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WHY We are in the mess we are in: Sam Adams explains

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After Sam Adams lead the Revolution in Boston, his hopes for the new country came down to “education.”

From Sam Adams: Pioneer in Propaganda by John C. MIller, p. 390


Sam Adams’s faith in the common people remained unshaken, despite their preference for Hancock and high living (This was AFTER the revolution) For many years, John Adams had felt doubtful of the success of the republican experiment, but Sam Adams was firmly convinced that democracy would flourish as long as edcucation was extended to the masses. Sam Adams had much of the zeal for popular education that his Puritan ancestors had carried to New England. The way to perpetuate republican government, he said was to take the children young, clap them into a grammar school run on sound New England lines, and instill Whig principles into them until they emerged upright citizens who loatherd British luxuries and monarchy alike. As long as these ‘nurseries of Virtue” kept turning out young Whigs, there was no danger of dictatorship or monarchy in America because the people would be wise enough to elect the best men to office.


Sam was right of course. And that is why, in all communists countries, and Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a Village” our democratic leaders now, are so eager to make SURE no parents get control of their own children’s eduation.

Nobody Thinks that one of the reasons America is so stupid is because our eductional system has been making them all into prisoners of the state, and keeping them ignorant on purpose.

I think that’s a fact…you can go to college and not know what a continent is.

And now, with Critical Race theory, WOKENESS, and common core, the nation will always be just a joke.

You don’t need sunglasses to see the future of America; We will all be blind.

Sam would be the first to admit: WE ARE DOOMED. Doomed because all our educational systems made SURE the morons rose to the very top, and the intelligent people were smashed down to despair.

All planned of course.

Mark Dice does the best video’s exposing the ignorance of the average American moron. And he’s REALLY good at it.

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  1. I have every respect for the men such as John Adams, flawed as we all are. But recognise that his ‘loathing’ of the King was the feeling of a man without full sanity. His jealousy ruled his head. The pomp around Kings has generally been surpassed by the pomp around Presidents, whatever ‘ilk’ they may be. The People Democratic Republic Presidents with their parades puts most Kings in the shade, surpassed only by American ones. Even the like of Adams had ‘Representation’ in the British Parliament. The State of Maryland was established too by people excoriated (even persecuted) by Protestants. The Catholic leaders showed far more ‘Tolerance’ of Religions, much to the glee of Protestants and ‘Puritans’ who used force and hatred to distabilise it and change it to the ungodly mess that other states ‘enjoyed’.

    Remember, Christian America, that all is to be replaced one day by Christ Who shall be called King of Kings. He won’t be called King of Presidents or even of Prime Ministers.

    ( Me, ex-Grammar School lad 🙂 )


    Comment by Amfortas | September 19, 2022 | Reply

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