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If the American Revolution Had Never Happened, Would we all be living in Utopia?

Hmmmmm. How’s that Revolution going? If only the oligarchs who owned the ships and the plantations had paid their 2c tax. It was to help pay for the Royal Navy to protect them after all…… from the French. But no, they had to conspire with the French, didn’t they. How things change and remain the same.—amfortas

Nobody’s Opinion:

This was a comment from my Ausie friend, amfortas, on a recent post that I did last week, which basically was expressing how messed up America is right now. Newsflash-— before I start…so is England, France, Australia and Canada, Sweden, etc…anyone who keeps up with the news should know that. Amfortas never admits that the rest of the West and ALL their governments are in dire shape, not just the United States. Which means, to me I’m seeing all of this ‘Great Reset’ as a danger to the world,…amfortas?

Did you get vaccinated? You should be GLAD we won the American revolution. We came back and helped you defeat Hitler. England was almost destroyed. Sheer geography was on our side.

Funny how God works, isn’t it? God’s timeline is not on our timelines is it? (I’m beginning to think amfortas likes to bate me into great rants for YOUR education.) Are you amfortas? Playing devils’ advocate?

I think, God was on our side at that point in history. God knows best, I think you would agree. He helped us survive so we could come back and save the “Mother” country.

Yesterday I found this video from Dick Morris who expresses the historical fact that YES amfortas…England AND Americans (although at the time they were British subjects) fought in that war, and kept the French out of America. Not that they would have known what to do with it.

At that time, we were one people. France and England had been enemies LONG before the 7-year war. And anyone who has read Shakespeare and read about Cromwell knows that. The domination of the British Navy throughout the world in history is certainly familiar with the power that England once commanded. And then one by one, England’s empire deminished. The biggest being India, and the recent insanity: Hong Kong. A very small country has trouble keeping a bigger country in line.

What? Did you expect Trump to save Hong Kong? Who signed that ridiculous treaty? Oh, that’s right…England. Losing Hong Kong was a major blow to the West.

But it wasn’t just the taxes that drove the Americans to fight England. No, it was the Oligarths of the British governors that drove the Americans to fight. What…you think that only America had Oligarths? Compared to England we were paupers.

Like our own government now, British oligarths controlled the legislators the cities, the townships, and one by one, controlled who owned the land. And they took their orders from rich men overseas who were not even near the continent.

Basically, they started treating their own ‘citizens’ as a colony…like India. A great depression (due to inflation) was being suffered in the days leading up to the revolution. (Oh, those bankers) The British caused their own hatred in the colonies.

Arrogance has destroyed many a dream of power. And we are seeing that now at DAVOS. Their day WILL come.

That’s the trouble with “rulers” of all governments: The ‘elites’ take over, and find a way to rig the systems for themselves. Greed is in everyone’s DNA. Instead of trying to find a genetic code to make us all sick and die by destroying our immune systems, they should be finding the code to curtail the demand for power. (Fat chance)

Christianity was suppose to curb that tendency, but the VATICAN just couldn’t help itself. The Catholic church was another reason for the revolution, but that’s another blog.

It’s not reported much, but the American revolution was much about survival and trade. The British had a monoply on all trade, and even though Hancock was a diva, he wanted ‘free trade.’ He wanted to be able to ‘trade’ with the French, and Britain had a monopoly on it all. Britian became a dictatorship. And by the way, Hancock was trading ‘illegally’ too in those days agaisnt the patriots. Like a rich man, he was certainly very…BRITISH. And it wasn’t just the 7-year war that drained the British coffers now was it?

Americans wanted ‘free trade.” The freedom to sell their products anywhere. The British put a heavy boot on that. THEY controlled trade. The distance between the two countries didn’t help that matter much.

Once the British sent in the ‘troops’ to quell Sam Adam’s “mob”, and the Brits priced their tea so high the Americans couldn’t afford it, that started the Boston Tea Party and it took off from there. The ‘elites” (one of whom is “KING CHARLES” of England,) now want us all to stop eating meat.

(Wait, I’m having my tea and crumpets break— with a few crickets..I’ll be back.)

