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Nobody Wonders

So, Bill Gates is being ‘taken out’ the usual way the elites take out ALL that they want to get rid of. They use the SEXUAL SCANDAL. Many rumors flying around…he was seen with Epstein, but so was Bill Clinton, and nothing has happened to him. Could it be that he was getting a bit too…mouthy? Talking about everyone not eating meat, and blocking out the sun, and vaccinating everyone on the planet. Could the big state think…well, he’s just a bit too…mouthy? Nobody Wonders why now? If they have known about this for years…why now? Are they afraid he is spoiling their plans?

 I happened to catch Joe Biden today on TV, at the Ford manufacturing company which is now full-fledged into making the electric cars and making all of America stop using fossil fuels and Joe was giving it his best RAH RAH RAH WE ARE AMERICANS! WE ARE BACK! Good union jobs are coming! When we all know NOBODY wants electric cars, and the only country that will make money is China. Yeah, we’ll ride them into battle with our electric tanks when China invades. Good god, it was too pathetic to watch. China now owns Ford. And China is enjoying every minute of this.

Nobody Wonders: If Obama really is running the country, and it was Obama that got the FBI, CIA, China, Zuckerface, and Dorsey and the democratic party to stage the coup to oust President Trump…is he now going after the Queen? Prince Harry and Megan have been offered the moon from Hollywood and the Obama’s and Oprah are their best friends. Obama has always hated England. What did they do? Get together on their yachts and talk about how Harry was going to destroy the crown since he couldn’t have it? Was he offered a global Presidency? You can’t see a webpage news site without Harry’s face at the top, as if he and his fake wife are not being pushed down our throats, Harry said our first amendment was “bonkers.” America is not going to accept Harry and his suffering bride, because we all still remember Harry at the party in Las Vegas sitting naked at a party. Does Obama really believe that America will fall in love with Harry and Meghan? And the parade tonight in Chicago where thousands are protesting the Jews ‘attacking’ the Palestinians…clearly, you have to wonder if Obama isn’t behind this too. Obama seems to be the man of the hour who is doing ALL of the elites bidding to destroy the country as fast as possible.

One more thing: Nobody Wonders one thing about the virus. I was talking to a guy today who had Covid, and he said all he did was lose his sense of smell. His fiancé didn’t catch it from him, which he found strange, but he had a friend who was not only young, but always worked out at the gym, was at the top of his health, and yet, he almost died.

Tell me, how does THAT work? If the virus is really a bio-weapon, could there be more than ONE strain released?

Nobody Wonders. Yeah….you might say, too much.

Will any of these criminals be brought to justice or has our technology made it impossible for them to be touched because they already have control?

Nobody Wonders.

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