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Take Your Bets: Nuclear War?

Nobody Knows if Putin wants Nuclear War…but he’s talking about it.

What did President Trump ALWAYS say? It’s best we get along with Putin. “Trust me.” Now, with Biden in office, as President, Putin is taking over Ukraine and threatening Nuclear War if anybody stops him. He has put the world on alert: Don’t mess with the man.


There Are Nuclear Armageddon Russian Submarines Patrolling U.S. East Coast Just 12-Miles Out Close to Their ‘Home-Base Vlad-Island Military-Tactical Complex’ Leased from Venezuela Since 2018

 Each Submarine Equipped With 50-Megaton Nukes That Vaporize Large Cities and Kills All Life from Massive Radiation in North America [US, MEXICO, CANADA] From These ’50-Megaton-Annihilators’ And from Unmanned, Uncooled Nuke Power Plant Reactor Core MELT-DOWNS, over 100 Plants With 150 Reactors Will Go Unstoppable ‘Chernobyl-Fukushima’


While Xi’s plan to take over the world in one long silk-happy- Chinese-suicide road, Putin would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons and just take the short cut. Putin knows we cannot stop the hit. Bill O’Reilly disagrees, but I’ve seen a lot of reports that says we can’t stop his newest missiles.

Then again: He MAY be bluffing.

Does he REALLY want to be China’s puppet? Does he really want to help out China? Does Putin trust China? While China is using Russia to get America into a war, Russia is now using China to scare the rest of the world into his submission.

They seem to be working together, and yes, this would NOT have happened if Trump was President.

Unlike the cold war, our idiotic politicians have done treaties thinking Russia would stop building up their nukes. Hillary even gave them our uranium. We still have the insidious U.N. in our country, sucking us dry.

But too many of our Congress are begging to get into it with Putin. When it comes to OUR ruling class, it’s all about the money. Mitt, Liz, working hard for the money. GET THAT WAR GOING.

Would Putin use nuclear weapons to destroy Ukraine? Why do that? It’s a great food resource and why do that? No, he would nuke some other thing that would bring the U.S. into a war. Maybe Poland. Maybe Chicago. Nobody Knows. Maybe Hunter Biden’s vacation houses, nobody knows. But make no mistake, he will nuke SOMETHING. It may not be the biggest, but it WILL kill many people.

Would Biden then destroy Russia? Uh…after he eats his ice cream…maybe. But I doubt it.

Whatever happens, John Kerry is NOT going to worry about the birds being incinerated.

Now, if nuclear war comes, we will all surely know WHY Hollywood made all those “END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.” Movies. One after another. Go on Netflix and pick your favorite end times movie. There are HUNDREDS of them. Like…don’t you people get it yet? YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

And now, McDonalds and KFC are drawing out of Russia in protest.

Wow, THAT will just kill them. Or better yet, save their lives. You think Putin cares about the Big Mac? NO, he’s probably watching the same FAIL VIDEOs of stupid Fat Americans falling on the ground as we are.

General Flynn made a SUGGESTION that there is a fight between China and Russia taking over the world, and he is spoiling Klaus’s Davos group New World Order plans.

It depends on if Klaus is WORKING with China. But, he makes a good point.

Meanwhile, all we seem to be able to do is eat popcorn and watch Ninja Warrior.

At least THERE, Americans can still win.

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  1. Back then, the world and the men were very different. I hope you are right. That good men would refuse to drop any bombs.

    Since then, a whole new world of an elite monsters of corporate nutcases with Klaus making sure he has the reins of control, being able to MAKE them do it. Sadly, the U.K. and the U.S. are giving in to the corporate world and CHINA.

    But good to know about what happened back then. Thanks amforatas for hope.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 16, 2022 | Reply

  2. “”Putin would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons “”. I do not believe that. I do not want to believe that.

    When the entire western world’s military was put on Def-Con 2 back when Kennedy was your President, in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the men who manned the nuclear bomber forces were ordered into the air to proceed to their ‘Fail-Safe’ positions. All around the world at Air Force Bases in Europe, pilots refused to take off. At RAF Akrotiri, in Cyprus, for example, the first bomber, carrying armed nuclear bombs, simply raised his undercarriage on the runway, dropping the aircraft onto the ground and blocking the runway. Reports flooded the defence ministries of similar action elsewhere.

    Even in Russia. There, pilots were shot, on the runway, but the planes still did not fly. Many Courts Martial were held in NATO units, and splendid parties laid on for the men cashiered for refusing to obey orders.

    You see, it is not just the pressing of a big red button that decides matters. It is Good Men and True. It is not just an egotistical ‘leader’ who is ultimately obeyed: It is Conscience. Men’s consciences.

    I put at least that level of trust in my fellow military men. Not in Politicians.

    Putin is a bad chap. So, too, is Biden.


    Comment by Amfortas | March 15, 2022 | Reply

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