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What the people around the world thought of the Queen’s funeral today. Here’s some Nobody houghts that went through my mind…

  1. WOW. 10,000 soldiers lined the streets of London and I only saw ONE…count them ONE, black guy near her coffin…and I bet he was a King of some African country. The English think AMERICANS are racists? I didn’t see any blacks in the crowds, or blacks on the streets, or Muslims anywhere, except afterwards, they did get some on TV interviews.
  2. . How can King Charles say WE are a racist country, when if you watched that parade today, you would think. “Is THIS what white privilege looks like?” Clearly there are many blacks in England and Muslims have pretty much taken over London and Liverpool by all reports. And yet, you would Have never known there was anything but the old English white race…Marching and honoring their Queen. Nobody Wondered about that.
  3. This was a weeklong show…and why? To promote King Charles and the monarchy. If it wasn’t a beloved country, then you could compare the ostentatiousness to the shows put on by China or Russia. The planning of this very expensive ordeal must have cost a fortune.

Surely enough people loved the Queen. Nobody wanted her to leave, mostly because she never made waves, just lived her life with her dogs and horses, and husband, never having to worry about bills, if she had enough money to eat, or what clothes to wear, no…just on where she was going to spend her days…what castle to go to. Earlier in her life I think she did move about more, but if anyone was lucky to be born to the right parents, it was Queen Elizabeth. The English got lucky when they got her.

Nobody talked about any deeds she had done. Mostly, they said she was honorable, calm in the storm, and gracious, and everybody in England mourned her as a mother. THEIR mother. Life has been so hard, and only one person was keeping up the appearance of the English manners and integrity. And that was the Queen. Her own family was a total and absolute mess. (And yes, we have Hunter Biden)

  • I noticed King Charles, when he was standing at the end of the church ceremony, was STARING at that crown, like Gollum staring at the ring of power. When everyone sang GOD SAVE THE KING, if you looked at their faces, they didn’t sing it very loudly. Some didn’t sing at all. Even Camilla was barely mouthing the words. You could tell by the looks on their faces that the royal family has LOTS of fights…over power, money, and control. Harry looked defiant the whole time. I’m sure the tabloids will be full of the gossip.
  • Yes, the love of England for their Queen was obvious. Having a good cry at perhaps the last REAL monarch of England, would have made me cry too. Many Trump supporters felt the same way when they denied our favorite President who got the MOST votes in American history, his place in the White House. Was Trump the last REAL American President? If they have their way, yep.
  • In the end, the Queen was just a common woman. I thought of my own mother, whose body was donated to science (upon her insistence) and no funeral, no letters of sympathy, the only one who was crying…was me. My own mother worked and ran a union printing company, supported the family, fought the government, came home and cooked dinner, worked on weekends, and to this day, I don’t know how she did it. Next to my own mum, the Queen looked very…. plain and normal. My mother accomplished more in her lifetime than Elizabeth did in hers. Her true value was living as long as she did.
  • And so, it is with all the working moms in the world. The nobodies who get no credit or fanfare or even praise, for making a great dinner, or a clean house. Or running a company…it’s rare unless their name is Hillary Clinton.
  • Still, somebody had to represent the history of England and keep it known throughout the world, and today, they did just that. Can you even imagine if an American President would have so many soldiers and flags marching him to his tomb? America would be attacked for her arrogance. Lining the streets with hundreds of American flags would have outraged the world.
  • Another note: Did all these white soldiers and choir boys, and pall bearers…were they all granted the honor because of the LORDS and the hierarchy system? All to attend as subjects? Nobody Knows. But the funeral was lovely. England IS historically, not to be matched anywhere with the history of Kings and Queens.
  • And one last thought: ALL of the men with the big furry hats, were thin, no one was fat, and they were all the same size and there were THOUSANDS of them. You would be hard pressed to find that many men here in the states to even come close to such perfection…And Nobody Wonders if America just lost most of her men in all the wars, and abortions. After all, for years it was our men who scrificed the most lives all over the world.
  • Where does that leave us now?

