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I was thinking today about why so many Americans are just going along with all the bad stuff happening to the country, as if, none of it concerns them. As if, they just choose to ignore the horrible predictions of our future, and have decided it will not touch them or their families. To somebody like me, (and many others) I wonder about this: All I can come up with is, is that if they are ‘safe’ in their own lives, they don’t think anything REALLY bad is going to happen to them. If they just go on about their daily lives, and just not THINK about what might happen, they can listen to bad news all day. Somebody was killed in the middle of broad daylight on a New York Street? Well, that stuff happens, and it wasn’t me. Probably how you might feel if you went to war, and your buddy was shot and killed who was right next to you on the battlefield, but you were unharmed…your very first thought would be ‘relief.” You would think about your own lucky survival before grieving for your buddy.

Which leads me to an emotion I ignored the other day, in myself. You see, when I heard the news that Mar a Lago was attacked by the FBI, it was just the same old “they are trying to stop him from running, looking for what dirt he has on them”, thought.

But it was MUCH more than that.

Last week, due to the total destruction of our basement “apartment” my husband had two weeks off and we worked 18 hour days ripping out drywall, hanging drywall, pulling up carpet, buying carpet, restoring countertops, and most of all, we had a big pile of junk in the middle of the living room, where everything was thrown to make sure the bacteria did not destroy it.

We had a 75 Foot repair done in the floor. They had to basically dig up the whole basement from wall to wall, to take out the old lead iron pipes and put in the plastic pipes.

There were many plumbers on this job, and they were here every day for a week. I liked them all, and even wrote a long letter to their boss, saying I would certainly hire his company again.

Of course, I found out, while cleaning up the mess that SOMEBODY took half the clothes in my closet. I had personally removed those clothes, and set them on a couch, under about 20 blankets.

This week, I found out, they were gone.

I think I know who it did, because it was pretty smart. One the kids was fresh out of rehab for a Meth addiction. He told me such. Anyway, what can I do? I did not SEE the crime, and what boss would take my complaint over one of his workers?

That day, I was so depressed about it, remembering the many shirts, coats, etc. that I had been saving…and kicking myself for trusting these guys.

Moving on a few days now, I was thinking about one of the WORST things the FBI did to Trump. A man’s home is his castle. To have someone STEAL from you, is psychologically devastating. After all, if you’ve been good to them, WHY would they do it?

In my case the kid did it for the money probably to buy drugs.

But in Trump’s case? It was the establishment of trying to HURT him in the most PERSONAL way. They went into his wife’s room, and his son’s room, and BROKE UPEN HIS SAFE! This was done out of sheer hatred. Jealousy, and desperation.

It was one of the most dispicable acts ever done to a President in history.

Tonight, I watched his speech. The people still love Trump. But there was only one station that carried his speech in Ohio. I also heard the commentators saying that Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz are joining up for their own rally.

Right. The establishment is trying to form their own warchest.

But back to Trump. To his credit, he didn’t talk much about the raid, but did knock the FBI thugs. And what’s sad about having men who work STEAL from your house means you can’t trust ANYBODY anymore.

I’m not going to. To be naïve in this Obiden age is to put yourself up for a lot of heartache.

And I’m tired of that road.

I can’t imagine what Trump must have felt like. After all he’d been through.

Tonight’s highlight was a couple walking their dog outside and he walked up to two reporters on Real Opinion News. He was a doctor, and his wife…let’s just say they said more about the real feelings of a lot of Americans than you ever see on TV. The man was especially sad…he worked on so many kids that came into the hospital beat up because of the COVID ordeal, and he said everything I was feeling in my heart.

More people NEED to know there ARE others out there with the same feelings.

Still there is much hope…more books are getting out, and more people are TALKING about the tyranny.

And that’s a good thing.

What I came to the conclusion is that when Trump’s house got raided, I didn’t get as hurt for HIM as I did when they stole my stuff. Sure, it added up to over $1,000, and since I’m order and busy, I tell myself, this stuff happens.

I was being like that person I was talking about, simply because it did NOT happen to me.

Then it did. Oh. I GET it.

When will ALL the rest of the people wake up?

What will it take to save America? When half the people just want to ignore the news?

Nobody Knows. But history shows, it’s the same old problem. It might take a really sad event, to make them feel the heat.

You can BET your sweet bippie, it’s coming.

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