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Conversations in the Bathroom


There was a sale today at my local grocery store on meat, due to Labor Day coming up. I’m stocking up on as many cheap steaks as I can. I am NOT going to eat bugs, and as we all know, prices of meat are skyrocketing.

Anyway, I was in the bathroom and there was a lady who I THOUGHT was there to clean. She had the grocery store uniform on.

“I’ll just be a minute.” I said.

She was limping and in pain. “No, I work here, I’m a cashier. And SOME lady just ran over my foot with an electric scooter and didn’t even say she was sorry, she did it on purpose!”

I think the other lady was an employee there.

“Was she white or black?” I asked. You see, white people are the minority in this neighborhood.

“The latter.” I can’t believe how RUDE people are. And the way the blacks that work here treat us (The white employees) is horrible.” She was so mad.

Ever since Obama started his race war, some of the blacks in the area have become very rude to white people. If you are in the grocery store, they will block you from getting pass them in the isles. Most of them are huge black women, so you have to just stand there until they decide to let you pass. Basically, their attitude is “Fuck you white bitch. I’m not moving and I’m blocking you on the whole aisle down.”

I told her about how our government was pitching the blacks against the whites hoping to cause a war so that they could come in and take our guns.

“Basically, the extortion and redistribution of money from the white people who live here to the blacks has been going on for decades.” I said. “We now pay for their kids’ breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and all the kids get free computers, (As do the teachers) and free health care on our dime. We also pay for their electric, and homes, and water…and now our city is bankrupt.”

At the local pool, which doesn’t have enough lifeguards, to even stay open on weekdays,  there is an armed officer standing ready to protect the pool.

When did we EVER need that?

And most of us that still live here are on Social Security.

“You should SEE the amount of groceries they run up on our dime.” she said. “$400.00 a pop and we’re paying for it. And then they go outside and get in their Cadillac’s. It really makes me angry. They play the race card every time. And they are much more racist than the whites.” She said as she limped into the next stall.

That is…actually the truth.

“Did she break any of your toes?” I asked. I could tell she was taking her shoes off to look at the damage.

“Not sure. I’m going to report it.”

I told her some stories about belligerent black women rampages that had happened to me, and she told me her sister physically fought a black woman and won.

She was full blooded Italian.

“Well, if the blacks start a war, it would be stupid of them. The whites not only outnumber them, but we also have all the guns.” I said again.

Which is why Biden wants our guns. Antifa would be outnumbered. And Nobody Wonders if that is why he is flooding the country with young Hispanic drug lords and thugs. Most of the illegals are young men. If there is a civil war, Biden will have more to add to his Antifa army.

COME on Joyanna. They are bringing those young men in for votes.


Nobody Wonders.

As I went to check out, I notice the woman was quitting and going home. The other white employees all looked sad and forlorn. What can they do? They need the job.

Not all of the blacks are belligerent. Many of them are going out of their way to be nice to the whites. They are smart enough to know that the illegals will soon be getting the money and gains they have gotten for years.

And they also see, ALL the fast food, clothing stores, closing down, all the malls disappearing, and prices on all things going up. Their welfare only goes so far.

Sooner or later, the free ride will run out for them.

In the meantime, the whites bite their tongue.

White women hope, the blacks will figure the welfare plantation game out pretty soon, or horrible things are coming both our ways. Don’t they see what’s coming?

I guess not.

Until then, at least we can have conversations in the bathroom.

(Reported by our cell phones to the CIA.)

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