The Crowning of the King is coming. And by all accounts, THAT King will not be his mother. THAT kind will be a tyrant. And thanks be to the Queen for a lifetime of grace and dignity, truly representing all that is good in the world…I won’t say God Save the King.

But I will say:

God Save Humanity.

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  1. I looked deeply at the faces of the soldiers and sailors and airmen escorting the Carriage. I looked at the other escorts, the crowds, the police, the masses of people. I did not look for black faces. I am not racist. Their colour is not material. I did see many a bloodline though: Roman, Scandanavian, Norman. Lots of different European. And Asian, and Carribean. And Indian. Some American too. But we are Racist. Hah!

    Britain is the ONLY Empire (and the Queen the ONLY Monarch) to preside over making so many Independent Countries, all, bar one, that wanted to be in the British Commonwealth. The one, soon asked to rejoin. We GAVE Law, Education, Hospitals, technology, Unity, Language, literature, heck even civil servants that were both civil and servants. The list is very long. But we are Racist !!

    But we are racist !! Hah. Our Royal Family is wayycist. Hah! Look in the mirror. I am getting thoroughly tired of all this cant.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 20, 2022 | Reply

    • I stand by my comment. I’m sure you saw many a face as you said, but BLACK…truly BLACK faces?,As I was feeling poorly I watched it all day. As I live in a mostly all black city, I was simply amazed at the lack of black faces. That does not make me a raciest. Simply noticing a FACT.   I did not say the English people are racist (even though it was your country that started the slave trades) I said: pay attention my dear, that King Charles had a lot of nerve calling the U.S. racist which he has done many times. Not many of his soldiers were BLACK. African black. Why would I notice that? Because I’m racist? Really?  KING CHARLES. Got it? NOT the people of England. I find it hypocritical that you do NOT read my words at all. You go directly to your emotions that whatever you read, means I am attacking England. And I always praise your country. But you can’t go there. I was observing the white skins of the many many many thousands of soldiers marching, and the people on the sidelines who probably were mixed but BLACK…REAL BLACK SKIN? Hard to find.

      Maybe it’s because I see black everywhere here, and like most people everywhere there are racist blacks and racists whites. I’m sure like here, maybe there is a reason black people didn’t go to the ceremonies.  And I am not a racist either. I would have moved a long time ago as many of my neighbors did if I was.  Neither are most of the people on the planet, but good god, Americans are tired of being accused of being racists and white supremists. Blacks here are treated better than anywhere else on the planet. Britian escapes it? Really? Having control of black nations doesn’t mean much, except what? WHEN did England take over those nations and for what reason?  Rulers rule, And land is important, no matter what color the people. That’s been true throughout history. You DO know history. Right?   Whatever Britians has done for the world has been great, same with America. My words have nothing to do with the English people being racist. I’m sure, like the Americans, they would have welcomed them with open arms. And all cried together.  I just found it very strange. If you can find a video of the soldiers where at least a third of the soldiers were solid black, then please post it. I was watching SKY NEWS all day. Maybe another channel had more closeups.  My words were about KING CHARLES whom I find repulsive. I also find Biden repulsive. I find more Americans repulsive than Englishmen. Then again, we only see what they want us to.  Chill amfortas. I am NOT attacking England.  For goodness sake amfortas :READ. And then THINK. Logically.  I have to laugh sometimes at your emotional outbursts. Here I am a woman, and I NEVER find offense at what I sometimes see as your …quick emotional judgement. I understand you are…what you have always been: A Englishmen. Raised with the reverence of the crown and country. From birth. I understand. BUT I think the last words of the Queen’s anthem sums up the difference between us perfectly: What are they? GOD SAVE THE KING! Ours? LET FREEDOM RING!  Okay, I’m going to get in my hot tub and enjoy my freedom while I can. Hugs amfortas. Don’t take everything so personally. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 20, 2022 | Reply

  2. Hmmmmmm. This seems to have wandered off from the previous piece about just how ignorant Americans can be. It would be offensive were it not so sad. Perhaps King George was mad and America was understandable in breaking free, but it seems you have a far more powerful King Biden now who makes George look like a philosopher.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 19, 2022 | Reply

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