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They will HAVE to Disamble the Internet…Attack?

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They are HAVE to going to get rid of the internet, because too much is sepping through…from the crimes of the Evil Dr. Fauci, to the crimes of our own Biden government, now wanting to control and make the U.S. get rid of all airconditioning and become Europe, (who has very little), to dismantling our military, indoctrinating our children in school, cutting of our energy, destorying all small busineses, and now, slowly taking over our food supply, and sending in millions of illegals voters that are now getting more support than Senior citizens and veterans, CLEALRY this is our own rich working to hand over our country to China and the New World Order. Not to mention the Nov 2 final interest hike which will be the final nail in the coffin of the dollar, and the introduction of digital dollar which will make slaves of us all.

Remember, if you don’t the pandemic was meant to kill, REMEMBER that President Trump sent a huge hopital ship into New York Harbor for Cuomo to transfer all Covid patients. It was at great cost, but he did it.

Cumo did NOT use it. It stayed in harbor, emply while Cumo sent all nursing home Covid people to Nursing homes…on purpose. To die.

Pelosi also helped. She rushed into China Town and invited as many people as she could to “COME ON DOWN!” How many caught Covid and died? We will never know.

BOTH Cumo and Pelosi knew of the planned released virus, but Trump stopped much of this because he figured it out and stopped the planes from China which no doubt were walking COVID bombs.

And now they took his wills, and just about everything else from his safe in his own home during the last FBI raid on his home.

If you think that China is running Biden, and using him to start a war with Russia, taking out both the U.S. AND Russia while they invade without firing a shot then I’m sure if you Don’t see what I see, although, it’s right in front of us.

NOW…more to this later. Here below that are two short video’s I found pertinent.

Steal a will of an xPresident, while Obama has his stash of classified material untouched? That’s just another first in the takeover of America. Was Jared in on this? Would that be too far-fetched after all the people that seem to trash Trump, including his own sister?

Clearly too many people now around the world are getting the information…the only answer will be..taking down the grid as Bill Clinton has suggested will happen.

Wait, and see. And they will blame it on Russia, but it will be our own people, you can be sure of it.

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