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Well, actually, I don’t wonder. Nobody Thinks that Cruz will run. Beck is backing him again as is the rest of the network. Of course, they praise DeSantis, and talk about Trump, but always in a “He did great things” sort of way. I think they are hoping for a Cruz/Desantis ticket, but then again, these people in power are all crazy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of ALL the fights between all the powerful in our companies and politicains. I can’t forget, that Cruz was just as much a sore loser as Hillary when he gave the last speech at the Republican National Convention and did NOT endorse Trump. He said, “Vote your conscience.” Which I took as “Go ahead and vote for me.” He’s slicker than Hillary, and talks a good game, much like Lindsey Graham. He would be good on the Surpreme Court, but you can bet powerful money want him in the game. Anything to take votes from Trump, because there is no one that could beat Trump and his rallys which are STILL being filled even though Trump can only now get on a few out channels.

Sorry, some of us remember the vicious attacks by Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz in 2016. Glenn learned his lesson, and so did Ted. Attacking Trump would sink them. So, they supported him…sort of. But, here’s how you can logically decide if Cruz is the right thing.

NOTICE: The establistment media doesn’t trash him much.

But getting the American people to switch from Trump to Ted? I think it will be a lot harder than they can even imagine.

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