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Nobody Flashes a TECH Man Who Makes Bill Gates Look Stupid

Nobody’s Opinion

I’m skipping my usual Monday morning opinion rant to post THIS man’s incredible brain. He explains how EASY it would be to find out who won the election, and it would only take a day or so.

Why haven’t they done that? Because the lawyers are not understanding it. But he makes it clear here.

This guy is brilliant, and holds many patents. He makes Bill Gates sound like an idiot. And by the way, have you EVER heard Bill Gates explain the computer that he so-called invented, technically?

Yeah, me neither. But, he sure thinks he knows how to manage everybody on the planet. I doubt if Bill Gates even knows very much at all about computers. I remember when I found out that pilots and astronauts don’t even have to know how to fly the spaceship. It’s all programed.

Who knew? I didn’t. That’s how I think about Bill Gates. Con man. Salesman. Megalomaniac with a major mental problem, that’s getting many of the people on the planet killed.

Give this a watch. I did. The question now is: Will the Trump Lawyers see it?

Nobody Wonders.

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