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Nobody’s Perfect: She’s Back!

Nobody’s Perfect

You would THINK she would be smart enough to know that, since she lost so badly to Trump in 2016, and SINCE the deep state did not help her cheat her way into office, and they did not PUT her into office, that they, the bankers, the elites who run the world, really don’t want Hillary in office. Somebody promised her the Presidency and according to Dick Morris, she is going to run again, therefore, she has been working hard behind the curtains, with coverups. She got rid of Epstein. And his mistress doesn’t even have to show her clients. She’s kept Bill under wraps.

Hillary now, has come out with the same old crap: Trump is Hitler, and all his supporters (Notice she says MEN) are like Nazi’s…. does she really think the world is THAT stupid?


Dick Morris, who knows the Clintons well, said she will run again.


“Party stalwarts, fearful of a Trump return to office, will beg Clinton to intercede and run for president just as she did in 2016 to stop Sanders,” he wrote. “She’ll accede to their entreaties and run in the primaries as a moderate alternative.

“But she’ll lose most of the primaries because the party’s base has moved so far to the left. However, the establishment will step in to rescue her by awarding her a disproportionate share of the appointed super delegates.”

“In November 2024, however, she will lose badly” to former President Donald Trump, he predicted.

After Clinton invoked the Nazis’ rise to power in her recent attack on Trump supporters, she signaled she is maybe thinking about a potential rematch of the 2016 presidential race.


In 2024 she will be in her 80s.

Enough of this corrupt, deranged, and stupid human being. She is one of the reasons, if not the main reason our DOJ and FBI now function as Russian Gestapos to arrest deplorables.

If Hillary became President, Hitler would look meek in comparison. Whatever she accuses Trump of, she is herself, in double down spades.

The best we can do is ignore her, laugh at her, and condemn her for the slim ball criminal that she is.

I pray everyday that God helps us out with this horror of a human being.

Really. She is one of the worst women ever granted a right to rule any of us. And the more she opens her mouth, the more proof we have, that her days truly are numbered.

Maybe it’s a good thing she is too stupid to know it.

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  1. They know now how to cheat, they will get her in.

    On a side note watch this.


    Comment by Tim | September 26, 2022 | Reply

    • Yeah, I’ll rush right out and register my garden so that the government can come in and grab as much as they like to feed the local Muslims they are bringing over…and the illegals, and when will will have to register our ’empty’ rooms in our houses? Dr. Zhivago, coming soon…Thanks Tim Remember, obama and Michelle started this nonsense. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 26, 2022 | Reply

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