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Nobody’s Perfect: The American Media, GOP, and the Chinese Ruled Traitors That Now Control Us…

When it comes to blatent stupidity and undeniable proof of the fact, that our top politicians are no longer under American citizen control, you have to wonder, why, both these statements were treated with complete ignorance by the media and GOP, and mostly ALL of our politicians. Nobody talked about it.

To this Nobody it seems, that both Obama and Biden were telling us exactly what happened, not only in November, but in Obama’s election too. They were telling the truth, the rest of our government was acting as if they were just joking.

Out of the mouths of the traitors….It was all rigged.

Imagine…just imagine, President Donald J. Trump saying what Obama said. Both Biden AND Obama admitted, on tape, exactly what happened in the election. In face, they say it in plain English.


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