Yes, we got into a ‘trade’ war, long before the revolution.

You’re right amfortas: not much has changed. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what country you live in, people CRAVE freedom. You could say THAT is in everyone’s DNA.. And freedom was craved by the little people in America who didn’t like it taken away. It wasn’t just John Hancock, it was the traders in New York, and Philiadelphia…Britian had a monoply on trade. Sam Adams was telling everyone to start making the products here in America to get out of the King’s unfair yoke. Just like we are being told to buy “AMERICAN” products now. China now makes most of our stuff. And the world is depended on big monopolies that use the slave labor in China to get them all rich and that will be hard to tame.

Actually, it was trade that made slaves out of the British colony of America. Remember, at the time England had a good foothold on the slave trade also.

So, being mad about the Americans joining up with the French in the American Revolution, seems a bit late to the historical playbook of humanity’s folly’s. We were…just being smart. When push came to shove, the people here wanted to drive their OWN destiny, and the French were only too willing to help.

As John Adams once noted, America was used to freedom, England being too far away to dictate what we should do on a daily basis. Until the 1760s. And then England wanted MORE money from us.

America defeated the greatest Navy in the world at that time. WE WON. And England’s very own arrogance helped in that matter. We won the revolution, and if not for Americans, England would be speaking German. (So would the French.)

We paid our debt to our ancestors in England MANY times over with thousands of American lives.

So what is England speaking now? What’s the most popular name in London?

Muhannmed. Amfortas…what’s your view on that? (I’m waiting)

Instead of being upset about old historical events in Western Civilization, the demise of the children of the British Empire (Both in England and America) should be more of a concern. America and its citizens have saved the world time and time again, England too has had a great hand in bringing countries out of poverty, and yet, she still carries that thorn of ‘IF ONLY” in her heart. In the meantime BOTH rulers of England and America want to erase all ‘white’ people from the planet so just their own lily white asses survive in their one world government plan.

It seems, we are joined again as one country. And none of the leaders of the U.S. or England are really driving the cart.

Nope. It’s those pesky Germans again.

White people are NOT easily ruled. Therefore, white previlage is being outlawed.

Sad to say but it’s true: once America goes, so goes the world to China.

But getting back to the everending story of amfortas being upset that WE WON the revolution in 1776.

If America had stayed under the thumb of Kings and Queens would history have been different?

I think that’s the thing that perhaps bothers amortas the most.

The one thing that America produced was a better Constitution, and that came out of that great revolution, which lead the biggest creative boom in the history of the world. And would that same outcome had happened under a Queen or King?

Nobody Knows. Freedom ruled for many years. Now, American Presidents act like Kings of Old England. Our Constitution is no longer followed by our own leaders. England isn’t free either.

Freedom is the ticket to ALL creative ideas, which promotes happiness and progress. And power in a few hands always comes to slavery.

Logically speaking, both the Americans and the British people should join together to fight the tyranny that is coming their way, and the tyranny that leads them at the top of their country.

We are, in the history of the planet, brothers and sisters in arms. Americans cheered the Canadians who stood up to Castro’s son. We will always cheer freedom fighters, at least the oldest of us.

So, once again amfortas…have some tea, and crumpet! And a glass in your bar of the finest ‘ale’ me lord, because the next revolution might not even be ours.

I’m beginning to think you just like to ‘get’ under my patriotic skin in order for me to EDUCATE everybody right?

And I thank you for that.

We might just be the side witnesses, to God’s great plans.

I just hope, the next revolution is a peaceful one. I hope, God has his angels working on a good plan.

In fact, I’m counting on it.

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  1. “”Amfortas never admits that the rest of the West and ALL their governments are in dire shape, not just the United States.””

    Splutter, splutter. I have been pointing out the gross deficiencies of most western governments for many many many years, Joyanna, AS YOU WELL KNOW.

    And you also know that I hold America as a Great Nation, and its people I love. Many of my friends are American. I have even commanded Americans (120 of them) as a military officer. Fine people they were.

