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Ian: Another MASS Weapon of Destruction?

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As some of you know, I grew up in Naples, Florida. I have property in Estero Springs, which is right now getting hit smack in the middle of the hurricane. Luckily, it’s just property. But I know the area well, and here’s the thing: What are the odds, that right now, Florida’s west coast, where MOST of the elite republicans have homes, and is mostly republican, get hit with the most powerful hurricane since Donna hit in 1963? I lived there then. Donna was a direct hit on Naples, with 200 mph winds in 1963. (Nobody ever talks about Donna) It rebuilt, and now holds many of the richest people in the conservative parties. Miami of course, is Janet Reno country, except for the Cubans, it’s a cess pool of crime. Has been for years. A playground for the rich democrats and foreigners…your Ukrainian President hero has a $40 million dollar home there.

So, another direct hit on Disneyland? How luckey, right after school started! Hmmmm…has anyone noticed that Disneyland is being destroyed with WOKEness, and losing money, and does anybody but me think that maybe CHINA wants Disney? Best to destroy it, to bring down the price.

Biden hasn’t called DeSantis. It’s been all over the news. But, surely billions of dollars worth of destruction will be coming to Florida and all the rich homes, AND poor homes will cost time, and money to be fixed RIGHT before the elections. Big companies will make a lot of money selling wood and rebuilding stuff.


Not in this world. As I have always portained, they CAN manipulate the weather. They did it in Katrina, and here’s another man who agrees with me below.

I feel for the people of Florida. They are good people. And I bet, a lot of them are starting to suspect like me and Papa what is going on.

It’s called ‘win the election’ at any cost.

Sannibel will be hurt badly. That secret island of rich conservatives. Not to mention, Tampa has a strategic military base.

Talk about “lucky”. How lucky can one president get? Global warming! Needs global catastrophes to convince the people they NEED to obey!

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