daughters’ future go down the drain..because the government wants to redistribute more of their dwindling paycheck to “blacks and Hispanics,” do not deserve this.

It’s like beating your camel in the middle of a desert.

Let’s not kid around. The whites have been redistributing their wealth for more than thirty years now…to the blacks. (Thanks to the politicians who reaped big benefits.)

It wasn’t the white underclass, or the white middle-class, that kept blacks down. It was their own people, who sold themselves and their own race out, as pawns of the democratic party…for a price.

When I hear how badly the blacks have it, I cannot believe it. I can name more millionaire blacks than whites and If I had time, I’d look up the statics to prove it. But they just keep beating us with LIES.

Millions of blacks work for the government. They have really cushy jobs as supervisors of schools, or government jobs, and Jesse Jackson made it almost impossible to fire any incompetent black.

Recently, I was watching a black supervisor of a school in Illinois say how really “sorry” he was. He had to shut down a whole school, of mostly poor white farmer’s kids.  

Too bad they just didn’t dish HIS big $250,000 yearly salary.  I suspect this story was to make white people mad. They (the people in power) have an agenda of “we need to get more white people to flame up.” you know, so we can call them racist.

The headlines today are everywhere…”Oooooo…the whites are shaking! Soon, they will be in the minorities!” How benevolent will their black master be? Will they chain their ankles and throw them over the bow of the ship? Or just cause an “early” death?

All you have to do is look at benevolent actions of Obama to know the answer to that.

They manipulate the blacks into thinking “Obama is gonna give you power over the whites!” And so, feeling really giddy, they are now DEMANDING to be given all the whites high paying jobs. In the meantime, millions of blacks are losing jobs too, along with the whites…and their old black mums and dads will die off, just like the whites’ mums and dads, because there will be no money for their care in their old age either.

Meanwhile, we will be flooded with more Hispanics.

There are more Spanish speaking people in the United States than blacks, but you would never know it would you?

You will soon enough.

When I think of all the “white” men in this country, that gave their lives in order for the “minorities” of this country to have a stab at freedom, all the men that died in the Civil War (in my ancestors alone, that was OVER 250 men!) and in the Korean war, and then what many of our fathers and mothers went through during WWII…and then Vietnam…and now these stupid wars in Iraq and Iran…the maiming,  the bravery, the honesty, the courage, the..(mostly white boys)..laying down of lives…

I…get…really…upset…(That deserves another, swig.)

I think it’s about time we start saying….”Hey, while the white race has some pretty bad cookies in it. (Mostly politicians) the vast network of what the white race has achieved far outweighs all this vicious attack on their characters.

It’s time we start demanding they STOP it. Right now. All of them. I’m going to my next “tea party with a sign with my father’s name and service record…in fact ALL my ancestors and say…”THEY DID NOT DIE FOR THIS!”  

For once, just once, I’d like to hear a black man say: ” Thank god some white guy invented the toilet!”

Or a black woman say…”How about that Steve Jobs? What a great inventor!”

I’m beginning to think the purpose IS to wipe out the white race entirely. According to them–we are such bad, horribly vicious, and bigoted, race ever to walk the planet.

 I’m talking about the regular white guy and woman in American, who are barely making their car payments, because they have lost their jobs to blacks, minorities, and the guy in Mexico who is smoking bananas.

(Hold on, I need another sip.)

We have great and good black men and women, self-educated…patriots of America. Who do not SEE themselves as “picked on” but as what they should see themselves as…Americans.  Black people that know history and KNOW the history of mankind. But they are not giving much airtime. Ellis Washington, Thomas Sowell. Alan Keyes…why don’t we hear more of such men?

Why are not all students made to read the works of Booker T. Washington?  Because he was a self-made black man…and this was back in the Civil War. He built schools and there was not a raciest bone in his body, why? Read his books and you’ll know why.

And I am ashamed, yes ashamed of all the white men going around putting regular white people down. Chris Matthew is especially repugnant.

The fact is: We are not all equal. Nobody is. As Thomas Sowell so eloquently pointed out, most of the NBA is black. Should the whites cry raciest? Shouldn’t a white guy be given a place on the team because it’s not FAIR to the whites that we are not represented fairly?  Should a white man be placed on the team even if he can’t keep up, and causes the team to lose?

That’s what’s been going on in America. Put in the black guy, who can’t pass the test…because he’s …black.

We all lose when the best man for the job, is not put into the job.

That’s redistribution. That’s just insanity. That’s the downfall of a nation. Instead of putting our best minds for the job, whoever that is; black, white, mulatto, or legal Hispanic, we have been told for too long that we must put a woman, or a black into some of our most important jobs because the government says so.

Look no farther than Nancy Pelosi to see what damage that can do.

And soon, the government will tell EVERYONE when and where they must work.

That’s the truth. And it a sure end to civilization as we know it. They will watch us all from cradle to death and place us all exactly where they want us.  That’s what’s coming to our children as sure as the National ID, amnesty, and more cameras up on our streets.

Why? Why does it seem that they want the final demise of the white man? So that the “elite and the money changers can take over the world…who, by the way, are not all white?

Or are they trying to pick a fight…keep us divided, and mad, so they can point their fingers at us and say…see…those white people are just…raciest. (If you pick this one, you deserve one on the house. Pour yourself another.)

We have been told that black people make up 15 percent of the nation’s population. And yet, they are given more than 50 percent representation in every movie, local, national and cable station there is on the air.

And that is not enough. Obama wants complete reparations…he is promising them almost total control.

The fact is: someday the blacks are going to wake up, just like the white baby boomers are doing now, and realized, they were grievously manipulated by madman, who are using this black God…to con them into giving up their lives, for the Global community.

The whole country is heading toward a sort of global- state slavery. The blacks just got handed the middle-class dream…and now, the black president is taking it away.

Okay…my rant is finished. But I want to make a toast…to a great black man…the slave who was aboard the Amistad …Joseph Cinque. He said one of the most true and profound things ever said by man:

“I call to my ancestors, for at the moment, I am the whole reason they have existed at all.”

A philosophy that should be followed by all races…no matter what nation, or color.

The white race was a noble race…our ancestors have done many wonderful things…and damn anyone who says different, and since I’ll drink to that…tomorrow, according to Frank, I’m going to feel a whole lot better.

UPDATE: Now, the elites are calling for a white genocide.

12 years later: We’ve come a long way baby.

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