    The world at the time of the Revolution did, of course, have its downsides and problems, not least of which was that the average British person had no voice in Parliament. Unlike the American Colonial Oligarchs who did have ‘their representatives’ in the British Parliament. Errors were made. Some were errors of commission. Deliberate. That, of course, did nor stop them pointing out to their fellow (but lower on the power rungs) colonists that they were in just as dire boat .. ie Taxed but not represented ….as the Englishmen who had funded and paid in blood for their comforts in the New World.

    I look back on those days…. those days that you and I cannot have any effect upon….. and see a family broken apart. I weep. But it was long ago. The world has moved on. America did come to Europe’s aid when disaster struck. Bravo. Thank you. You did well. 75 years ago. But frankly since then you have made one stuff-up after another all over the world. Again, humans are apt to error.

    People will tell themselves the tale that absolves them. I see the errors on Britain’s part (heck, I am Australian) but rare is the American who sees America’s faults let alone its history..

    I love you, my good long-term friend Joyanna. You are splendid. Laudable. I say prayers for you. But by the Lord Harry, you need them 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | August 28, 2022 | Reply

    • Gee…while you have always said you “like” Americans, I have no knowledge of you defending America on MY blog. Saying you “like” Americans, that’s easy. This is a first I think…besides you saying that you ‘like’ us. Why not? We are people.  And if you READ my blog, you know that I personally am always talking about America’s mistakes. In fact, I do so every single day. Ever since 2000. OMG…I am always complaining about my own country. Sorry you missed all those blogs. I have written close to 1,000 words daily since 2000, only taking time off for emergencies or illnesses. That’s a lot of ‘complaining’ about my country.  Sorry that all the Americans you know don’t complain about their country. Like I’ve said before, the news everybody is getting is heavily manipulated. If you watched OUR Telly, you’d be amazed to hear the damnations.  and so “I do not know that.” When I encouraged you to start your own blog, I remember, you were mostly concerned about relationships between men and women and the horrible divorces, being as we both were on MND. In fact, you were relunctant having known so little about ‘blogs.’ and then you got a Chinese guy to catch you up to speed and took off. Now, have you quit your blog? Because mostly I see you on Facebook. If you remember, I was the one who encouraged you to write your own blog. You, at the time were what…thought it was too hard to learn? I told you it was easy. I thought, if you really were a MENSA guy, starting a blog would be really simple to you.  Once you found out from your Chinese teacher how easy it was you took off! It was great to see. But still, politics was not your bag. It’s still not. I understand.  I am NOT on Facebook. I simply do not have the time.  And by the way, I’ve NEVER heard amfortas, (who by his own admission, even though from England— is Australian as if that is not English) put down his Queen.  The Queen is perfect. He has a personal connection which maybe he will let you all know about.  Mad dogs and Englishmen….out in the noon day sun….. I started reading your blog, but there were not many aritcles on this subject. And then, one day, I could not reach your blog anymore. I stopped calling you (On skype)  overseas because of how I know now that they monitor all calls overseas. I miss your voice.  To the readers, amfortas has the most wonderful voice tone.  And thanks for the prayers. We all need to pray. I will pray for you also, and let there be no misunderstanding to readers, amfortas is a dear soul…opinions are like assholes: everyone has one. (That’s what my husband says!) LOL.  If you have not guessed it…amfortas is passionate about his country, and I am passionate about mine. And so, the butting of heads will always be there.  So, it’s as it should be..All is well in love and war.   


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | August 29, 2022 | Reply

      • Ahh yes, The blog. You were a great inspiration and encouragement to me during a most difficult phase in my life. I will be forever grateful to you.

        While I was a mensa chap, I was struggling with a stroke which deprived me of much, most of all my home and wife, who abandoned me. I was living a hermit existence but had a spare room. The Chinese chap was one of eight chaps down on their luck who found themselves homeless. Over a ten year period I took them in, one after another, helped them set up on their own feet again and they went on their way. The Chinese fellow did help me with establishing a blog. Thanks for the reminder.

        God Bless you Joyanna.


        Comment by Amfortas | August 29, 2022

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