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Two days after Hillary came out and attacked Trump, well, Bill Gates just had to get his rather arrogant comments in, to show how “stupid” Trump is compared to his GREAT intellect. Oh yes, and he instructed Trump not to question the virus because well…Trump fell for it. ha ha ha.

He is so condescending here it’s almost impossible to not laugh.

Gates is a salesman. Son of a butcher man. He never BUILT Microsoft, he stole the tech from IBM, and has continued to make a fortune. With Bill, it’s follow the money. He knows what he is doing with all his lies, and now, plans to take over the world and control our every move. This is so blatently obvious to anyone that he’s become, enemy no one of the world with Klaus the German Nazi Schuab.

You can even tell he KNOWS when he’s lying. Watch how he flinches when he lies. Any poker player would say he must be pretty bad at the game.

Both Klaus Schuab and his buddy BILL Gates, need to be stopped yesterday.

Gates will be responsible for millions of deaths all over the planet, and yet, the system that the elites have set up will guard him forever..unless the populations of the world finally chase him into his bunker never to reappear again on any surface. Trouble is, the guys running Microsoft are just as bad.

The WAY he makes fun of Trump, shows an unbelievable amount of a super narcissistic mental state borderlinging on a socialpathic and very dangerous man.

He’s predicting a civil war due to the ‘false’ information and hung election coming up, (HE’s certain of it.) and so that means they already have their Soros machines and people training for the event to hang up the election again, and then start a civil war so they can come in and make MORE arrests of those horrible people who are trying to stop ‘democracy.’

News has come out that people in the Jan 6 jail are being horrible beaten.

Gates makes Hitler look tame. Hilter didn’t hide his hatred of Jews, and his wish to exterminate them. Gates has admitted to wanting to cut the population, (by billions) but he does it behind a high pitch child like smile and “It will be good for us all” flowery “I’m a messiah” talk that any psycholgist would cringe with alarm.

So, where are they? Where ARE these doctors?

They don’t want to lose their jobs either.

Stop this madman, somebody please.

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  1. “So Trump says to me, “Trump hears that you don’t like what Trump is doing” “. And Trump didn’t even know my preferred pronouns, ‘Great One’ and ‘Boss of the World’ !!!


    Comment by Amfortas | September 29, 2022 | Reply

    • Don’t believe everything you read dear sir. Much  propaganda going on…Trump is only the enemy to the globalists who have the Great Reset full speed ahead. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 30, 2022 | Reply

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