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California Going Down….

Nobody’s Opinion

I was having a sick day today, so I made myself STAY in bed and decided to watch something other than the usual Newsmedia’s. Just because I was too tired to search any of the 1.3 thousands channels I flipped to Youtube, and the first thing that came on was all about some guy who drove around Oakland in California with a camera, and talked about how it was almost unlivable. Oakland is quite a big place.

First, I was shocked. I thought St. LOUIS was bad. It’s nothing compared to the horror of the streets of Oakland, CA. It was a cesspool worse than most slums in India, a third world country, and evidently there ARE a few rich people who do live there, but I doubt they even leave their houses.

Talk about depressing. This destruction of a beautiful state didn’t happen overnight, or even with the current idiotic governor nephew of Nancy Pelosi. No, this took YEARS. And why anybody from South America would want to LIVE in California has to be for the free stuff, because at least in South America you could grow your own banana trees. Nothing here but cement. Concrete. Drugs, guns, violence, stench, piss…and in a land where the weather is almost always pleasent.

I grew up with the Beach Boys. And even when I went there when I was just 16, California, was starting to rot in certain areas of L.A. Still, there were nice placed.

People didn’t do this. Politicians did.

After that I watched a video on Route 66: a trip that a father and son took in 2019. That too was depressing. A blast back to the 50s, when innocence and travel were once glamorous. I couldn’t help but think, no wonder they want to keep everybody off the roads. There’s nothing there to see but destroyed towns, old metal cars…as if half the country was dead.

Dead. Now, we know the eastern cities are dying, and the people at Trump’s rally’s seem to be the last people trying to hold onto the old America we all know and loved and fought for. But I must say, you don’t know how really rotten your country has become until you see it first hand.

The poverty…astounding. It’s much worse than any of us thought.

The middle class…almost gone.

Sorry, maybe it’s because I’ve had a fever all day, but trying to find the glass half full is getting harder for me.

What can we do? Keep fighting…like the lady in Italy. Who just won the Italian election.

Americans have been brainwashed, hidden from the truth, robbed of their future, their money, their children’s future, killed off fighting wars, and with manufactured viruses, and Trump has warned us that Biden will get us into WWIII.

So, I think we should take a page of bravery from our fellow men and women around the world who ARE standing up…

Don’t you? Before Nancy’s idiotic nephew becomes President, and makes the U.S. California’s death final death bed.

America once had spirit. Where is it?

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  1. Dear Joyanna, Praying that you’re feeling better today… And that it wasn’t your basement project that put you ‘under the weather’ ~ Won’t bore you today w/ our little disaster, you need to be cheered up instead! See if you can find the 1951 version of “Angels in the Outfield” somewhere ~ it’s a great film and sure to lift your spirits. 😉
    Blessings ~ Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | September 26, 2022 | Reply

    • Thanks Mrs. O….yes, wonderful film…I miss those old films.  So many of the thousands of movies on Netflic or Prime are “after the world is destroyed” gloom. Very few uplifting.  Hopefully, your doing better too. So, thanks for the pick me up, and get ready for….fall! Best as always, Joyanna Via


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 26, 2022 | Reply

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